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How to Gamble Responsibly: 6 Practical Tips

Canadian casino players are always surrounded by the ‘useful tips’ and ‘advice’ on how to play addictive games, and at the same time stay calm and light-headed about the outcome, whatever it is. However, it’s easier said than done.

Everywhere we see these two words “Gamble Responsibly” but how to do it in a proper way? Limit stakes? Limit budget? It can help, but truth be told: you have to be very disciplined. And maybe for a short period of time, it is possible, but in the long run, you can eventually give up and gamble more.

So, here we’ve put together some practical tips that you can use while gambling. Maybe you can make some of them your habits. Actually, this is even recommended to do these things permanently, so that it results in a gambling hobby, not addiction.

Keep Yourself Cheered Up

Sometimes, it can be difficult to stay positive if you see your game results on the losing track. But it isn’t something you should worry about. In life, there are far bigger disappointments. And if you’ll lose a bit of money, it will not make your day worse. On the surface, it feels like you’ve spent this money in the store, or on a taxi. In addition to the following tips, it will be great to feel sincerely good every time you play games.

Reward Yourself

Rewards are great tools for incorporating any habit that you might want in your life. In case with gambling, you can reward yourself too. For example, if you finish gambling in a half an hour after you’ve started, you can buy yourself your favourite bar of chocolate or you can let yourself go to the cinema if it isn’t something you do often, but something that you like. The rewards can be different, according to your tastes and preferences. However, remember that the incentive should not be related to gambling.

Store Your Money Somewhere Else

This tip is similar to the rule of budget limiting. However, with the budget limits, your money is still yours. The point of this tip is to store your money on the account of your closest relative. It can be your partner, or your mom, someone you trust and who doesn’t gamble. Of course, the money that you need to pay for the rent, or maintain a car, will be at your disposal. But the spare money can be left on someone else’s account.

In case you don’t have anyone to trust, you can receive your money in cash and put them somewhere in your house. The money for gambling, you can leave them on your banking card. The idea is that you can spend your cashless money on gambling. But if you take everything from your card to gamble, you would likely be lazy to take the cash and go place them on your cashless bank account. So, this can stop you from spending too much on casino games.

Incorporating this new habit, it’s very important that you are sincere and honest with the people you give your money. The whole tip will be useless, if you lie to those people in order to get money for the casino. If you do it, you are a problem gambler and you need serious help.

Don’t Use Credit Card

We are all familiar with the credit card effect. With this little card, you can buy everything that you want. It almost never limits you. The same is with gambling. You just cut the credited money adrift in the direction of online gambling. Though in fact, you don’t even own this money. So, it’s better to use your debit card with the limited amount of money instead of the credit one. In addition, store your money on the bank account of your wife/husband and everything will be fine.

Stay Sober While Playing Casino Games

Online casino games are fun. It’s entertainment that you can afford late on Friday night. And every fun thing is associated with the other exciting and relaxing things like drinking beer or wine, or even doing drugs. But with the exaggerated feelings that alcohol and drugs create, you can feel that you can win a jackpot, or that you can win back the money you’ve lost. Simply put, you cannot control yourself when you are drunk, especially if you are an addictive person. So, we highly recommend avoiding alcohol drinks and drugs while you are gambling online.

Find Time For Other Entertainment

You cannot have only one fun activity (which is gambling) in your life. There is certainly something else that you enjoy. If you’ve lost the inspiration for doing something, try to reflect on what you used to like before gambling. Maybe you liked dancing, or writing poems, or whatever your hobby is, try to spare your time for this activity. It will not only prevent you from gambling addiction but also make your life happier. Besides, if you only gamble, you can lose the fun glory of casino games that you had before. You need something that can distract you from gambling for some time.


Online gambling is addictive. There are many examples of its destructive influence. However, you can hold yourself up and incorporate some helpful habits in your life. This way, gambling will bring only joy, not greed and losses. Always try to play responsibly and remember that your good or bad actions rub off on your life and mental health.

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