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Best Online Casino That Pays Out

Online casino payouts are what bothers players the most. Many online gamblers face problems with casinos that refuse to pay out. However, such situations make people think twice before they join a casino. Only those Canadian online casinos that are trusted by players and have truly good reviews pay out for real. Here, we share the names of the top online casinos in Canada that have high payout rates, which is why you can join them with no worries.

Online Casinos That Pay Out



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Many online casino sites promise you the best withdrawal times and methods. Exactly these characteristics can describe the recommended online gambling platforms. Most Canadian casinos provide almost the same set of payment methods. It depends on the country where the casino is based and the player’s location.

For example, the most popular Canadian casino JackpotCity has numerous withdrawal such methods as Mastercard, Visa, Neteller, Qiwi, Skrill, Interac, and many others. The withdrawal limit in this casino is $4,000 per week, and the withdrawal time is the fastest with the e-wallets that process transactions almost instantly, credit cards take a bit longer from 1 to 5 days.

What is a good payout?

What does a payout feel like? Good payout is when you’ve just made winnings worth 100 times more than your initial bet. And in a few moments, this payout is on your bank account. This is what you can call a good payout.

But what if we tell you that payout mainly depends on your decisions, not those of the casino? This is true. Here’s how you can boost your payout:

  1. Choose a reliable fast-paying gambling site.
  2. Verify your account if you are paying in FIAT currency.
  3. Play games with high RTPs: online slots, table games like blackjack and baccarat, video poker.
  4. Maximize your winnings and go to the cashier when you’re done.
  5. Select an e-wallet or a cryptocurrency method to cash out quickly.
  6. Find your winnings on your payment service account.

This is all you have to do to boost the payout. You only need to know a few details about online casino withdrawals.

Facts about casino payouts

  • Among all casinos offering fast payments, crypto casinos offer the fastest payouts, highest withdrawal limits, and smallest fees.
  • E-wallets and cryptocurrency methods are the fastest options because using them you won’t need to verify your account.
  • Bank transfer is the slowest payment method, delivering payments within 3-7 days.
  • Slots games are some of the lowest paying in the entire game variety. They are compared to lotteries, bingo, and keno.

Finding a casino that will pay out

How do you know that the casino you’ve recently joined will pay? There is no exact method to find it out, but you can make sure that the casino is reliable and trustworthy.

A casino that pays out is a legal casino. And in order to identify if an online casino is reliable, you need to take three steps.

  1. Check the license and information about the registration of the gambling operator. 
  2. Find out what security measures the casino takes.
  3. Find the banking page to see the majority of available payment methods and their processing times, fees, and limits.

This feels like a time-consuming procedure, but it’s better to check twice before sending your money to a casino site. Or you can let yourself rest and leave this work to professionals. We at CasinoBest.ca review Canadian online casinos and give an authentic verdict about the sites: we either recommend a casino or not. Besides, we inform you about the pros and cons of an online casino that is reviewed. In other words, you can read a casino review to find the information about withdrawals concerning their methods, time frames, limits, and fees.

How to choose a casino by reviews?

Choosing a casino by reviews is way faster than testing each casino site by yourself. These are a few steps that you should take when choosing a casino that pays for real:

  1. Pick a casino site from the casino reviews page
  2. Look through the list of advantages and disadvantages to quickly understand if it’s worth reading the whole review.
  3. Pay attention to the licensing information, payout information, and other points that are important for you.

Remember that a reliable casino is a licensed casino with fast payouts, many banking partnerships, and zero or small fees for transactions.

Why casinos don’t pay

Have you ever wondered what is the reason for a casino to refuse a withdrawal request? Even trusted online casinos can refuse to pay for reasonable excuses.

But in general, there is no point for casinos to withhold the players’ winnings. Online casinos are still making money well. The average return to player of games exceeds 90%, and it means that less than 10% of all the bets casinos take for site maintenance. But can you imagine how many people around the world contribute their money towards casino games? There are thousands of them. Some pay a small amount of money, while others make high stakes. Consequently, the yearly revenue of one online casino is huge. So, on the one hand, there is no reason for a casino not to pay. On the contrary, the better casino pays, the more customers it welcomes, right?

