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How You Can Benefit From VIP Clubs in Online Casinos

A good many times we have seen invitations from online casinos to join their VIP programs. In our casino reviews, we also recommend using the perks of the VIP clubs of online casinos in Canada. However, does anybody know what exactly happens when a player applies for the VIP membership? How much does it cost, or it can be for free? Let’s figure it out in today’s article.

Various Ways to Provide VIP Service

Sometimes, online casinos can automatically involve you into the VIP membership. They usually point it out on their websites. For example, a collection of Canadian casinos that belong to the well-known Casino Rewards Group, make every new player a loyal member. This is a feature of the CRG. By providing a free top-notch service to the players, they keep their interest. However, there are some drawbacks in their system. Players always complain about the spam that comes on email. The CRG literally inundates with the every-day emails and offers. It’s good on the one hand, but on the other — it’s excessive.

There are also casinos that don’t have any VIP programs. Casino Casumo, for example, doesn’t have it on purpose. The idea is that Casumo treats every player equally. There are no better players because they are all loyal. Instead of the VIP club, Casumo has a loyalty system for all players. This is a unique and at the same time simple system. For every game they play, and for every bet they place, players receive points. Later, they can exchange these points for free spins, special bonuses, or cash.

Finally, there is a regular VIP rewards scheme that is the most common in most Canadian online casinos. Typically, these casinos offer you a welcome bonus, a bunch of other promotions, but also they have a VIP section on the site menu. If you click it, you’ll see an invitation to the luxurious world of online gambling with many perks that an average casino player doesn’t have.

Top 7 Privileges

VIP members receive not only special and unique bonuses, they have their private manager, so that they don’t have to wait hours for the support response. They also have reduced wager for the bonuses, higher withdrawal limits, high-roller tournaments, private events and trips, and much more to this list. The VIP benefits vary from casino to casino, but they all are so rewarding that you don’t want to miss them. Here we’ve compiled a list of the most common privileges that happen to be in major VIP programs.

Points to Cash

This is a widespread system that some online casinos use to keep their players. As we’ve already mentioned, players earn points for games and then convert them into cash. However, loyal members have a bit different conditions. If, say, a regular player can exchange 5000 points for $1, a very important person needs only 2000 points for the same $1. Besides, VIP users have a way bigger bankroll for games, so they can easily earn such a “cashback”.

High-Roller Tournaments

Tournaments, or so-called races, are now a very popular entertainment in online casinos. If you’ve tried participating in one, you know what it means. However, it’s a bit different for high-rollers in the VIP club. Some online casinos have tournaments made for VIP clubs on purpose. Usually, the prize pool of VIP tournaments is much higher than that of a regular tournament. And the rewards for everybody on the leaderboard are more substantial.

Birthday Bonus

Birthdays are special occasions. That’s why Canadian online casinos want to take part in the celebration, and this is another reason to keep players motivated to come play one more time. Generally, online casinos give a few free spins or a cash bonus as a birthday gift. Besides, the higher your VIP level, the higher bonus you can get.

Trips and Electronics

Those who place sizable bets can receive more incentives from online casinos. Within some VIP programs, the club members can get electronics such as an iPhone of the latest version, a computer, TV, or their reward can be jewelry or cars! Some high-rollers receive luxurious holidays like a trip to an island.

Private Support Manager

The fast support function is available for VIPs in most online casinos. If a VIP player has a question about the casino, or has troubles, he or she can send a message to the private manager. The loyal customer support is usually very fast, and replies in a few minutes. You can’t tell the same about the regular customer support at the same casino because usually it takes about an hour or even more to get a reply from the support team. Luckily, VIP members don’t have this problem.

Faster Withdrawals

Although modern Canadian online casinos try to do their best to pay out players as fast as possible, VIP club members are still the priority. Apart from super fast withdrawals, they have other perks related to payout. For example, loyal players can make a withdrawal request for a higher amount of money. Usually, withdrawal limits are higher in the clubs, whereas regular players have lower limits for withdrawal amounts a week.

Another perk is a free of charge service. Sometimes, depending on a banking option a player selects, the casino can take a fee for transaction. Loyalty members are free of these charges. So, if your casino site charges for money transactions, think about joining a VIP club.

Private Casino Events

This may not be available currently since the pandemic covered the entire world. But before and after the lockdown, private casino events are a unique opportunity for casino players. These events usually include offline meetings with all the VIP members. Online casinos can arrange an event on a yacht in the open sea, or rent a big luxurious hall for the meeting. There players can meet people of the same preferences and interests, they can share their opinions and ideas. Besides, they can play table games and slot machines, drink a glass of sparkling wine and have a nice time in the casino atmosphere.

How To Become a VIP Member?

As we’ve already said, there are Canadian online casinos that automatically add you to the VIP club. Thus, you don’t need to pay extra money for this. However, these automatic VIP clubs are not as advantageous as the invite-based clubs.

The least attractive term for joining the VIP program by the invitation is a big deposit. As a rule, VIP members are high-rollers, they place big stakes and play casino games regularly. So, we recommend accepting the invitation only if you are confident in your budget, and you know that you can place high bets every time you play.

Terms and conditions for VIP membership are different in all online casinos in Canada. However, the typical entry steps are as follows:

  1. Apply for the VIP club via support service.
  2. Provide all the details to the manager.
  3. Make a single big deposit.
  4. Play games with high stakes on a regular basis.

The last step is a significant one because if a VIP player stops playing regularly (and funding the casino), he or she can be expelled from the club. Regarding the big deposit, some casinos require players to make a single big first deposit, whereas others allow it in installments. There’s no exact information about how much one should deposit. Only a customer support team of a certain casino can answer this question. Mind that in your online casino the T&Cs can be different. For more information about a particular casino, contact the customer support.

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