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How to place winning bets on online Sportsbooks in Canada

Sports Betting in Canada is widely popular, though the industry isn’t fully regulated these days. Canadian government still doesn’t allow the bettors to take part in single-event sports betting. While the disputes on this topic continue, many gamblers keep betting on sports the way they used to do it: on international sportsbooks or beyond the borders of Canada.

However, the betting problem remains the same. Some bettors struggle in winning on sports, even on several events linked into a single wager. That is why today’s topic is about avoiding losing results in betting. Read the crucial points of successful sports betting below.

The right sportsbook

It is not a surprise for anyone that choosing the right betting site is the most important step. Your winnings and money withdrawals directly depend on the quality of sportsbook services. If you prefer fair gambling, which I don’t doubt, you need to follow simple rules in testing and selecting the sportsbook. Basically, you need to consider the criteria mentioned in the list below.

  • Official license

Only the officially regulated gambling sites can offer an appropriate service for bettors. Canada accepts online casinos and sportsbooks which have the official license from special regulatory authorities such as Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, Kahnawake licensee. These are the most prestigious, though the betting sites can be licensed by different bodies.

  • Solid reputation

The whole website layout and attractive rewards don’t mean a thing when you need to select a sportsbook. You can only rely on real gambling experience from players and bettors. Find out what real people think about the sportsbook where they have had betting experience.

  • Smart rewards system

Bonuses and promos are essential part of online casino marketing. However, very often they have high wagering requirements. It’s recommended to read the Bonus T&Cs before you join the sportsbook. You have to clarify what exactly you’ll need to do to meet the requirements, and estimate whether it is worth registering.

  • 24/7 customer support

If you think this step is not really necessary, trust me, one day you are going to need the support. So, check if the sportsbook has the help centre available in live chat during the day and at night.

  • Many banking options

A reliable betting site should provide a good service of banking. Make sure that your selected site offers many options which you can use to deposit and withdraw. Pay special attention to the available payment systems if you prefer e-wallets or cryptocurrency.

Focusing on the above mentioned parameters you can find a variety of good betting sites. Making research and choosing only one of them will take some time. We recommend you looking through the sportsbooks reviews on our website CasinoBest.ca to reduce your time wasting.

3 Best tips for placing winning bets

As soon as you have determined the right casino or sportsbook for you, the next step is to bet and win money. However, it’s still a game of chance where you can either win or lose. For the most part, it depends on the sportsmen and teams whether you win your money or not. So, blame it on them even though you feel you placed the right bets. Still, you have to put a lot of effort into sports betting in order to win. Let’s see what critical moments you need to know and follow when planning the bet strategy.

Focus on small fields

It isn’t recommended to bet on large competitions like the super bowl or NCAA tournament, it’s neither good decision to place bets on every sport in the list of sportsbooks. The mistake of most players is that they bet on the sports that they hardly know about. Instead, it’s advisable to bet on the sports or teams that are familiar to you. In other words, you should know in and out the way they play, which players are strong, and which are weak, you need to know their games inside out.

Ignore your biased opinion

Surely, you have favourite teams and players. You can follow and read the news of your preferable sports. However, it is not useful when it comes to betting. People tend to put the rose-coloured glasses on when they see their favourite teams in the betting line. Of course, the bettors want them to win, and even imagine their great success and happiness in case it happens. But the teams can let you down too. When you place bets, it’s advisable to be cool-minded. Don’t let your biased opinion spoil your betting results. There is also an option to avoid games and events with your favourite teams.

Shop the lines

Betting on a sport event, you have a choice which side of your bet is likely to hit. However, you can have multiple choice of betting locations, and you can compare the lines at each of them.

In real life it’s possible to place bets with the help of local bookies, sportsbooks in other cities and, of course, online betting sites. You can use the opportunity to win more money.

The process of betting is the same. You start with evaluating the games and teams in order to figure out which one should win. Then you can see what lines the other sportsbooks offer, and understand which line will be the best.

Try to take a few minutes to determine those best lines before you place a bet. This line shopping strategy will bring you much higher profit than you think. Besides, it doesn’t require special skills, so anyone can use this technique especially when the 2020 technologies help us analyze the lines automatically.


Sports betting industry in Canada is quite interesting and even controversial. Very soon Canadians will finally have the option to bet on single sport events instead of only totals. Still, there are many tips and strategies for bettors to maximize their winnings. A person can make much higher profit with sports betting than with online gambling. Though the critical piece of advice remains for all of them: the reliable betting sites are the places where you get the real results and extra money.

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