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What Cryptocurrency to Wager at Online Casinos

Recently, the gambling industry has moved to a new level. First of all, there appeared more gambling sites that allow visitors to play games from the comfort of their homes. But an even more revolutionary thing is crypto gamblings. In other words, online players can use their crypto coins to wager in casino games, online poker rooms, and sports. Canadian casinos that accept cryptocurrency are gaining in popularity with a geometric progression.

Best Crypto Casinos in Canada


1.5 BTC + 77 FS

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$400/1BTC + 180 FS

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$1,500 + 150 free spins

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$1,500 + 111 FS

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1 BTC + 150 FS

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$300/1BTC + 15 FS

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1 BTC + 300 FS

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$600/1BTC + 200 FS

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These are the top crypto online casinos where you can bet with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that you have. Make sure to convert your money into bitcoin if it’s necessary. Some of these online casinos have online bitcoin exchanges.

Why Players Choose Crypto Casinos

More and more players begin to play with the cryptocurrency after a long time of wagering FIAT currency on games. There are obvious reasons for such an increased interest of players in bitcoin gambling sites:

  • The anonymity of users. People who hold cryptocurrency know that blockchain technology completely secures their funds. Besides, players don’t need to disclose their personal information when signing up or cashing out at crypto casinos. This totally excludes the risk of information leakage.
  • Fast payouts. Due to the fact that they are gambling sites no ID, the withdrawal process goes faster. Players don’t need to verify their accounts and wait till the support team approves their personality. The transactions themselves are much faster with crypto e-wallets than traditional bank transfers.
  • No fees. Crypto transactions don’t imply the very essence of fees. However, if you pay a fee for a crypto transaction, you pay it to the casino itself.

Choosing Cryptocurrency for Gambling

In general, all cryptocurrencies are similar in their use. So, there are no differences between crypto coins in terms of online gambling. If your gambling site supports your preferred coin, then why not use it? Anyway, the online casino automatically converts all bets and your winnings to the cryptocurrency of your choice when you cash out. So, you don’t need to calculate anything all the time.

That is why the best cryptocurrency to wager with is the one available to the players on the casino site. Though, you can do the math and decide on a more stable cryptocurrency, with which you will benefit the most.

Here are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies available at online casinos.


Obviously, most players prefer gambling with bitcoin. This is the most popular cryptocurrency as it is the first-ever coin that appeared in the blockchain. However, this is also the most expensive cryptocurrency. The value of 1 BTC is approximately $40,000. The value varies, so you need to keep an eye on it.

Bitcoin is one of the most recommended cryptocurrencies to wager because all crypto casinos accept it. If you see a crypto gambling site, you can be sure that bitcoin is the major currency played on this site.


Ethereum takes second place on the list of the most recommended cryptocurrencies for gambling. Over the recent years, it has shown steady growth of value. It is also widely distributed on different settlements. These are the reasons for the growing popularity of ETH.

Most crypto casino sites accept Ethereum, so you won’t have problems with finding an Ethereum casino.


Dogecoin appeared not a long time ago, but it’s already very popular. Although it was created as a joke, today Dogecoin is a very good rival of Bitcoin. But it’s more volatile, so you need to be very cautious when cashing out.

This cryptocurrency is also accepted at most Dogecoin online casinos. So, it won’t be troublesome to wager it on casino games.


Litecoin was invented after Bitcoin. It’s pretty cheap and costs around CA$150. So, if you are short on money but want to play at crypto sites, LTC will be the best option for you. Besides, transactions of Litecoin are much faster than Bitcoin transactions. So, maybe you will prefer Litecoin casinos over Bitcoin ones.

Bitcoin Cash

Naturally, the creature of original Bitcoin is also one of the recommended cryptocurrencies to wager. Still, Bitcoin Cash can be more prevalent for casino players. The reason for that is faster speed and cheaper price than those of the original Bitcoin. Today, the value of Bitcoin Cash is around CA$550. You can buy BCH and wager it on most crypto gambling sites.

USD Tether

Although its name is similar to USD, USDT doesn’t have anything in common with the FIAT currency. Tether is just another cryptocurrency that you can buy and sell, trade, and gamble. It is accepted by most online casinos as well as BTC, BCH, LTC, and Dogecoin. So, it won’t be a problem to find one.

ADA Cardano

Cardano is a pretty young project that was first established in 2014. However, according to many indicators and statistics, it has taken a confident third place over a few years. Still, not so many gambling sites can accept this ADA Cardano. But you can convert it into Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency as you wish.

BNB Binance Coin

BNB has existed since 2018. Although it’s very young yet, it has managed to surpass cryptocurrencies with a bigger experience on the market. You need to look for the casinos that accept Binance Coin, though it won’t take a long time.


Cryptocurrency is a non-regulated thing. It is accepted anywhere in the Internet space. When it comes to gambling, crypto is even more useful and helpful because of its anonymity, fast speed, and low fees. If you are thinking about which cryptocurrency to choose for gambling, you should rely on your preferences. As you determine what is more suitable for you, find the casino that accepts your preferred crypto coins. To find the best one, follow our recommendations on CasinoBest.ca.

What Cryptocurrency to Wager at Online Casinos
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To purchase crypto, you need to exchange your FIAT money into cryptocurrency at the online crypto exchange. The most popular platform for it is Binance. Follow the instructions on how to exchange money on the platform. Alternatively, you can also use the converter on a gambling site if it includes it.

The best cryptocurrency for gambling is the one that you personally prefer. In terms of real money gambling, it makes no difference which crypto coins you wager. The thing that differs is the value of the crypto when you cash it out and exchange it for FIAT currency. Due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies, you can buy a token for one price but exchange it back for another.

It doesn’t take much time and effort. First of all, you need to visit the Cashier on the casino menu. Then, choose the cryptocurrency you need and the sum of money you want to cash out. Insert the number of your crypto wallet into the relevant field. Make sure that you provided the right information and finish the transaction. Then, wait till your balance of crypto coins increases.

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