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Canadian AstroPay Card Online Casinos

Many Canadian sites offer different payment methods, and if you are a regular player, you’ve certainly noticed a white-black and red-colored sign named AstroPay. Today, we’ll speak about this particular payment option, about its pros and cons, how fast it is, and what we can do with AstroPay.

If you aren’t yet familiar with AstroPay, you can consider it as a good choice for making online casino deposits. AstroPay is a prepaid card which allows you to make payments easily right from your phone, no need for a physical card.

A Few Words About AstroPay

AstroPay was founded in 2009 in the UK. The company offers a prepaid card solution for making payments across the world on thousands of websites, provided they also use the AstroPay network. You can purchase stuff from different countries or make deposits to your offshore online casino.

As any other payment system, AstroPay has some features which you must understand when you buy the prepaid card.

  • AstroPay is valid only for 12 months after you’ve bought it. After expiration date, you need to prolong it.
  • There is no any fee for casino deposits via AstroPay card. But the banking institutions can charge you for transferring money to AstroPay account.
  • The currencies accepted by AstroPay are BRL and USD.
  • You can make partial payments with your deposit card.
  • Deposits are credited instantly to your casino account.
  • You can top up your AstroPay card with almost every available payment system in your country.

AstroPay Card Online Casinos

AstroPay card is a good deposit option if you don’t have access to transfer money to international credit cards or banks. This service helps you to make convenient and instant payments to gambling sites.

Before purchasing an AstroPay card, you should look through your casino’s terms and conditions to make sure it accepts AstroPay payments and there are no any jurisdictional restrictions.

Again, to help you spend less time on searching online casinos that accept AstroPay, we’ve prepared a list of sites where you can select this convenient deposit option. So, take a look at our collection of recommended AstroPay casino:

How to Deposit With AstroPay

Using AstroPay for your online payments is a simple process. But before you do it, obviously you need to make an account with AstroPay. So, go to AstroPay website to register an account or download a mobile app from PlayStore or AppStore.

As you click the ‘start’ button, follow the instructions on the site and complete your sign-up. You’ll be asked to enter your name, email, language, country, and password. After that, you’ll select your currency which you are going to use for purchases with your new AstroPay card. Then you buy the card or download it from the store, and you are free to use it for online casino payments.

To make a deposit to your casino account, visit the banking page with the deposit options. Select AstroPay from the list of banking methods and enter the details of your virtual prepaid card. Also, fill in the field the amount of money you want to deposit.

When you finish the process, your money will be immediately transferred from your AstroPay account to your casino account. Once you see the money on your balance, you can head over to the games page and start playing any game you like. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend that you try out some of the fresh February titles released by the most popular game providers.

Online Casino Withdrawals With AstroPay

As you feel that you’ve played enough for today, you might want to make a withdrawal due to a big win. Normally, you would want to use the same payment method with which you deposited, but in case with AstroPay, it won’t work out.

Due to the fact that AstroPay is a virtual prepaid card, it doesn’t function as a withdrawal service. Therefore, you need to use another payment method selecting it from the list of payout options. You can use any of the offered banking options if you have an account with one. For example, many casinos will let you withdraw with a debit card, bank transfers like Interac, Neteller, Trustly, or Skrill. In fact, different casinos suggest different options. So, choose the one which suits you best.

Advantages Of AstroPay Card

As there are many available deposit methods, you can choose any. However, your choice will be warranted since the AstroPay solution has many advantages.

  • Instant Payments. The biggest advantage of AstroPay is the transactions which are made literally in the blink of an eye. With AstroPay you don’t have to sit and wait for the authorization of your money transfer. This all means that you’ll be enjoying your favourite casino game in a few seconds after making a deposit.
  • Security and Privacy. Using an AstroPay card you will only use your prepaid card details. No your bank account details required. So, you can feel safe knowing that your main banking account is secure. And if something goes wrong and hackers attack your casino, all your sensitive data will not fall into their hands.
  • Limited spending. With a prepaid card, you can spend only a specific amount of money until you top it up again. So, you can use the AstroPay card like a deposit limit which is a great way to prevent a gambling addiction.
  • Always with you. AstroPay is a virtual card which is why it can never be lost or stolen unless your mobile phone is stolen, though. So, you can stay safe knowing it’s always in your ‘pocket’.
  • 100% protection from frauds. AstroPay are stand-alone prepaid card. That’s why no one can steal your ID and personal info.
  • Widely available. The service is available for players from Central America, North America, and Latin America as well as from Asia.
  • Legal compliance. The prepaid cards comply with the laws of all countries where it is available.

Disadvantages Of AstroPay Card

Any service even as good as AstroPay has things that make users think before buying the card. So what are the disadvantages associated with AstroPay?

  • No Withdrawals. You cannot use AstroPay for withdrawals which can be very inconvenient. But fortunately, online casinos offer various options to choose from. So, you can cash out on your e-wallet or bank account.
  • Limited Choice of Casinos. Even though AstroPay is now operating worldwide, many Canadian online casinos do not yet support this method. If you try to search for a casino site without assistance of casino experts like casinobest.ca, you will waste a lot of your time which you could spend gambling with your AstroPay deposited funds.
  • Online only. AstroPay cards can only be used online on those sites where they accept it.
  • Small validity. The cards expire after 12 months of use.

Closing Thoughts

We recommend that you consider payments with AstroPay if withdrawals made via other options are not a big problem for you. The prepaid card can also be a great solution for those who prefer instant payments but don’t want anyone to see their bank credentials. Even though there are not so many casino operators that accept AstroPay, still they all are reliable and trusted gambling sites.

Canadian AstroPay Card Online Casinos
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