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6 tips to play at online casinos as a professional gambler

No one would deny that gambling is way too popular nowadays. In Canada, a half of the population, if not more, gambles online. But those professionals who really make money on online casinos are very few. The rest just spend their money like water and get occasional tiny winnings.

If you are tired of the trifling pastime and wish to benefit from online casinos, follow these six tips that will make you a professional gambler. In other words, the following tips will help you keep your budget and mindset positive. So, let’s get straight to the 6 professional gambling tips.

Make haste slowly

You should know by yourself that sometimes players get far too reckless in casino games. The way they bet reflects their attitude to life. This type of gamblers wish to become Las Vegas millionaires in a second. Just one casino game away, they hit the jackpot and buy a one-way ticket to the Bahamas. Clearly, this attitude will get you nowhere.

Just face it, you should not rely on gambling to make money. Because in most cases you lose more than win, you are likely to go broke yet before becoming a millionaire.

The tip here is to slow down. Try to take an unbiased look at your game session and analyze it. When you are trying to win back the losses on your gambling game, stop and ask yourself, “Am I being a bit reckless here?”

As soon as you understand that you’re getting emotional and addicted to the game, you should also say to yourself that it’s better to quit right now. Go back to the game the other day, it will not disappear. Once you do, you instantly become a responsible and disciplined gambler. You can now enjoy your life with and without gambling.

Set your limits

Gambling always starts with fun. Sometimes, you are so eager to gamble and win that you get all drawn up in the game. It leaves you with fewer dollars in your pocket than you expected. And that is not fun anymore.

That’s why the next tip for Canadian players is to set the limits. Before you enter a casino site, you should have a firm understanding of the amount of spare money that you will spend on games. No matter whether your game is getting way too successful, you should bet only the amount of money which you can afford to lose. Leave it when you reach the limit.

It’s easier than you think to follow this tip. Just deposit a certain sum of money and play it through. When it’s over, finish for this day. Don’t be afraid, the discipline won’t ruin the fun. It will only make you feel good after all.

There is one more rule to know. Bet only as much as 1% of your total deposit at a time. Otherwise, you may rush out of money by hitting a losing streak.

Quit once you win

In real life and business, you need to build upon your achievements. When you earn money, it’s wise to reinvest it. This is a well-known pattern of success. However, it doesn’t work in gambling. Here, it’s right the opposite. Once you win, take it and run.

But what happens in reality is you bet on your big win again, hoping you can double your success. Don’t forget that it’s a game of chance. If you win once, there is a very low probability that you will win again. Most probably that you will see your heap of cash fading away.

Thus, our next gambling tip is pretty simple. As soon as you double your deposit, quit the game and go to the banking page. Withdraw your winnings and you’re good to go. You may not end up a millionaire this time, but it’s at least twice more than it was at the start.

Know your online casino

When you gamble online, you just have to know all the terms of your online casino. How much you can withdraw, and what is the wagering requirement for a bonus. All the details, especially those in the fine print, should be comprehensive. You don’t want to end up being not eligible to withdraw after a good win. Any Canadian casino can easily forbid you to cash out until you meet requirements.

The only way to avoid this, and our next tip, is to get to know the casino site. Here come bonuses to help you judge the casino. Read all the bonus T&Cs to know the wagering requirement. If it requires x30, then you have to bet 30 times the bonus amount to be able to withdraw.

The same is about everything in the casino. Read carefully the general terms and conditions to learn the withdrawal and deposit limits. Besides, you should know the info about your banking option. Whether the casino allows you to deposit and withdraw, or only deposit. It gets important eventually, so clarify that before you make significant steps on the casino.

Know your casino game

Surely, successful gambling depends on luck, mostly. But you need to improve your skills, anyway. Try to search for information about the type of game you are playing, or better about the specific game you are about to play. Study all the ins and outs of slots, video poker, or card game, no matter what you like to play at.

Learn more about RTP percentage, volatility, pay-lines, bonus rounds, general rules of a certain game. This step will allow you to choose a game that suits you best. But how do you know that the game suits you?

If you are not ready to place big bets, you need a slot with low volatility, many free spins, and maybe even a progressive jackpot included. In case you are a high-roller and like to bet high, choose games with high volatility, multipliers, and bonus rounds. Besides, we recommend trying slot tournaments.

As for the table games, it’s practically the same. Even if you cannot count cards in blackjack (which is actually impossible online), you should know that you need to stop at 16. Or in roulette, you’d better place several bets at a time than make a single wager.

The same rule applies in sports betting. Before you bet on your favourite team or sports event, get familiar with the teams, how they play, what sportsmen are the best. In horse racing, learn everything about the horses. Don’t bet on any horse that appeals to you. Always get familiar with the teams, sportsmen, and horses.

The biggest tip of all

There is a good saying: “Play for fun” which is the key to enjoying casino games. If you gamble because you’re trying to solve your problems, it will only create more problems. Figure out why you started gambling: is it fun, or you’re trying to cope with your problems this way? If the latter is your case, we have bad news for you.

You can’t enjoy gambling while dealing with other troubles. We advise you to sort out those problems and come back to the casino site when you feel happier. This will ensure that you save your budget and enjoy casino games even more.

6 tips to play at online casinos as a professional gambler
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