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Best Paid Online Casino

All conversations on the topic: “which is the best online casino” are based on one key reason — payout to players. Basically, we can say that the best casino is the one that pays for real. But are there casinos with truly high payouts? Yes, there are. The best paying online casinos have a payout percentage higher than 95%. If you play at such a casino, you are luky! Let’s find out the names of high-paying sites below in the list of the best paid online casinos.

Online Casinos That Pay



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These are the top online casinos with high payouts. For example, JackpotCity casino is the highest paying casino on this list. Its payout percentage equals 97.8%. Besides, playing at JackpotCity, you can forget about waiting times because payouts are made super quickly.

What is Casino Payout?

New players can have many questions about online casinos, but the notion of payouts is what confuses players the most. In this post, we will finally explain to you what is a payout percentage of a casino and how it can help you in choosing the casino for big wins.

In theory, a payout percentage is the amount of money a casino pays out to you relative to the amount of money you spend on games.

It’s a lot better to understand the example. So, here it is:

  • JackpotCity casino has a payout rate of 97.8%.
  • You wager $100 playing games.
  • On average, you will receive $97.8 back.

This figure is average and doesn’t guarantee that you will win $97.8 at the end of the game. It would be useless to play knowing that you lose $2.2 anyway. Of course, in practice, you can win ten times more or lose the whole sum as the game results are random. Still, it’s a lot better to play at the highest payout casinos because the average payout is still higher.

Consequently, the higher the payout percentage, the better the online casino. Think of this figure as a guide to choose a casino.

What is Game’s Payout?

Even though it’s important to know the casino’s payout, you cannot rely only on this figure when choosing a casino to play at. All online casino games have their individual payout percentages too. Alternatively, the game’s payout is called a return to player (RTP). You can often find the figure in the game rules.

Consequently, RTP is the average amount of money you receive back relative to the amount you wagered on one particular game. The average RTP percentage is calculated based upon 1000 plays. Looking at the RTP, a player can understand how much he can expect to win on that game over the long-term period.

The world “long-term” is crucial here. No one can really say how long this period is. Besides, you can get a result a hundred times bigger than your initial stake in a short-term period.

An example of the game’s RTP calculations:

  • A slot game has an RTP of 98% which is a more paying game compared to others.
  • After 1000 plays made with $1 per spin, the game should return $980 to players.

Remember that players who spin this game can be numerous. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be paid back $980.

Games with the Highest Payouts

The game variety is big. It’s HUGE. It’s almost impossible to count all online casino games in the world. There are millions of them. And all of them are created with their own return to player percentage. Some of them are high payout casino games, the others have a low payout. If you come to an online casino to get the most out of gambling, you should choose the games that pay out the highest.

Below, we list all types of games featuring their average payout percentages and, of course, we give you real names of the games with the highest payout.

Blackjack Payout

Blackjack is known for being the best-paying casino game. Its RTP ranges between 98% and 99.99%. Most of the time, you will open blackjack games with an RTP of 99.5%.

However, the RTP can vary depending on which strategy you use, and which variant of blackjack you play. That is why you should look for the RTP percentage in the game rules of the blackjack variant before you play the game.

There are several factors that can increase or decrease the payout percentage, thus changing the house edge in favor or against the casino. The following factors are:

  • if the dealer hits or stands
  • if there is a surrender rule
  • what the payouts for a winning blackjack are (3:2 pays or 6:5 pays?)
  • the number of decks

You might have noticed that the single-deck blackjack tables are rare to find. This is because the number of decks affects the payout. The fewer the decks, the better the chances of winning. Therefore, we recommend playing single-deck blackjack games if you can find one.

List of High Payout Blackjack Games

  • American Blackjack 99.95%
  • Single Deck BlackJack Multi-Hand 99.91%
  • Multi-Hand Blackjack 99.60%
  • European Blackjack Multi-Hand 99.60%
  • Double Exposure MH 99.33%

Roulette Payout

If you know the specifics of roulette games, then you are aware of the fact that playing European roulette is more beneficial than playing the American variant of roulette. The reason is the payout.

The RTP of American roulette usually equals 94.7%, while the European roulette features 97.3% payout and French roulette — 98.65%.

The reason for such a big difference is just one little slot added to the roulette wheel in the American variant. The American wheel has an additional green slot with double zero (00).

And the reason for the difference between European and French roulettes is additional rules called en prison and la partage, according to which players can recover their bet after a spin of 0.

The rule for choosing a roulette game is simple — always choose European roulette over the American one. And if you have an option to choose French roulette, then you should prefer it to the others if you want to have a bigger payout.

List of High Payout Roulette Games

  • French Roulette 98.65%
  • European Roulette 97.30%
  • Lighting Roulette 97.30%
  • Double Ball Roulette 97.30%
  • American Roulette 94.74%

Video Poker Payout

Poker is a different game in terms of payouts. The thing is you as a player can influence the payout. Your skills and decisions define what the RTP percentage will be like for you. That is why it’s difficult to say the exact number of average poker payouts. Most poker games have an RTP ranging between 95% and 99%.

