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Online Blackjack For Real Money in Canada

A very popular card game played around the globe is blackjack. It takes time to learn how to play, but once you understand it, you will play a blackjack round with a bigger enthusiasm. If you are new to gambling industry, online blackjack is the right game for you to start earning real money.

Skilled blackjack players like the opportunities the game gives them. First of all, it’s the advantage over casinos. The odds of winning from blackjack are very big. And what’s more interesting, you can study this game further and master it. Once you become a professional online blackjack player, you will win every round.

In this post, we will tell you about the blackjack variations and of course about the best Canadian online casinos where you’ll find the real money blackjack games.

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How It All Began

Blackjack game was not created by someone. It originated from other card games played in Europe. The blackjack game that we know today is considered coming from France and Spain of the 18th century. French players called it “Vingt-un” or “Vingt-et-un”. But Spaniards used to call it “Trente-un” (meaning 31).

In the 18th century, French Colonists brought blackjack to the continent of America. Back then, the game rules of 21 were not standardized. Besides, individual dealers often changed the rules, thus popularizing blackjack in America. At that time, gambling was flourishing as well as gambling establishments.

When gambling in Las Vegas, Nevada became legalised, the game named 21 was still very popular among players. Some casino venues offered exclusive payout on blackjack game — 10:1 once a player got 21 points by having the ace of spades and one blackjack. That’s where the name of Blackjack originated from.

Up until the Nevada Gaming Commission made the official game rules for blackjack, the game was played differently depending on the skills of individual dealers and location of players.

Then, with the new technologies and Internet, blackjack game developed and became one of the popular virtual table games. The game rules remained the same with an exception to several variations of blackjack which have slight differences from the original official game rules. Today, players all over the world can enjoy blackjack in its classic online version played with the random number generator (RNG). However, the blackjack version with live dealers becomes more popular in many online casinos. Live blackjack allows players to move from their homes into the casino via the true-to life quality of streaming video.

How Differ Blackjack Variations

Everybody knows how to play blackjack. Well, almost everyone who has ever tried to get their heads over the card games. The purpose of all blackjack games is to score 21. However, the scoring rules can vary from game to game, from dealer to dealer. That is why we are here to explain the differences between the most popular variations of blackjack.

Classic Blackjack

  • One 52-card deck
  • Blackjack pays out on 3 to 2
  • Restricted splitting
  • No resplitting
  • Restricted doubling down

The classic variation of blackjack includes the 52-card deck, and according to the rules, the dealer should stand in all 17 totals. The outcome of blackjack pays at the standard of 3 to 2.

You can split a pair of aces by requesting multiple cards per ace, but if you draw a 10-value card on one of these aces, the cards will count as a regular 21. So, don’t get excited that you hit a blackjack with this combination of cards.

In Classic Blackjack, players cannot split cards like a queen and a jack. You neither can double down on cards unless it’s hard totals of 9, 10, and 11.

European Blackjack

  • Two decks
  • Restricted double down
  • Restricted splitting

The European blackjack features two decks and lacks the hole cards. After the first draw, the dealer will receive his card exposed, and only then act on your hand. After you receive the card, the second dealer’s card will be drawn.

You can double down only on hard totals of 9, 10, and 11. And the splitting rule spreads over only similar cards. So, splitting a king and a queen is impossible here. And when you split ace pairs, you can have only one card per ace.

Blackjack Surrender

  • 6-8 decks
  • Surrender rule
  • Naturals are allowed
  • Splitting
  • Resplitting
  • Doubling down

The rules of Blackjack Surrender are the most favorable for blackjack players. The game is played with multiple decks, usually from 6 to 8. The surrender option is the feature of this Blackjack variation. Most games of this type will let players enable the early or late surrender rule. The early surrender allows players to give up on their first hand against the dealer’s ace, which makes this game very advantageous for players. Still, it’s more likely to find many late surrender variations than the early ones.

Another advantage of Blackjack Surrender variation is that the dealers are required to stand on the totals of 17, while also the naturals are allowed. The dealer will check them in aces and 10-value cards.

Players can also split all card pairs and resplit them. The double down function is available too. Isn’t it a perfect game for blackjack players?

Vegas Strip Blackjack

  • 4 decks
  • Restricted doubling down
  • Splitting

Vegas Strip variation is played with four decks. The dealers will stand on all totals of 17. This Blackjack variation includes hole cards but you can peek on 10-value cards and aces. This will help you predict the dealer’s outcome.

Vegas Strip Blackjack enables the double down and splitting option. You can double down on the total of two-card combination, even if it’s after splitting. However, when splitting the ace pair, you can draw only one card per each ace.

There are hundreds more variations of blackjack which you will find in the lobby of the most popular online casinos. To learn how to play each one, open it and find the game rules.

How to Win Online Blackjack

The odds of winning and probabilities to go bust are high when you are playing blackjack. So, once you decide to play blackjack, you need to know how to do it right.

The practice will show you how easily you can go bust if you decide to add an extra card even though your hand already has a good value. For instance, having the value of 12 is challenging. You can try to draw another card, but then the probability of going bust equals to 31%, and it isn’t a small percentage.

But if you have 19, the gut will probably tell you that’s enough and you will stand because with 19 the odds of winning are pretty high. So, keep it in mind that an extra card can make irrevocable change to your hand.

The best thing you can do to win a blackjack round is to predict the hand of the dealer. Look at the odds of the dealer. Is his hand also weak? Don’t focus only on your own outcome. Take both hands under consideration.

You can have the hand of 12 and think that hitting another card would be the best decision due to the low value of your cards and the fact that most of the deck would add a value to your hand. But take a second to look at the dealer’s hand and predict his result.

Play Online Blackjack

Whether you pick a live blackjack table or the RNG-based card game, you will have a bigger advantage over online casinos when you play blackjack. The game pays out much, which is why most Canadian online casinos for real money will not include it in the list of the qualifying games for the bonus. The best recommendation to play any variation of blackjack is to analyze the outcomes of your own hand and of the dealer’s hand. Practice more and you will see that each blackjack round makes you win real money!

Online Blackjack For Real Money in Canada
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The reliable casino sites will never rig blackjack games. No matter if they are classic rng table games or live games managed by live dealers. The piece of advice here is to trust your real money only to the safe blackjack online casinos. You can find the recommended gambling sites on our gambling blog.

You can try both types of tables: alone against the dealer, or against the dealer and other players. The question is only if it’s advantageous. The blackjack tables with multiple players will not bring you better odds in the long run. However, if you are using some blackjack strategy, the number of players at the table doesn’t make a difference.

All real money online casinos will allow you to play blackjack games no matter which method you deposited with. However, the thing is that not all Canadian sites accept PayPal payments. So, you will have to check the available payment methods first. Or visit our gambling blog to find the list of the best PayPal online casinos with blackjack games.

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