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Best Online Casino Jackpots

Let’s be honest, we all come to online casinos to win big, for example, a Jackpot prize. Big wins are not that fascinating as huge JACKPOT that will fatten our wallets! Some casino users play only Jackpot games, just in case. And you are here probably searching for the best online casino to win that cherished Jackpot. Follow our recommendations to finally find out which jackpot casino is the best.

Best Online Casino to Hit Jackpot


1.5 BTC + 77 FS

Welcome Bonus


$1,500 + 111 FS

Welcome Bonus



Welcome Bonus



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$500 + 200 FS

Welcome Bonus


$1,500 + 150 free spins

Welcome Bonus


C$ 1000

Welcome Bonus


$400/1BTC + 180 FS

Welcome Bonus


$1,000 + 200 free spins

Welcome Bonus

Jackpot Village

$1800 + 105 FS

Welcome Bonus

Grand Mondial


Welcome Bonus

Yukon Gold


Welcome Bonus

If you are wondering why we picked these online casinos to hit a jackpot prize, we’ve got the proof! These sites are legal, first of all. They are safe to play online and most importantly, they feature many progressive jackpot games. You can open a game from NetEnt, Microgaming, or Playtech according to your preferences.

Some online casinos such as LeoVegas have their own progressive jackpot game. Visit the site to learn more about LeoVegas jackpot.

How to Find Best Jackpot Online Casino

Online casinos are very different, and you should take it seriously choosing the best one. The best jackpot casino must pay out for real, have qualified customer support, and a safe environment for online players. This isn’t all, of course. Below, we singled out the criteria of jackpot online casinos that you should see at a chosen site.

These things must be included in a good gambling service, so make sure that your selected online casino provides all of it. You can also browse through our casino reviews to find a suitable jackpot site.

Criteria of Best Casino

  1. Legality. Legality is all about the reliability and safety of anything it refers to. So, if a casino is legal and follows strict regulations, you can trust it and register without a doubt. It is easy to check the legality. Just find the information about the head company and licenses on the website.
  2. Variety of Games. Almost all Canadian casinos offer to play slots, which contain big progressive jackpots. As we are speaking about jackpots here, you do not have to worry about this point as you will find a jackpot slot game at any casino. Nevertheless, it is always a good practice to look through the games library.
  3. Security. The best casino site must ensure your information is safe with the casino. Most sites employ SSL encryption which protects all the information that you provide on the website.
  4. Bonuses. Different perks and incentives from a casino are an extra advantage to the site. Bonus money, free spins, cashback, and so on are very attractive for players. However, make sure they have fair terms and conditions. For example, acceptable wagering requirements.
  5. Customer Support. Service is what makes a good casino the best. The only way through which an online casino can communicate with the players and get feedback is customer support channel. If the support team is fast and qualified, players are satisfied.
  6. Fast and Fair Payouts. If you hit a jackpot, you need to cash it out to feel that you really have the money. So, the casino must allow you to withdraw the winnings quickly. Still, they will have to ask you to verify your identity once again just to make sure you are you, not a fraud. Some casinos may let you take all the sum, while others will allow withdrawing in installments only. Imagine receiving your $20 million jackpot in $10,000 installments each month. Dislike it? Then check it out before playing a jackpot game.

Types of Jackpots

The most famous type of jackpot is a progressive one. But there are a few others. Just for you to understand all the types and identify which jackpot you are playing at the moment, here’s an explanation from Casinobest.ca.

Fixed Jackpots

You can figure out that this form of jackpot features a fixed amount of money given to a person. This means the jackpot size doesn’t grow. The amount of money in the pool is low if we compare it to the progressive prize pool. Very often, the amount isn’t bigger than $10,000.

You can meet a fixed jackpot at online slots having a jackpot. But they aren’t progressive jackpots. Usually, they have several jackpot prizes, say, $1,000 as a mini jackpot, $2,000 as a major, and $5,000 as a big jackpot prize.

Still, there are advantages to fixed jackpot games. They often feature higher RTPs and hit the jackpot more frequently than progressive ones.

Progressive Jackpots

The most popular games among casino players are progressive jackpot slots. The reason players love them so much is a never-ending sum of money. The prize pool begins at a starting sum like $1,000,000 and grows bigger with every bet players make. At popular jackpot games such as Mega Moolah, the jackpot pool grows immediately and incredibly high because thousands of players from all over the world contribute a percentage of their bet to the pool.

Progressive jackpots are shared between many online casinos that are partnered with the provider of jackpot games. So, whether you are playing at JackpotCity or BitStarz casino, if you hit a jackpot, you take it from all casinos.

