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0% House Edge Online Casino: Real or Fake?

Imagine what it would be like if your casino games returned a 100% of all losses. You would probably spend half a day at the gambling site. But is it a reality? And what is the purpose of these casinos? Then how do they make money? And the list of questions grows with the awareness of the no house edge casino concept. So, let’s take a closer look at this together.

First, let us remind you that we live in the 21st century, the era of technologies. This time, it seems that everything is possible, even the 0% house edge online casinos. However, this type of casino is still on the stage of developing and initial realization. It is called a blockchain casino. This whole concept is connected with cryptocurrency, so if you are a crypto enthusiast, you are welcome to the new policy of online gambling.

How Blockchain Casino Works

In Canada, there are a few popular blockchain-based online casinos so far. One of them is YOUnited casino that has revolutionized modern gambling. The idea of the blockchain casino is to build a community of players who bet against the other players or the casino itself. The casino uses technology of smart contracts that replace the house. That’s why blockchain casinos have zero house edge, and 100% RTP of games. The platform currency is a unique coin, which players buy and win.

Blockchain casinos are now competing against the regular online casinos in Canada. And truth be told, they have a prevalence over the latter. The idea that players can gamble with better winning odds and a 100% return encourages them to gamble again and again.

Are Blockchain Casino Games Safe?

We are used to the fact that games should be fair and random. In blockchain casinos, games are not just randomly driven, but also they are transparent. What does it mean?

First of all, there is a random number generator (RNG), but it’s powered by blockchain technology. Besides, after each session, players can check if their gambling outcomes were even possible. Also, the casino operators use this mechanism to save money and grant players bigger bonuses instead of paying for game auditions.

Transparent Gambling Platform

The blockchain casino is decentralized. It means that the platform is public, thus remains transparent to everyone and from each angle. While using the gambling platform, players can watch their game results, withdrawals, deposits, and even the process of getting bonuses in real-time.

The transparent system ensures maximum trust. Perhaps, this level of trust towards gambling hasn’t been seen anywhere before. Players do not worry that they will be deceived by the casino. They don’t even need to give a share of their winnings to a third party in order to cover the transaction fees.

Is It Worth Playing at Decentralized Casinos

It’s still difficult to understand the entire system of blockchain gambling, especially for those who have never dealt with the cryptocurrencies before. And it’s neither easy to say if it’s a really trustful idea. But let’s have an unbiased look regardless of people’s opinions on the blockchain system.

Here are some of the most beneficial points about playing at the blockchain casinos. And below are also a few major disadvantages of the platform.

Advantages of Blockchain Casinos

  • Transparent processes make players feel sure about their fair gaming. There is no need in independent auditors as the players see their game results and possible outcomes themselves.
  • When it comes to banking, it’s faster than everything. The payment method here is cryptocurrencies which is famous for its fast speed due to lack of the third parties (payment services).
  • No house interaction which makes these online casinos the most advantages hence the best for most Canadian players.
  • Players can gamble unlimited time with unlimited winnings. There is no ceiling of the progressive prize pools.

Disadvantages of Blockchain Casinos

  • These casinos require players to use cryptocurrency. It means if you don’t have any crypto coins, you will have to change your cash or digital money into crypto. It’s also expensive, so you have to make sure you have enough funds.
  • Blockchain casinos are innovative technology that has never been introduced on the market before. Because of this, gambling authorities cannot regulate it properly. So, these online casinos don’t have licenses yet.
  • Cryptocurrency is a unique financial source. On the global market, it has huge volatility. It means that cryptocurrency value swings up and down every hour. One day, it can be increased by 200%, but in a few minutes this all can be gone. So, you can never be sure about your currency demand.
  • The technology is highly valuable today, especially the smart contracts which are a common target of hackers. The hacking attacks can lead to loss of the casino revenue.

Final Recommendations

Zero house edge casinos now exist. It is true. It is reality. However, to join this reality you need to be very confident in cryptocurrency. So, we recommend the blockchain casinos to the players who are aware of crypto volatility, and are not afraid to risk their coins.

Still, it’s amazing to see how online gambling can change because the tendency has already been launched. In a few decades, this technology can be a driving point for all casinos on the Internet. So, think about buying a few crypto coins because they can come in handy later.

0% House Edge Online Casino: Real or Fake?
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