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Casumo Casino Adventure and Trophies

If you’re thinking about joining Casumo casino, then you are on your right way. This is one of those Canadian sites that feature their best treatment to players. Casumo is a unique casino and its uniqueness appears in the so-called Adventure.

Basically, the casino adventure is a loyalty program, but it sounds better if you call it an adventure because it’s much more than just a program. In typical casino loyalty clubs, you just get rewarded for playing and spending money, and if you stop doing so, you lose your status. For example, if you are a member of the Casino Rewards program at Grand Mondial casino, you can have the issue of losing your status level.

Though there are online casinos which can hold your loyalty status as long as you are their player. Try Bodog Rewards and JackpotCity Loyalty Program. Our today’s star, Casumo casino also keeps your status even when you don’t play for some time. So, as a Casumo player, you can stop, and then continue playing whenever you want.

However, once you start your Casumo journey, you will want to keep exploring this magic world. There, you’ll not just play games, you will reach Casumo trophies and go through different levels of the adventure. So, what is the adventure which overwhelmed the gambling world?

Casumo Adventure

The casino was established in 2012 and already back then stood out from the other Canadian online casinos. Now, almost all casinos have loyalty programs and other perks, but it was Casumo that first introduced a video game journey. When starting this journey, you create an avatar to play games and level up.

So, when you deep into the unique world, a little Casumo character assists you popping up on the screen. You can see a progress bar below it, which shows your current status and level.

The progress bar can be increased easily with real money playing or betting on sports. You can also take part in tournaments and fill the progress bar. Even if you open the site, you can get points for promotion.

This is so easy and fun to do. You can literally do anything on the Casumo site and already level up onto new worlds of your avatar. As you travel, you unlock ‘valuables’. Simply put, these are different bonuses such as free spins, free cash, and so on. Consequently, the further you explore the Casumo worlds, the better your valuables are.

Casumo Adventure Levels Rewards

Here are the eight levels of the Casumo universe. As you fill your progress bar, you move up the levels.

  1. Egg
  2. Rope
  3. White Belt
  4. Yellow Belt
  5. Red Belt
  6. Blue Belt
  7. Purple Belt
  8. Black Belt

Progress Bar

The progress bar is filled with points which you get for gambling. Surely, the more you play, the faster you fill the progress bar. When you complete your level bar, you pass to another level.

We can’t tell exactly how much time is needed to fill the progress bar, but there’s a little trick. The first level bar can be completed very quickly. The second level takes more time. Obviously, the further you go, the longer it takes.

However, playing games and betting for real money isn’t the only way to fill the bar. There is another thing, which is called Casumo Trophies.

Casumo Trophies

Every Casumo player has an adventure page where he or she collects valuables and trophies. These trophies are not really tangible, like valuables which you can use for your gaming. Casumo gives you trophies for your achievements. For example, if you open Casumo three days in a row, you can get a trophy, or if you receive your biggest win on some NetEnt game, you can also get a trophy for this.

These can vary. There are many reasons why Casumo can reward you with a trophy. If you want, you can showcase your trophies to other Casumo players. Or if you mind, you can stay anonymous.

The purpose of the Casumo trophies is to help you track the progress bar. They are made for your entertainment. So, you can enjoy getting new trophies, but they don’t stop you from levelling up.

Casumo Valuables

Casumo calls bonuses and rewards — valuables. They are also shown on the adventure page. All new players can see their welcome bonus on that page, too. So, what can be the valuables? Here’s a list of the rewards from Casumo:

  • Welcome Offer. A bonus package for new Casumo players.
  • Deposit Bonuses. To claim the bonus, you need to deposit. These bonuses match a specified percentage of your deposit.
  • Wager Free Spins. Extra spins for a specific game.
  • Free Spins. Extra spins for Casumo games.
  • Bonus Money. These are rewarded money or winnings received from a bonus.
  • Bonus Turnover. A bonus money can be added to real money bets. For example, if you bet $3, ths bet can contain $2 from real money and $1 from bonus money..
  • Sportsbook Free Bets. A free bet on certain outcomes. If you win, you keep the profit.
  • Sportsbook Locked Free Bets. To get the free bets, you need to meet certain requirements.
  • Cashback. A percentage of your losses back within a time period.

New Casumo Adventure Levels

On each level, you have a cute little character. As you level up, it grows and gets skilled. With each new level, he gets a belt around his waist. However, this belt doesn’t mean that you’ll get rewarded.

When you level up the belt, you just grow as a Casumo player. But the progress bar moves you along the universes and gives rewards. Although belts can’t reward you with bonuses, they can influence the value of the rewards.

The better your belt, the bigger your valuables. When you are a newbie, you have a rope, then you receive a white belt, and move up to the black belt. But it takes time and a fair amount of cash, to be honest.

Start Casumo Adventure!

In fact, adventure is free to join. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to travel through the Casumo worlds. Being a Casumo player, you automatically have the little character, the progress bar, and the adventure page with Casumo trophies and valuables.

If you are eager to explore new worlds and open new levels, you can do it by playing for real money, participating in slot races, and betting on sports. However, if you don’t want to track your progress, don’t pay attention to this. Though we doubt that you will do it just because the adventure is too entertaining.

Despite your belt level or progress, Casumo gives out weekly bonuses. Every 30 minutes, you can take part in tournaments and win free spins or cash for your best playing. Casumo casino is a unique place where you get rewards and just have fun!

Casumo Casino Adventure and Trophies
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