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Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the CasinoBest.ca website. On this page you can find terms and conditions of CasinoBest.ca where we describe the rules for all users on the site. By using the resources and services provided here, you automatically agree and accept the rules to our terms and conditions. 

More important information you can find below, but if you feel that something is wrong and you do not accept the rules, we strongly recommend you to leave the site and stop using the resources on the cite CasinoBest.ca. 

Use of Website and Services

Everything you can find on the website CasinoBest.ca, including reviews, games, news and other content, at their discretion. Any modification and changes on the site can be transformed anytime without noticing. 

You’re able to play only if you’re 18 or older. Those who are younger are forbidden to source and use any of content or information on the site. 

The site is related to the gambling activities. All the articles are owned by the site. 

The Services and Content

The site provides information about the casinos and other information about the gambling sphere. All the information and services are free and made for educational purposes. The CasinoBest.ca does not own the online casinos. All content on the site meet our Terms and Conditions. The content is free and does not require any fees.

Intellectual Property Rights

The site owns all the images, written materials, media files, text and any other information available on the site. The content on the site is protected by copyright law, so it’s illegal to distribute any information from the site without a permission.

Third-party Content

The site may consist of hyperlinks that lead to other websites, product, services. The site is not responsible for the content that are found on other websites to which the hyperlinks are directed. Using hyperlink be aware that the company does not endorse the content of third party.

Gaming Services

The content is considered only for personal entertainment and for knowledgeable purposes. The site may be related to the Online Gambling, and gambling services. The information on the site about gaming only for users who are in the jurisdiction, your the age is not under 18 y.o. 

You agree with the following if you’re using Gaming Services:

  • You are in the jurisdiction where you can use the Gaming Services. 
  • You are not under 18 y.o
  • Using the information from the site can result of losing money due to the gambling activities. 
  • You use gaming services on your own risk.

The site does not encourage visitors to take part in gambling activities. It’s your personal decision. 

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