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How to Make Money Playing Video Poker Online

Video poker machines are known as some of the best payout games. Some video poker variants can even give players an advantage over the casino. And although some video poker games don’t have very high odds of winning, players still have a high return. So it is absolutely possible to win and make a profit in online poker machines. Of course, you will not likely hit a life-changing amount of money but you can still make enough.

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Poker games may not be the most popular among players because of their complexity. Unlike playing slot machines, poker players should use some knowledge, skill, and strategy. This is why there aren’t so many titles in the section of video poker. Still, there are different video poker variations to choose from. Check out the best video poker online games on the best casino sites in Canada that we recommend on this page.

On CasinoBest.ca, you can find reviews of only legit gambling websites. We check casino operators for reliability and truthfulness.

Can You Beat Video Poker?

Video poker is not a completely random game. And it can be beaten by professional poker players who use strategies or special charts.

Video poker machines have been and can be beaten. But you need to be a very smart player to do it. Besides, strategy charts do not guarantee any winnings. The suggested moves are just based on certain mathematical analyses.

Sometimes, players can have a slight advantage over the casino and make a profit. So if you are really interested in winning a poker machine, you should learn more about those strategy charts.

Best Video Poker Machines for Making Money

Below you’ll find the best online poker machines by their paytables and odds:

  • Double Bonus. If you are looking for Double Bonus poker with a positive expected value, you need to check the paytable. Make sure Straight Flush pays 250, Full House pays 10, Flush pays 7, and Straight pays 5. The payout amounts must be neither higher nor smaller. Any tiny reductions will result in the bigger casino’s advantage and your loss.
  • Deuces Wild. When you are looking for the Deuces Wild variant, make sure to pick the Full Pay Deuces Wild as it gives the best positive expectation. The paytable looks as follows: Royal flush – 800, Four deuces – 200, Wild royal flush – 25, Five of a kind – 15, Straight flush – 9, Four of a kind – 5, Full house – 3, Flush – 2, Straight – 2, Three of a kind – 1.
  • Joker Poker. This is another video poker variant that could give a big positive outcome to players. In order to be an advantage, players need to find a Full Pay Joker Poker that pays as follows: Royal flush – 800, Five of a kind – 200, Wild royal flush – 100, Straight flush – 50, Four of a kind – 20, Full house – 7, Flush – 5, Straight – 3, Three of a kind – 2, Two pair – 1, Pair (K or better) – 1.

Not all of these games are available on casino platforms nowadays because gambling operators slightly adjust pay tables to their advantage. So you may find the same video poker games but their payout rates will be reduced or slightly changed. This is why you need to be very attentive and careful when choosing between video poker games.

The Real Expectations

Let’s suppose that you decide to play Double Bonus Video Poker using a strategy chart. This gives you a 99.83% return. And a casino has a small advantage of 0.17%.

First of all, you need to remember that these numbers are theoretical. They are only true for long-term players. So during short video poker sessions, you will not be able to earn money every time.

Even if you did earn this 0.17% over the casino every hour, you would not make a lot of money. Here’s an example:

If you were betting $5 per hand, you would need to play 500 hands per hour to make a 0.17% profit, earning yourself $0.008 per hand. An hourly income would be about $4. Imagine how long you have to play to make a significant amount?.

Well, you can also hit a Royal Flush and win the big $800 payout. But it happens once every 40,000 hands on average. So you would have to play video poker for 80 hours to earn an occasional big win. But perhaps it’s not worth it because you will have pretty many small losses.

As you can understand, playing poker machines will not give you a big profit. Though, it’s still better than losing everything.

Besides, you can still launch a game and hit a Royal Flush the next minute. So why not use this chance, especially if you love video poker?

Other Ways to Earn by Playing Video Poker

You can also try to become a media person. Create yourself an account on YouTube, stream your gameplay, and show everyone how you play video poker online. Soon you’ll gather a number of followers and monetize your account.

There are many alternative ways to play video poker and earn money. Playing video poker itself will hardly make you a millionaire unless you are placing big wagers.

So if you want to play and win video poker, do it for fun. But if you want to become a millionaire overnight, you’d better find a different casino game.

In Conclusion

Video poker is a profitable game. You either become lucky and win Royal Flush all of a sudden in a short time. Or you play a long-term session and make your profit consistently. But make sure to pick the right game with the right paytable. Playing such a game with a basic strategy will help you earn money over time. On the other hand, if you choose the “wrong” video poker game, your casino will take the lead.

Check out our gambling blog to learn more about the best game to play at casino sites. There are more ways to earn money in casino games. But make sure to play them right and use winning tips.

How to Make Money Playing Video Poker Online
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Online casinos offer different video poker variants. Most of them offer nice odds of winning. You can try some of the best variants such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Aces and Faces, Double Bonus, and others.

There aren’t many developers that create video poker games. If you are looking for the best games, try Real Time Gaming, Rival, Microgaming, and Betsoft.

Yes, you can. Video poker games are available for free in contrast with live poker. To play free poker, some online casinos don’t even require registration, Just open a site, a video poker game in demo mode, and play. The software will give you fake money so you can place bets without risking your own funds.

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