Reasons to reject a payout request

But on the other hand, online casinos can refuse to pay for reasons that can be clearly understood. As everybody knows, gambling bears the concept of something illegal and tricky. And these stereotypes reflect more on the players than casinos themselves.

You were cheating

In the history of land-based casinos, many people tried to cheat during the games. They were counting cards in blackjack, putting coins with a thread fixed on them in the slot machines, and doing many other manipulations.

With the appearance of online casinos, it has become even easier to cheat on games since nobody sees what you are doing behind that screen. The latest gambling history knows numerous cases when players hacked casino sites or tried to hack a random number generator.

This leads us to the first reason why casino refuses to pay — cheating. If you get caught by a casino that you were cheating on a game, they have a right to refuse to pay your winnings. Moreover, they can ban you on the site so that you can never play their games anymore.

Bonus abuse

Imagine that your casino offers a super-duper bonus worth thousands of dollars. This news will get you excited in mere seconds. And you have two options: to claim the bonus and play it fairly completing all wagering requirements or take the bigger benefit from the casino bonus.

Players who practice bonus abuse often try to create multiple accounts at one and the same casino to have a chance to use the bonus twice. Or they can place high bets just to complete the playthrough requirements faster and withdraw the winnings. Or bonus abusers can choose games with high RTP to play with the bonus.

If you are doing some of these practices, you can soon find out that the online casino refuses your payout due to the bonus abuse.

Wrong casino issues

There are more reasons for payout refusal. You could simply forget to verify your account, and the casino already rejects your request. But the first thing that comes to your mind when your request is declined is that you are facing the wrong casino.

For sure, wrong casinos or illegal and unreliable gambling sites exist. Moreover, many new players fall into their trap when they decide to take up gambling.

Unreliable casinos easily take your money but never give them back to you. How do you understand it? Well, they can verify your account for ages saying you have provided insufficient documents. Or they can simply block your account after you’ve made a few withdrawal requests. Their customer service comes up with new reasons to keep you waiting long. Or you can contact them many times but never receive a response.


In reality, there are many online casinos that pay out real money. This is their major reason to exist and entertain people from all over the world. Players want to get easy money fast and they get it on casino sites. But in order to get your payout quickly on the same day, remember to make the right decisions: which casino you choose, which banking option you select, and what games you decide to play. Use our tips and recommendations for your decisions.

If online casinos do pay out for real, then why do many gamblers complain their casinos don’t pay? The thing is that often players themselves create circumstances for a casino to refuse a payout request. They don’t read the casino terms, abuse bonuses even if they do it unintentionally, they cheat on games, and they can simply forget to send verification documents.

Thus, we advise you to comply with the terms and conditions of the online casino, its bonuses, and promotions. We also advise you to act according to your rights as a casino customer. Don’t ignore the legal issues because they are what you agree with when you sign up at a casino.

If you are so lucky to step over the virtual doorstep of a scam casino, then we have some recommendations for you too. There is nothing better to do than close your account and change all the banking credentials and passwords. In case if you can’t get over it, then you can sue this fraud to court. But for your peace of mind, it’s better to look for a reliable casino and make real winnings playing their games.

Best Online Casino That Pays Out
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The lowest paying online games are games of chance, those on the outcome of which you cannot have an impact. For example, you cannot influence the results of slots, roulette, lottery, bingo, keno, or craps. Their theoretical payouts are low making 92% on average. On the contrary, card games have the highest payout because you can control the gameplay by making strategic decisions.

Yes, they do. But there is one tweak to this. Make sure your online casino is safe and reliable. Only trusted gambling sites pay out real money. Besides, comply with the terms and conditions of your casino to avoid any withdrawal problems.

Yes, it can. However, to process your withdrawal without asking you to send documents, your casino must make sure what payment method you use. If you’ve requested the payout to your e-wallet or a cryptocurrency method, then you will have no trouble with verification. If your banking option is a credit card or bank transfer, you will have to verify your account first.

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