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888 Casino customers are to stay safer with Control Centre feature

The latest safe gambling innovation is going to be presented during this month by 888 Holdings at the same time coinciding with the beginning of Safer Gambling Week. The innovative tool titled Control Centre will help gamblers to fight their addiction to games.

The Control Centre interface is oriented to customers of the company’s websites. The holding includes 16 gambling sites such as 888 Casino, 888 Poker, 888 Sport, and 888 Bingo varieties. Thousands of users already enjoy the different types of games such as popular casino games, table games like poker, and bingo games. 888 Holdings also contains a sportsbook for the sports lovers

All these websites will ensure players that they are aware of their gambling behavior. Consequently, players will understand how important the 888’s safer gambling tools are.

How Control Centre works

The aim of 888’s Control Centre is to make safe gambling a central part of the players’ experience. The new feature will be within a reach of customers at their homepages. Basically, the program is a so-called “one stop shop” so that players can monitor their gambling activity and control their actions according to the results of presented data.

The Control Centre will cooperate with the payment systems to monitor the data and present it to the players. One of the fastest and safest payment methods, additionally the 888’s partner, PayPal, already supports the idea of 888 Holdings to fight against gambling addiction and help people become more aware of their spendings on casinos. The new way of controlling gamblers is going to be voluntary. Though surely every player would like to understand how much money he or she really gambles away. The Control Centre will be very convenient for users as it helps to manage their monthly bankroll.

When will 888 Control Centre be launching in Canada?

The launching process has already begun. On November 19, 888 Holdings initially launched the Control Centre in the UK. The other operational markets will implement the localised versions in a few months. 888’s customers in Canada need to be patient though as the company needs to take time and effort to introduce the new safe gambling feature.

Control Centre launch in Canada will probably happen the following year. The exact information is still not available. The company must test the centre on the UK market first before promoting it further. Nevertheless, the innovation in the field of safe gambling will be revolutionary for most gamblers in Canada. Hopefully, they will finally be able to see the real damage caused by the frequent real money gambling.

A new way to gamble safe

CEO of 888 Holdings, Itai Pazner said: “As part of our wider Safer Gambling Week initiatives, we are delighted to announce the phased roll-out of our latest safe gambling innovation, the Control Centre, initially launching to our customers in the UK this November.

He also mentioned that primarily the Control Centre will focus on accessibility of safe gambling tools for customers. This will be possible with some extra features of the new safe gambling product integrated over the coming months.

The Control Centre is aiming to give 888’s users a safe experience from the very first visit of the websites. This goal has been set over a few months along with the development of the Control Centre innovation.

The new 888’s product is an integral part of the company. As Itai says, it “reflects our commitment to invest resources and expertise to create industry-leading, user friendly and AI-driven safe gambling tools”.

Final thoughts

The company wants to make its 16 platforms the safer places for customers. Still, the players themselves will have to make the biggest effort. So, 888 Holdings hopes that the Control Centre will give customers power to make responsible decisions while they are staying on the 888 websites.

The company of investors continues to fund the teams and technology that will surely lead to reducing of the gambling-related harm. Pazner adds: “We are confident that this innovative feature will offer customers new levels of data and clear, transparent insights that will help them to stay informed and in control.”

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