Jackpot games are like diamonds, but they have one major flaw. Most games featuring progressive jackpots have low odds of winning. The idea to reward one player with a grand sum of money excludes the high return to player. So, playing the game in a long run, you should not expect to take back all your wagers unless you hit a jackpot, though.

Progressive Jackpot Games

Jackpot games are often associated with online slots. People imagine spinning the reels and hitting triple sevens that trigger a jackpot hit. But slot machines are not the only games you can play online and win the jackpot.

Progressive jackpots can be embedded into live games and table games, bingo games, and video poker. So, regardless of the game type you like, you can count on winning big provided the game features a jackpot prize pool.

You can play any suitable jackpot game and have a chance to win it. Below we will name the games that feature jackpots of any kind.

Best Online Progressive Slots

Jackpot slots are different. They vary in the size of the mega jackpot, general return, special in-game bonuses, and rules of playing. Although there are many of them, we recommend that you pick popular jackpot games that players launch every day. The more players are in the game, the higher chance that a jackpot will hit.

Here are the titles of the best progressive jackpots:

  • Mega Moolah. When you hear this title, you know the game will be awesome. Mega Moolah features the biggest jackpot pool. Often, players hit it when the sum counts to a 10-digit number. It is a safari-themed slot with four progressive jackpots and special bonuses. Mega Moolah is also a game that has rewarded the biggest number of players over the time of its existence.
  • Wheel of Wishes. Wheel of Wishes is another game with the progressive jackpot of a very big size. It can compete with Mega Moolah in the number of awarded prizes and their amounts.
  • Mega Fortune. A NetEnt’s product with a progressive jackpot feature will impress you with the design and in-game bonuses. Free spins and a chance to win a jackpot are guaranteed. The theoretical return to player is 96%.
  • Arabian Nights. If Arabian sands fascinate you more than fruit-themed games, the Arabian Nights slot is for you. It features a big progressive jackpot that you can hit anytime.
  • Cosmic Fortunes. Another NetEnt game with three progressive jackpots and two fixed jackpots of $100 and $500. Old-fashioned arcade game mixed with an alien-themed slot that results in the awesome progressive jackpot with many in-game features and perks.

Choose any of these and launch a progressive jackpot slot at a recommended online casino.

Tips for Playing Jackpots

Jackpot games catch your eyes, but they also should give you the maximum chances to win. So, there are a couple of things to advise you when you decide to trigger a jackpot.

  • Be aware of conditions. Online casinos may have certain rules to how big you can bet or if you can use bonuses at the jackpot game. You can win a jackpot, but if you simultaneously break the rules, the casino will refuse to pay.
  • Play games with multiple jackpots. Some games have three or four jackpot pools. You can benefit from any of them once you trigger the jackpot game. So, why not picking the games with multiple jackpots, especially if you are on a budget.
  • Pick a game with high RTP. Although progressive jackpots do not feature a high theoretical return to player, there are a few high RTP titles. Before placing a stake on a jackpot game, make sure it returns more than 95% of your money.
  • Play jackpot table games. The jackpots are presented as side bets at table games. If you make a side bet, you can win big even if you lose in the base game.
  • Know the rules of the jackpot. The jackpot cannot be hit out of anything. It is a special feature that must be triggered by specific symbols or hands. You need to know your goal before hitting the biggest prize.
  • Stay positive. It’s most probably that throughout your gameplay, you will not hit a jackpot. So, you need to stay positive no matter what. Anyway, you will be happy enjoying the games for entertainment.

Closing Thoughts

Players love big cash prizes that come almost for free. You can also attract such a prize into your life by enjoying the jackpot games. Choose a game type and a jackpot type according to your preferences and play it when you feel like hitting it. We highly advise you to spin the jackpot game reels only when you are in a good mood. A positive mindset will double your chances of winning.

Besides, remember to apply the tips for playing jackpots at the best online casinos for jackpots. Try different jackpot games to find your favorite one. And mind that a jackpot can hit anytime, so give it a try a few times a week. The bigger the jackpot size, the higher your chance to win it.

Best Online Casino Jackpots
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Fair online casinos always let you cash out your jackpot winnings. However, after a thorough check of your identity. So, don’t be surprised if they ask you for your private documents. To join a reliable casino site, follow our recommendations on CasinoBest.ca.

Jackpots are special features just like free spins or gamble games. Often, you have to trigger the jackpot game by collecting a certain number of specific symbols on the reels. Alternatively, jackpot mini-games can be a part of the free spins game. To know what you should do to win a jackpot, go to the game rules of the selected game.

Online casinos offer numerous jackpot games to play, but only a few of them are really popular among players. And as we know, the more players participate in a game, the higher your chances to win a jackpot. So, the best jackpots are the most popular titles such as Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, or Wheel of Wishes.

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