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Canadians could bet on Single-Event Sports already in Spring 2021

Single-event sports betting can finally become available for Canada. Conservative MP Kevin Waugh introduced a new version of private member bill which is about to let Canadians place bets on single sports events. The further advantage of the new bill is making Canada more competitive in sports wagering worldwide.

At present days Canadian laws allow sports bettors to place bets only on several event results linked into a single wager. Including the single-events in the law has been a goal for many MPs in the local government. The decision could stop local players bet on sports in offshore venues, thus the provincial gaming industry would be a rival of the primarily US sportsbooks.

Governmental delay

Due to the current circumstances, the government was prorogued earlier this fall. So, the case has been delayed for an uncertain period of time. It’s not completely clear when the Canadian Parliament returns, but it is sure that the sports betting case will be renewed much earlier. Kevin Waugh is going to fight for the launch of single-events sports betting. According to Waugh, this change will drive forward the Canadian sports betting.

Brian Masse, the Windsor West MP, promotes modern gambling for Canadians and, undoubtedly, supports the new betting related bill. The prorogue was announced in September, so MP Masse had a couple of words to say about the future plans. He was very concerned with the delay. He has been making effort in introducing something new to the gambling industry since 2011.

Joe Comarti, the former Windsor-Tecumseh MP, also supported the bill. He made attempts towards making single-event sports wagering real for Canadians. Although it didn’t result in a real action, the idea received much support by the various organizations and Canadian players.

Current actions

A single move of a signature can legalize the way local people gamble, Brian Masse says. Kevin Waugh and Mr.Masse think that now is the perfect time to act in this direction. All in all, the government wastes every day as it takes no actions for legalizing single-event sports as the country loses money day to day.

Individuals from Canada have to cross the US border to place bets on single sports events. They stay in the nearest locations like New York State, the most popular place to visit according to Canadian gamblers. It causes problems for the provincial Canadian government as the revenues flow to the offshore US gambling market.

Another consequential problem is the unregulated black-market for sports betting which is popular within the Canadian borders. This is harmful for the legal gambling industry therefore makes the House of Commons take concrete actions towards the bill.

The president of Unifor Local 444, David Cassidy, sees the expectations on legalizing single-event sports betting in Canada go high next spring. Ultimately, the Senate might approve the legislation in spring months 2021. The step will make big difference to the gambling industry in Canada.

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