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Best Dogecoin Casino in Canada

Created as a meme and progressed as a symbol of the highly valued digital currency, the dog’s face is now recognizable all over the world. Many crypto enthusiasts have bought Dogecoins and are about to keep it as long as possible. Currently, you can buy and sell it in a few simple steps as easily as you can pay for services and products with dogecoins. But what is more important for the people gathered around here is that you can gamble with dogecoins. Almost every bitcoin casino in Canada accepts deposits in Dogecoin. So, there is no problem in finding any Dogecoin casino.

Casinos That Accept Dogecoin



Welcome Bonus



Welcome Bonus


1 BTC + 300 FS

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1.5 BTC + 77 FS

Welcome Bonus


$300/1BTC + 15 FS

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$400/1BTC + 180 FS

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1 BTC + 150 FS

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Spin Samurai

$1,200 + 75 FS

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$600/1BTC + 200 FS

Welcome Bonus

This list comprises the links to the best Dogecoin casinos catering to Canadian players. Read their reviews or click on the Play Now button right away because you can trust our choice. These casinos are trustworthy gambling platforms.

How Dogecoin Was Created

The fun meme with the Shiba Ibu dog that spread over the internet with a lightning fast speed is now not a simple joke, it has a value. Since the day in 2013, when two entrepreneurs, Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, created this fun alternative to Bitcoin, Dogecoin has been housed in many crypto wallets around the world.

Forked from Litecoin, after a year of existence, Dogecoin has become a fixed blockchain currency. Initially, DOGE had a limit on the amount of released coins. They released only 100 billion dogecoins. However, soon it was changed to the infinite amount due to the deflationary element that was built around the crypto coin.

The community that formed around Dogecoin is a specific part of the currency. In 2014, the Dogecoin holders simply donated $50,000 to the Jamaican Bobsled Team simply for them to participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics. This and many other donations were directed to help those in need. The Dogecoin community is a rarity in the modern world, especially that of cryptocurrency, where everything is mainly about money and selfishness.

A few years ago, the richest man in the world, Elon Musk became the CEO of Dogecoin giving it wider popularity. So, there is a high chance that those who will be living on Mars will have Dogecoin as their main currency.

How to Buy Dogecoins on Binance

If you don’t have any dogecoins yet and are thinking of buying some, there is no better place to do it than Binance. Binance is the most trusted and world’s biggest bitcoin exchange. Using this platform, you can exchange any currency including FIAT ones. Use this simple guide to buy dogecoins on Binance.

  1. Visit Binance website and create your account. It’s free. All you need for registration is your email.
  2. Select the desired password and click proceed.
  3. Go to your email and verify it by clicking on the link.
  4. On Binance site, click ‘But Crypto’ and select ‘Credit/Debit Card’.
  5. Enter the amount of CAD you want to exchange for the dogecoins.
  6. Change the BTC denomination next to the Buy field for DOGE.
  7. Finish the purchase.

These are easy steps to buy dogecoins in order to use them for your digital payments. Now you can use them to pay for products and services on websites that accept cryptocurrency,

How to Deposit Dogecoin to Casino

To start playing online casino games with DOGE, you need to transfer the digital money to your dogecoin casino account. Here’s how to do it using Binance, as well.

  1. Sign up or log in at your Dogecoin casino.
  2. Visit the ‘Deposit’ page.
  3. Select ‘Dogecoin’ and copy the deposit address.
  4. Then go to your Binance account.
  5. Find and click on ‘Wallet’ in the top left corner.
  6. Click ‘Fiat and Spot’.
  7. Scroll down to ‘Crypto Balance’, look for DOGE and click ‘Withdraw’ on the right.
  8. Insert the deposit address and choose the amount you want to spend on games.
  9. Complete the transaction.
  10. Wait for the dogecoins to appear on your casino account.

This process usually doesn’t take much time. The digital transaction is instant. So, as soon as you send the dogecoins, you can already play games. Make sure to copy the right address and paste it to the right field indicating DOGE. Always check that everything is correct and only then, process the payment to avoid unnecessary risks.

How to Withdraw Dogecoin

Typically, crypto gambling sites are online casinos without ID verification, so you won’t be asked to provide documents. This means that your withdrawal process will be fast and easy.

However, before cashing out your dogecoins, make sure that you have completed all the requirements regarding bonuses if you used them. If everything’s all right, you can proceed to withdrawal. Here’s how to do so at Dogecoin casinos.

Open the banking page on your casino website.

  1. Click on ‘Withdraw’.
  2. Select dogecoin and enter the amount you want to cash out.
  3. Insert your dogecoin wallet address into the corresponding field.
  4. Finish the transaction.

This is how you can cash out dogecoins quickly. You won’t need to wait for a long time to see your DOGE in your wallet. The blockchain system processes payments lightning fast. So, you can open your dogecoin wallet and use your withdrawn casino winnings as you wish.

Dogecoin Pros & Cons

There are several reasons Canadian players choose to play at Dogecoin online casino using these crypto coins instead of others, and especially instead of FIAT currency. Let’s look at the best things about dogecoin and its worst parts.

Pros of Playing with DOGE

  • Anonymity. Neither government nor bank nor any other third party will ever know how much money you bet on casino games.
  • No fees. When using banking services with FIAT currencies, you have to pay fees for the transactions. But blockchain doesn’t feature this.
  • No waiting times. Withdrawals and deposits are processed instantly. So, you will not wait for your winnings to appear on your account.

Cons of Playing with DOGE

  • Lowered value. Dogecoins are valued less than bitcoins, for example.
  • Fluctuation. Like any crypto currency, Dogecoin is vulnerable to fluctuation in a negative direction.
  • Hard to sell. Compared to bitcoins, dogecoins are not as liquid, which is why it might be a problem to sell them.

Closing Thoughts

Dogecoin is still a young cryptocurrency, which means it hasn’t a stable value. However, predictions say it will grow in the near future. So, there is a good reason to buy dogecoins and multiply them at online casinos. The main thing to do is to choose a reliable dogecoin casino to play fair games and get true winnings.

Best Dogecoin Casino in Canada
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Reliable crypto casinos are absolutely safe having licences and established reputation. You can see the list of recommended Dogecoin online casinos on our site. Still, you should check the site yourself and make a decision whether you want to join it or not. Make sure to check its security and licensing information.

Dogecoin casinos can charge players for withdrawals. However, this is a rare thing that depends on the terms of your gambling site. To find out if you have to pay any fees to your online casino, just visit the site and open the banking page. Online casinos should provide this information on their site along with the withdrawal and deposit limits.

Yes, they are. These are different digital cryptocurrencies within one system, such as USD and CAD as FIAT currencies. Digecoin and bitcoin use different technologies and algorithms to validate transactions. Also, Bitcoin is an established cryptocurrency that has a strong value on the market while Dogecoin is on its way to a bigger audience and value.

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