Remember that playing poker live can bring you a better payout than playing video poker. Though, this mainly depends on your playing skills.

The RTP of video poker hovers around 99%. However, to get such a payout, you need to apply a strategy to the gameplay. Here are some examples of video poker games with high payout percentages.

List of High Payout Video Poker Games

  • Texas Hold’em 98.60%
  • 5 Card Stud 98.19%
  • Joker Poker 97.30%
  • 3 Card Stud 97.15%
  • Omaha Hold’em 96.96%
  • Pai Gow Poker 96.78%
  • Omaha Hi-Lo 96.45%
  • Stud Poker 96.30%
  • Oasis Poker 96.29%

Baccarat Payout

Baccarat can be compared to blackjack if we take their RTP percentages into account. Baccarat’s payout often exceeds 98% because it has very attractive odds on a couple of bets.

The banker bet has an RTP of 98.94%, the player bet — 98.76%, and the tie bet pays 85.6% back on average.

However, baccarat games have commissions that you need to pay if you win wagering on the banker.

List of High Payout Baccarat Games

  • European Baccarat 98.99%
  • Baccarat en Banque 98.94%
  • American Baccarat 98.94%
  • Punto Banco 98.94%
  • Chemin de Fer 98.56%

Slots Payout

Online slots are not the best games in terms of payout. Most slot games that you will find in the casino lobby feature an average RTP of 95%. However, it may vary from 94% to 98% in some games.

Some really exclusive slots can feature 99% payout, while the lowest paying slots are those featuring progressive jackpots. They pay from 88-90% back to players in the long run.

List of High Payout Slot Games

  • 8 Lucky Charms 97.40%
  • 777Deluxe 96.18%
  • Gold Rush 95.70%
  • As the Reels Turns 1 95.20%
  • Forbidden Slot 95.00%
  • Aztec’s Treasure 95.00%
  • A Switch In Time 94.74%

Best Payment Methods for Fastest Payout

Online casino payouts can be processed through several payment methods. However, the choice of the method has an impact on how fast the withdrawal will be processed. Thus, you can get your cash as soon as possible by simply using the right payment service.

If you are looking for a gambling site with the fastest payouts, you should pay attention to the banking options the casino offers. These are the fastest payment services.


  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • ecoPayz

There are many e-wallets catering to Canadians, but these are the most popular which you can also find at most online casinos in Canada.

Online casino sites process withdrawal transactions to e-wallets fast because they do not require verification documents as in the case of credit card payments. Casino operators don’t spend their time verifying your account. They know that you’ve gone through the verification procedure at the moment of opening your e-wallet account.

Cryptocurrency methods

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Tether and etc.

Crypto online casinos have their advantages over standard FIAT currency sites. The difference between them is in the verification, again. Cryptocurrency holders do not have to verify their accounts to withdraw winnings. Their transactions and wallets are protected by special security technologies. This is useful for the players as well as for casinos.

The list of the best paid online casinos also comprises a few names of crypto casinos such as BitStarz and 7Bit. For more information about these casinos, visit their casino reviews on our website.

Credit & Debit Cards

  • Visa
  • MasterCard

Payments made with banking cards take a bit longer time to be processed. These requests require you to verify your account with your personal documents such as ID or a driver’s license. Some online casinos can also ask you for the utility bill. Transactions of money in FIAT currency take from 1 to 3 days on average. It can come on the same day that you requested the payout, or it can come in a few days.

These are the payment methods that process payouts the fastest. So, we advise you to select them when you decide to make a withdrawal.

To Conclude

Online casino payout is an intricate topic. Hopefully, now you understand it a little bit better. The main thing to remember from this post is that when a casino has a big payout, it’s the best paid online casino. And if a game has an RTP of 99% and more, it’s also the best casino game.

When you choose a casino to play games for real money, pay attention to its theoretical RTP. And remember that you can always trust our the choice of casinos. So, pick any of the recommended gambling platforms and enjoy your high payouts!

For a better outcome, you can double your chances to win by playing the games with the highest RTPs. Keep in mind that they are mostly card games — blackjack, baccarat, or poker. Online slots are nice too, but if you are playing slots, choose the best ones with the highest RTPs.

All in all, our advice to you is to choose the best paid online casino mentioned on this page and to pick a table game to play. Thus, you will have the best possible result. Add the fastest payment method, and you will get the best and fastest payout!

Best Paid Online Casino
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Yes, they do. The reason that you don’t get the payout is that you probably lose all your money on games. That is why you need to be careful with your wagers. Also, make sure that your casino site is reliable and pays for real. The list of safe gambling sites is available on CasinoBest.ca.

There are many games in casinos’ lobbies. However, only a few of them have the highest payouts exceeding 99%. These games are usually card games that require you to have some skills — poker, blackjack, and baccarat. Online slots and roulette games have a lower average payback.

House edge is the amount of money the casino gets from players’ bets. It’s the difference between the payout percentage and 100%. For example, if the casino pays out 97% back to players, the 3% is the house edge. This money (3%) goes to the casino’s funds.

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