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Changing Trends in Canadian Online Gambling

Online gambling has become a new form of entertainment for someone who wants to spend a night relaxing at home with a glass of sparkling wine. Online casinos are super convenient for you to play while in your pajamas from the comfort of your bedroom.

It’s perfectly normal if you’ve taken up online gambling due to the pandemic forcing us to social distance. You shouldn’t feel guilty In fact, you’re not the only one in Canada who is playing casino games due to the coronavirus. Currently, there are a lot of people who have just begun their gambling careers moving online from land-based casinos. The demand for casino sites increased when gambling establishments around the world had to close their doors.

Over the last few months, online casinos have become more popular than they’ve ever been. This popularity has compelled many IT companies to shift their focus to the gaming industry. With this recognition, online casinos have made tremendous strides in technological advancement to help them better serve their customers. Let’s take a closer look at the trends in the world of Canadian online gambling that could radically alter the future of gambling.

Mobile Gambling

There’s hardly anything available on computers that’s not available on smartphones. A well-functioning smartphone with internet access is all you need to do everything you love, no matter where you are. Almost every Canadian casino site is mobile compatible. You no longer have to stay at home to use your computer for casino games. You can play everywhere now, including on the bus on your way to work. While not all casino games have mobile apps, software providers are doing their best to make new games compatible with mobile devices.

Don’t think they forgot about Sports bettors. Since they can’t gather at land sportsbooks to make wagers, they can use mobile phones for this purpose. Licensed bookies now have mobile apps. It means Canadian bettors can place bets on the move, or better while watching a game on TV.

Payment via mobile is another trend. Almost every payment service has a mobile app. Whether it’s a bank app, Google Pay, or an e-wallet, use your phone to deposit or withdraw. The method is efficient and safe thanks to the safety measures. Bitcoin is also a prominent payment method that is becoming a new trend for online casinos.

High-Quality Graphics

Previously, game graphics were as low as 360p, but now we can appreciate pictures or videos in 4k, and 8k. Casino game graphics are not lagging. Today we can play with crisper graphics and a smoother transition during gameplay. No one can deny that games are better to play with the improved graphics. That is why good graphics have quickly become a new trend.

Virtual Reality Gambling

Like AI, Virtual Reality (VR) makes our life dynamic. For online casinos, this means you can visit a real casino from the comfort of your home. Put your VR headset on, and travel from your living room to a casino venue. Your VR avatar would reflect your gestures and those of other players from around the world. The aim of virtual reality is to overcome the barrier of socialization between players that is so much needed nowadays.

Voice Recognition

These days, it’s pretty common to talk to Siri or Google Assistant. In Canada, homes integrated with AI are becoming popular. These assistants will capture anything you say and follow your orders. Now imagine what voice recognition can do for the gambling industry. This is a recent trend available in only a few casinos.

One of them is Wild Tornado Casino that pioneered voice recognition technology in gambling. The purpose of this AI is to emulate the feeling at a real casino. You can give instructions instead of pressing the cursor. Table games like poker or blackjack could be much more fun if you could only say your next move, just like in physical locations.

Gesture Recognition

Gesture recognition is another useful tool that provides better gaming. VR technologies already use this trend to reflect your actual body movements. With gesture recognition, you can see other players’ movements and stream your gestures back to them. Your experience will be more real. Who knows, maybe this technology might improve your gambling skills.

Facial Recognition

Your avatar is an important part of playing online. But imagine if your avatar looked like you? With VR headsets on and facial recognition tools, you and your friends could easily recognize each other. Online gambling is much more fun when real people are at the table or machines.

To conclude

These trends will take some time to integrate into online gambling. But, innovations like VR, voice, facial, and gesture recognition are on the minds of casino operators. As for mobile compatibility and HD graphics, online casinos have been on top of that for several years now. Pretty soon, these technologies will be available to every canadian.

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