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888 Casino VIP Club: Rewards & Other Perks

888 Casino has become one of the leading world gambling sites. It has been operating since 1997, and its reputation is higher than a skyscraper. All these years, the online casino has been serving Canadian players, and a special treatment was given to members of the VIP club. 888 Casino organized a group of dedicated experts who assist VIPs all the time without days off.

The VIP players get the most amazing perks from 888 online casino. These include bonuses and gifts, events and support, exclusive tables and no bounds in gaming. In this post, we are going to tell you what can happen with your life once you become a VIP client of 888 Casino. Though we should warn you that you’ll have to make significant funds into 888 Casino. So, let’s get started!

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Welcome to 888 VIP Casino Club

888 Casino doesn’t give their player a VIP membership just for a thank you. Surely, you have to do something to become a VIP. And as you do so, 888 Casino will notice you and invite you to the club. This may take a long time, and may not. Here’s how to boost your status from casual 888 to VIP member.

As a casual 888 player, you are able to play games, take part in tournaments, and claim different bonuses including the welcome one which comprises $88 for free and a 100% deposit bonus of up to $200. The no deposit bonus sounds really nice, though you can draw the attention of 888 VIP Casino staff already at the beginning.

Premium Welcome Package

888 Casino offers a Premium Welcome Package of up to $1,500 in your first week of playing. This package requires 5 deposits during one week, so get prepared. Here’s what you will get this week, but first sign up at the 888 casino!

  1. First Deposit, insert a promo code Welcome1 to get 100% up to $100 Bonus
  2. Second Deposit, insert a promo code Welcome2 to get 30% up to $350 Bonus
  3. Third Deposit, insert a promo code Welcome3 to get 30% up to $350 Bonus
  4. Fourth Deposit, insert a promo code Welcome4 to get 30% up to $350 Bonus
  5. Fifth Deposit, insert a promo code Welcome5 to get 30% up to $350 Bonus

What’s awesome about this welcome package is that you can get up to $1,500 for games, draw the attention of the casino, and the terms for this bonus are super acceptable.

Welcome Package Terms

The first deposit bonus is subject to the 30x wagering requirement but the other four bonuses require making only 3 wagers. And your minimum deposit must be at least $20. However, if you deposit more, surely the club staff will pay attention to this investment.

To get the full $1,500 bonus, you will have to deposit $100 the first time and at least $1,170 next 4 times. All these during the first week, so plan your expenses even though you will have big wins. To get the maximum from this Premium Welcome package, you will have to make considerable funds.

Three Stages of VIP Membership

If you think that once becoming a VIP, there is nowhere to grow, you are wrong. At 888 Casino, VIP players can get three statuses: a VIP player, a Gold VIP player, and a Platinum VIP player.

Obviously, as you play more and bet more real money, you receive a level-up invitation from 888 Casino. However, you can contact your manager to ask how you can move up faster. The manager will answer all your questions regarding the raise of your status. And here’s what perks and rewards you’ll get at each level.

Benefits of VIP Player

  • Since you become a new player, you receive a welcome bonus available only for VIP newbies.
  • Now, you can also deposit more with the increased deposit limits.
  • Promotions for VIP clients such as material things like jewellery, high-tech gadgets, laptops and TVs, also different weekend getaways and so on.
  • 888 Casino thanks you with a weekly appreciation reward for your loyalty.
  • The casino invites VIPs to sports events, concerts, and luxurious holidays.
  • You will receive regular bonus offers such as cash and bankroll boosts.
  • As a VIP player, you also have your personal manager who serves you and assists you 24/7.
  • 888 online casino allows you to sit by the high-stake tables if you enjoy live games.
  • Being a VIP, you always receive comp points that you can later exchange. With a VIP status, your conversion rate is 50%.
  • On your birthday, you can receive a gift from 888 Casino in the form of bonuses.

Benefits of VIP Gold Player

Becoming a VIP Gold member, you also receive a welcome offer, Gold VIP promotions, a personal manager, appreciation reward, birthday gift, and all the same perks as a VIP client. However, there is something more to this:

  • Your withdrawals are processed faster, you can receive them already on the next working day.
  • Even bigger deposit limits.
  • You get a ‘Most Valuable Player’ Award as soon as you cross 500,000 comp points.
  • Comp point conversion rate becomes 33% more.

Benefits of VIP Platinum Player

The last stage of VIP membership is the Platinum level. When you reach this status, you are at the top. Here you feel like you’ve grown high. As usual, you receive your one-time welcome bonus for platinum players. You get all the VIP perks from the previous status and some new benefits:

  • Cash-outs made within a day.
  • You can decide what exclusive events you want to attend, and 888 Casino invites you there.
  • The comp point conversion rate is even better.
  • Casino gives you an anniversary bonus for staying with the casino for a long time.

Join 888 Casino VIP Club!

For casual players, this VIP club may seem too costly, but we recommend joining 888 Casino, at first. As you become a member, you will play more often, and as you win, you’ll get more money for games. Eventually, you will see the email from 888 Casino which invites you to the VIP Club with awesome benefits.

Or if you are a high-roller, you can stamp yourself to the casino management. We recommend claiming the Premium Welcome Package and deposit all 5 times, play games for real money bets, and contact a support agent to ask how you can get a promotion to the VIP membership.

No matter, what your financial situation is, you can find a way to receive the best casino rewards from 888 VIP Casino Club! Remember that you need to be patient and consistent in your 888 gaming for real money.

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The rewards program features six levels, on which you need to earn points. Diamond level requires you to earn 125,000 loyalty points. This is possible to earn so much by placing real money wagers. Besides, you can earn more points by following the methods described in the post.

Yes, they are. These are different digital cryptocurrencies within one system, such as USD and CAD as FIAT currencies. Digecoin and bitcoin use different technologies and algorithms to validate transactions. Also, Bitcoin is an established cryptocurrency that has a strong value on the market while Dogecoin is on its way to a bigger audience and value.

Yes, you can. General terms and conditions of the tournament dictate that you will receive your prizes on your account. The money is in the currency equivalent of your country. Thus, if you play Hot Beats in Canada, you will get the prizes in CAD, and you can cash them out on your CAD bank account. Alternatively, you can use your Hot Beats prize for your future casino games.

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