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Gambling Superstitions and If They Really Work

Superstitions are not uncommon in the gambling world. Many gamblers have their own beliefs, rituals, and lucky charms that are supposed to help them win. And players feel so connected with their rituals that they will not start playing until they do what they must do. Do they really work, or is it just your mindset that works when you purely trust it? This article will tell you about the origins of gambling superstitions, and how they influence the outcome of your gameplay.

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Where do gambling superstitions come from?

The most popular superstitions known across the world are touching wood for luck, avoiding walking under a ladder, and throwing salt over one’s shoulder. Also, gamblers often carry a lucky coin or blow on a die before rolling it.

Casino players are way more superstitious than people who don’t gamble or do it quite seldom. In the UK, gamblers and non-gambling people took part in a survey, according to which they had to answer financial questions. The research showed their impulsivity (acting without thinking) when choosing between smaller amounts of money given immediately and larger amounts coming in the future.

An interesting fact is that gamblers tended to choose immediate rewards though the amount was significantly smaller. In addition, the study showed that some gamblers who were highly impulsive had superstitious rituals.

Because those people have a high impulsivity level, they are more likely to have more complex distortions such as superstitions. These players are also prone to get addicted to games. Take the gambling addiction test online and check if you have any signs of a gambling disorder.

To sum up, superstitions are the result of behavioral characteristics. If you have beliefs and rituals when playing games for real money, it means that you are probably impulsive and make decisions without thinking. In other words, you rely more on luck than on yourself.

Common gambling beliefs and rituals that bring luck

Surely, you have heard about the superstitions we’re about to tell you below. The casino world is full of them, and each gambler selects what suits him best. The most common superstitions are usually associated with actions, etiquette, and even certain colors and numbers.

Itchy palms

Nearly everybody knows that when your palms itch, the money is coming to your hands. However, itchy hands have different meanings in different cultures. Some peoples believe that it’s a sign of bad luck or stress, while others read it as a good omen.

A lot of people believe that when your left palm is itchy, you will lose money, while the right itchy hand means you will hit the jackpot.

Lucky charms

The most commonly known lucky charms are rabbit feet, horseshoe, four-leaf clover, and some others. However, they aren’t that popular nowadays since many people realized the terror of killing rabbits just to get their feet.

In fact, it doesn’t matter what lucky charm you have, the key to having it is to believe it will bring good fortune.

Some casino players also stack chips in a certain way, whisper to the dice before rolling it, and more.

Gamblers that have their own lucky charms would never step on a casino floor if they don’t have their charms on them.

Avoiding colors and numbers

Numbers such as 13 and 666 are associated with bad luck, the devil, and something paranormal. This is why many people don’t choose these numbers for anything, including casino games.

When it comes to colors, many roulette and card game players believe that black brings bad luck. This belief comes from the correlatability with death.

Crossing legs

One more popular superstition that comes from history is not crossing your legs before you place big wagers. It was not polite to cross one’s legs back in the day. Besides, it could mean you cross out your luck when you cross your legs.

Today, some players also believe this and avoid crossing their legs when they gamble.

Do gambling superstitions change luck?

Superstitions only help you believe that you will win. And it really works when you purely believe it because there are many proofs of manifestation.

However, gambling is more about both, luck and skill. Notably, the more you gamble and practice games, the higher your winning potential because you get better at it every time.

There are many examples of poker players who know how to play the odds and increase the chances. The luck may be on your side but the core is the comprehensive knowledge of the game rules and specifics.

What about a 100% luck-based lottery? There, you just purchase a ticket and win, or lose. When you lose, you believe that luck is not looking your way. But in fact, you’re just playing a high-risk game with a very low payback percentage. If you’re not winning a lottery, consider trying a low-risk card game.

You may use your lucky charms and practice rituals every time you want to play. But you shouldn’t forget about math too. All games have perfectly calculated odds that you must understand to make wagers.

To conclude

A smart player will not blindly rely on his luck. Even though you have some superstitions that keep you at ease when gambling, go with them but never forget about rational decisions.

Improve your skills and knowledge about games and bets. The mix of luck, beliefs, and skills will help you make the best of your gameplay.

Gambling Superstitions and If They Really Work
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Lucky charms are small things that you always take with you and believe that they bring luck. They work like omens. When you have a lucky charm on you, you feel secure and at ease. It gives you a mental calm, due to which you can make better decisions when you gamble.

It doesn’t matter what ritual you choose to do before gambling. It can be blowing on dice, whispering to your chips, or even making a specific dance move. The idea is that you and only you truly believe that this ritual helps you win. Once you realize the power of your lucky ritual, it will be the best for you.

In fact, you have equal chances to win at any time of the day. All online casino games use random number generators. So it doesn’t matter when you open the game, it will provide a random result anyway.

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