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Which casino apps to try for winning in mobile slot tournaments?

There is a type of casino players in Canada who enjoy only slots. If you are one of them then this is the article for you. Most slot gamblers play games on the go using their mobile phones and tablets. However, can you tell how many times you have really won some extra money playing online slots? Most probably you just won a bit and wagered it again.

If you feel a bit bored with it then we want to let you know about a different way of casino entertainment. It’s tournaments. They will not only refresh your casino experience, but also boost your winnings.

The tournaments are perfect for those who want to play slots for real money and win more than the previous wager. Canadian casino operators offer different types of tournaments such as daily, weekly, and monthly. You can attend them all if you feel like competing with other players. If you’re not sure which casino tournament to try first, check the most popular slot tournaments that we suggest for mobile users.

Why slot tournaments on smartphones?

The mobile devices are known for their portability. You can take it with you anywhere and activate online games any time you want. All you need for the slot competitions is the mobile device, stable Internet connection, money for sure and some understanding how the things go on these online tournaments.

There are a couple of perks for this type of gaming. For instance, you don’t have to pay for entrance. If you have bonuses on your account, you can use them to fund the tournaments. Most casino sites in Canada can even reward you bonus deals special for tournaments.

Casumo Reel Races

Players who like to set up mobile apps will enjoy the tournaments in Casumo Casino. They are called Reel Races. Casumo allows Canadians to join a new tournament every hour. So, generally you can participate in the races 24 times a day. Whenever you want to play feel free to join a competition at Casumo mobile app and get a new chance to win the prize.

These are so-called mini-races that you can join every day. However, Casumo offers bigger events. For example, every evening at 20:00 CET you can win $1,000 in Reel Races. Besides, if you visit the Races link on the gambling site you will see another cash prize of $2,000 in weekly races.

Mr Green Reel Thrill

Mr Green is a Canadian brand that allows you to participate in tournaments even more often. The Reel Thrill offers a new event every 15 minutes. The races are actually a big piece of profit for casinos, so it’s reasonable to let players compete so frequently.

Mr Green has a special offer for tournament participants. They can claim tons of free spins every day. This is a generous reward for slot players, so choose any preferable tournament and join the fun. Moreover, the Mr Green mobile apps for iOS and Android are very convenient to use on the go. The casino was even awarded a prize for mobile version.

Rizk Races on mobile

Rizk casino is another popular site in Canada where players can compete in tournaments every 30 minutes. It also has two main events with bigger daily prizes $500 and $1000 accordingly. Speaking of the prizes, they include not only cash but also free spins and super spins. So, if you are a tournament winner then you can either take your cash prize or spin the reels in other Rizk races.

The mobile tournaments in Rizk Casino differ a little from the other aforementioned casinos. Rizk Races give every competitor equal winning chances. You don’t need to wager a specific amount of money in Rizk tournaments while in other casinos the bet matters. Another advantage of Rizk Races is that you can compete in different slot games as there is a big variety of them.


Hopefully, now you have an idea of the best online casinos that allow you to participate in slot tournaments on your smartphone. It’s basically the same that you play slots, but in tournaments you have a feeling of competing and winning the prize over the other players. If you are a competitive person you will like this new variation of playing slots very much. What is good about it is that there is a winner. Always. In regular slots, you can win or lose. But if you win in the slot races, the prize is bigger and it’s guaranteed.

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The fastest withdrawal options are e-wallets. They process payments within 24 hours. You can use e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. Besides, using e-wallets you will not have to verify your account with the documents.

The prize pool for the bonus money prizes is worth €50,000. The pool will be smaller by the end of the promotion, on July 16, because players will have received multiple rewards. If there is anything left till the time when you join it, then, of course, you can receive bonuses. But it’s not a guarantee. The sooner you take part, the more bonus money you can have.

In fact, your bankroll and size of bets do not influence the result of a spin. They influence your total win amount because the higher you bet, the more money you get. The only thing that influences your game outcome is the random number generator. This mechanism determines the next result of a spin. And will it be a 10,000x multiplier or 10x multiplier, you never know regardless of how much you’ve bet.

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