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How to Succeed in Online Gambling: High-Roller Tips

When you hear somebody say a “high-roller”, your mind keeps no control over your imagination. Probably you start thinking about the luxury life. High-rollers enjoy the best penthouse parties with exclusive alcohol, casino tables, and enchanting women. Their life is associated with big money, presidential suite, private jets and limousines. All these and more they gained by playing casino games. Sounds too simple? You might think: “Of course they got the luxuries, their parents gave them money to gamble with high stakes”. Some of this can be true, but there is a different type of high-rollers who come from rags to riches through discipline, self-belief, and honestly, sheer guts.

Many casino players are trying to take the same steps, but they either do it wrong falling into the gambling addiction, or they give up on this and continue living their casual life. It isn’t bad at all, but you know you’ll regret turning back, when you are already on the final lap. Many gamblers try a few large bets hoping it will take them to the top, but only a few players can stay the course.

Any player can become a high-roller, a gambler who places high stakes and lives a fast life. But the rich lifestyle of high-rollers wasn’t made in a blink. However, you can see a lot of cases when people high withdrawal limits. You can try this option too, though it can take a lot of time. At casinobest.ca, we give you realistic and practical tips that can make you a high-roller. If you stay consistent and devoted to your dream life, you will succeed.

Tips to Become a High-Roller

These pieces of advice work only together with your genuine efforts. Be honest with yourself and try to accomplish each step. So, here we go!

Join High-Roller Casino

High-rollers are players who prefer placing high stakes. Often, the Max Bet button in games is there for high-rollers. Obviously, online games with max bets are in all casinos. So, how do you identify a high-roller casino? These casinos are licensed, have high withdrawal limits, many banking options, and VIP programs. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a bunch of Canadian online casinos which are a frequent choice of high-rollers.

Master Your Game

We will not get tired of repeating that players should know their games inside out. If you want to be a winner, then this rule should be number 1. We know that Canadian casinos offer a broad range of games and you want to try all of them. We recommend doing it just for fun with small bets or even in demo mode. But when you decide to take a path towards a glamorous lifestyle, you should pick a game, or at least a game type (roulette, poker, slots) and concentrate on it for as long as you can. Be a master of your game.

The truth is that by playing many games, you aren’t increasing your chance to win. However, if you play one specific game, it will give you the edge in the long run. But before you stick to one game, you should find the best suitable game. We recommend that you play a few games with small bets and see what works best for you. Try different types of games, don’t draw your attention only to slots or only to poker. However, if that’s what you really like and enjoy, go ahead!

If you are disappointed by the limited range of games, you will be able to try all the casino games later when you’ll be a high-roller. However, by that time you won’t even want to change anything because you’ve already found your lucky game that has brought you to the top.

Set Your Gambling Budget

Why do you think high-rollers are successful? Their golden rule is setting a budget beforehand. And no matter how far you’ve got with a game, or how little you’ve left to win back, you should not deviate from this rule. Otherwise, you are doomed to lose.

Here’s an example of your pre-set budget work: let’s say you can afford to lose $1,000 on games. This is your budget for today, a week, or a month. If you lost them all away, quit the games until the next budget period. Don’t try to chase your losses even if you feel that the big win is lurking around the corner. A couple of extra spins can play a dirty trick on you and your money. And even if you win a lot but spend your set budget, you should also quit gambling for some time. Wins encourage you to play more and more, but this can also result in something unpleasant.

Track Your Gameplay

High-rollers feature an analytical mind. They plan everything, including their bankroll and the number of bets they will place over time. With high stakes, you’d better not lose very often. Learn to control your losses and wins during a time period. Your result of a session literally depends on your plan and control.

You cannot keep placing $10 for a spin for an hour and watch your loss rate go higher. Maybe in that particular game, it would be much more profitable to bet $1 for a spin? Or it would be better to bet $10 for 15 minutes only? Analyze each step and consequence, plan and decide for yourself.

Control Your Emotions

If you’re into casino games for a long time now, then you know how much your emotions affect your play. High-rollers don’t overreact to losses and winning streaks. They just keep cool and calm because they know they have a limited budget. If a game session goes wrong, they will not lose more than they can afford. It’s just their inner confidence that keeps telling they are safe no matter what.

When you lose, try to control your emotions and not fall into depression. And on the other hand, when you win, don’t get overexcited. This is how things go. Do what you do and keep cool-minded to any results.

Bet Higher for Better Rules

Everybody knows that high-rollers place big stakes. That’s why they are called high-rollers. To become one, you need to bet big as well. In the beginning, it may be difficult but as long as you keep following the previous tips, you will be able to afford higher stakes pretty soon.

Online casinos reward high-rollers for their high stakes. They play games with better rules. For example, a casino can reduce a house edge for a blackjack or roulette game if a player bets $1,000 a hand instead of only $1. Why? Because high-rollers make significant funds into online casinos, and the latter don’t find it difficult to say “Thank you” in such a way. This option is often available for VIP club members which is our next tip.

Apply For a VIP Club

When a high-roller wants to join a new online casino, first what he or she looks for is the VIP program. If a casino offers great conditions and perks for VIPs, then the high-stake player will choose the casino and apply for the VIP right away.

Some online casinos may not accept players to VIP clubs if their deposits are smaller than a certain amount. So, you need to do your best to make casinos notice you. Very often, there is no other way to get to the club but waiting for your online casino to send you an invitation.

In some cases though, you can become a VIP player only after completing all the loyalty levels. For example, this opportunity is given in Bodog Rewards, JackpotCity Rewards, and Grand Mondial Casino Rewards program.

VIP clubs are very helpful for high-rollers. They get lower house edge for games, increased withdrawal limits, faster payouts, different bonuses and cashbacks, say nothing of personal managers and luxurious trips. So, when you reach the top and become eligible for joining a VIP club, don’t hesitate to accept the invitation.

Ready to Become a High-Roller?

There are really a few players who don’t dream of becoming a millionaire. Especially by playing games. What can be better? But even this path requires much effort, time, and we can’t deny it — money. So, if you want to become a high-roller, you should be consistent in this. Follow the high-roller tips and make your dreams come true!

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Yes, you can. However, there are some conditions you need to comply with, first. Register at Rizk casino and make your first deposit. Avoid Skrill and Neteller deposit methods because some rewards are not available for those who use these banking options. Also, make sure that your awarded gift can be used in conjunction with other Rizk rewards like a deposit bonus or a prize from Wheel of Rizk.

Before the pandemic, Canadians used to gamble more in classic casino venues. But since everyone was forced to stay at home, many gamblers had to move to the online gambling platforms. In fact, online casinos increased their popularity overnight. And most casino players will not come back to the gambling venues as online casinos are much more convenient.

It is not recommended to earn money on casino games and consider it as the only source of income. That is because gambling is addictive. Thus, if you cannot stop at the right time, you will lose not only your money, but probably your car, apartment, and even relationships. But if you don’t easily fall into addiction, then you can gamble professionally. And this is also a long path with a lot of mistakes and effort. Besides, being a professional gambler in Canada, you will have to pay tax on your ‘work’ as you make a living only through casino games. Read a full article about gambling taxes in Canada on our site.

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