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The future of online gambling in Canada 2021: Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Esports

In history, 2020 is a year that will be discussed for yet many decades. It has been changing the normal way of living of all Canadians. Nobody has ever thought that the pandemic would spread so fast and at this big extent. Even the largest Canadian and world entities have closed their doors, say nothing of the schools and borders. However, during the worldwide mess, some individuals were able to fall on their feet.

These individuals were rapid to adapt their brick-and-mortar businesses to an online environment. One of the fast growing industries during the Covid-19 is gambling. The online platforms and even Canadian land-based casino venues, which made a shift into the Internet, are now in a very good position. Their customer base has increased by times. And it is projected to grow more for the following years.

Some people are concerned how the casino industry will develop. After a while gamblers might welcome new casino related ideas. That is why gambling venues should brainstorm on the new forms of gambling entertainment. Some of them have been for a long time on the market and waiting for their recognition among the online casinos. Their time has come. In 2021 the new trends can rapidly become sought-after by gambling businesses.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The virtual and augmented realities are a part of our life already. We have been using them successfully for some years. Though the casino world is still familiarizing itself with the technologies which tend to make the online games realistic and players’ impressions wider. With the use of augmented reality players can walk around the virtual gambling venues and see avatars of the other like-minded individuals.

2020 is the starting point for many Canadians to shift from land-based casinos towards live Internet games. And this trend is expected to grow more next year. The overall experience of online gamblers will be much more enhanced with the new form of gaming implying virtual and augmented technologies.

The Future of VR in Online Gambling

Video gaming industry has already welcomed Virtual Reality with ‘open arms’. Now it’s high time for VR technologies to set their eyes on online gambling businesses which are still aiming to provide a realistic experience to their customers. If the cooperation comes out in success, the players will have the chance to try out the new interactive games in 3D casinos.

The most expected VR change for casinos is the realistic touch. The players are to get an immersive experience of games where they even forget that they are currently at home, but not a real gambling venue. The change can take a long time, but with the actual world situation, the implementation of technologies can occur very soon.

The reason why online casinos would turn into VR casinos have a commercial impact. Ever since the venues in Canada have started to exist, they are attracting new players by catchy promotions and new gaming technologies. The VR integration can make the users jump off their seats. You never know what idea the casino developers can have. Maybe in the future you can travel to the VR Vegas to get the real feeling of classic gambling.

Artificial Intelligence as an Addition to the Virtual Reality

The technologies have come so far that we are not already surprised by the voice of the digital assistants in our day-to-day activities. It will be neither a surprise to mark artificial intelligence in gambling industry soon. The technology concept is to analyze the previous choices and experiences of users and thus be able to self-learn.

The casinos can successfully apply the AI already these days. With the number of advantages the new technology will be eagerly welcomed by players. AI agents can take care of the most essential casino factors like banking and security, customer support. They can also help players to select the games according to their tastes and preferences.

Esports at Online Casinos

Recently all the live sports events have been postponed or cancelled at all. Meanwhile, the video game experts are on the rise. In Canada more and more people now spend their free time meeting and competing in the virtual gaming sector. This has become an opportunity for many sportsbooks to offer wagering services and create the esports betting type.

Since live sports events and casinos were forced to shut down, gamblers have found the new way of sports betting. Esports allows players to place wagers on their favourite egaming sportsmen and take the benefits. The popularity of the eSports sector should make online sportsbooks enhance this direction in 2021.

Final Thoughts

The three major trends expect a high demand in 2021 and further years. The online gambling industry will have to implement new ideas into the business to attract the newbies and keep the already-in players. Such technologies as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and popularity of eSports will be vital instruments for Canadian online casinos to provide realistic experience to the gamblers all over the world.

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