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Does the Law of Attraction Work in Online Gambling?

Some people believe in the law of attraction, some don’t. But you can’t deny that it’s so inspiring to hear stories of players who “attracted” their winnings. It all sounds very mystic, unreal, and sometimes superficial, but how else can you explain that it works? Anyway, this post is about the law of attraction in online gambling. If you want to experience it, read this article till the end to learn how. If you have doubts, read it anyway. Who knows, maybe you’ll change your mind?


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And it doesn’t matter what online casino you choose to play at. The law of attraction works everywhere. You can choose one of our recommended sites or stay at your favorite casino and practice the law of attraction.

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How the law of attraction works

You can call whatever, manifestation law or materialization of thoughts or visualization. Generally, it’s all the same and it works in the same way. In gambling, the theory is that a player proclaims his desire to win a large sum of money, progressive jackpot, or lottery.

In just a few days (or even sooner), the desire becomes his reality. And this can’t be explained mathematically or somehow with a deep sense. But if you have experienced similar things, you know what we’re talking about.

Sometimes, the law of attraction works so quickly that you have just thought about your wish, and it immediately becomes true.

Some players may decide it doesn’t work in gambling. But randomized games require your luck. And luck can change.

What to do to use the law of attraction to win money

You can find many tips on how to use the law of attraction on the internet. Below, we’ll give the most practical of them. Moreover, if you get interested in this direction, you can read different books from well-known writers such as Keiser Cole and Stephens Hyang. There are many books and movies that explain the law of attraction and all the features related to it.

To start, try to do the following steps:

  • Specify your dream win. Don’t just say “I want to win money” but say how much exactly you want to win, what game you want to win it on, what bet size, etc.
  • Why you wish to win. You must clearly understand why you want to win. The Universe interprets your “signal” better if you are in need or intend to use the money for a good reason. Be honest with yourself and the Universe.
  • Plan your attraction techniques. There are many techniques you can use to attract the win. It includes visualization, affirmations, and writing down your wishes. Make sure to plan it and remind yourself of the goals every day.
  • Release your expectations. It’s important to learn to release all your expectations and predictions. If you are anxious about the prize win, you push it away. Be calm and just know that it will happen.

For the law of attraction, it’s vital to have pure intentions and innocently believe that it works. It may sound too romantic and all, but people that do everything right can reach their goals in almost no time, while others need years to win money using the law of attraction.

Is there something that can stop you from winning?

Certainly, there is. First of all, it’s the state of mind in which they practice the law of attraction. You must do everything to stop doubting, to eliminate all obstacles established in your mind. Among the other things that can block the results of the law of attraction are:

  • you are not confident in yourself
  • you expect the result too soon
  • you doubt that you can win
  • you don’t appreciate the money that comes to you
  • you don’t imagine that you can have a better life
  • you fear what people may think of you
  • you fear that you will lose money, not win it
  • you ignore what the heart tells you
  • you focus on your budget and lack of money
  • you compare yourself with other winning players

There are lots of things that can lead astray. This is why you need to practice the law of attraction as often as you can. Never get disappointed that it doesn’t work as it should. This way, you distance yourself from the desire.

Instead, deal with the negative issues, grow personally, and learn to find your peace of mind. This way, you will not only make your wishes come true but also become happier.

How to win casino games using the law of attraction

It’s very important to use the tips we gave above. But it’s also important to follow certain steps.

  • Keep it a secret. Mind that it’s not necessary to tell everyone you’re doing manifestations, at least until you get the result. Play in peace and let the prizes come to you.
  • Watch your talk. The way you talk with people and yourself is very important. You’re not going to win anything if you use the law of attraction and at the same time tell everyone that you’re losing in slots. Instead, be kind, supportive, and friendly not only towards people but yourself too.
  • Use a lucky charm. A little item that you associate with luck will get you back to your manifestation every time you hold it in your hands.
  • Play regularly. The dream won’t come to you if you don’t act. But keep in mind all rules of responsible gambling.
  • Don’t listen to people who speak of failure and don’t believe in you and the law of attraction.

It’s a good practice to visualize your life after you make your dream come true. Make a plan of what you will do when you win a progressive jackpot prize. And don’t forget to focus on the positive and pay attention to good things that make you happy leaving all negative thoughts behind.

Does the Law of Attraction Work in Online Gambling?
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Even this question already moves you away from your desire. The law of attraction excludes negative thoughts. If you want to win money using the law, you must not get disappointed. In fact, you must not even expect and wait for the result. Just wish it happen one day.

It works everywhere and in all games. Whether you choose a slot or a table game, or even a lottery, you can use the law of attraction to boost your luck. Try to understand that it doesn’t matter what games you play, you must believe in what you are doing. Only your mindset makes sense when you use the law of attraction.

Of course! There are many stories of players who have won money simply thinking of it. There are many books that explain the law and tell real stories of real winners. Besides, you can find those stories on the internet.

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