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Why Play Free Casino Games

If you think that playing for free is not fun, you are mistaken. Sure, free games will not let you earn money, but they will definitely give you that genuine joy and relaxation that real money games can’t give. Playing for real is more stressful because you risk your hard-earned money. There are more reasons to enjoy free games instead of playing for real money from the very beginning. Check out the free slots, table games, and other free activities at the best Canadian online casinos.

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Many online casinos in Canada allow players to launch games in demo mode. Most casinos don’t even require players to register to play for free. However, you can come across a platform that must be downloaded before you can start doing anything. So before you sign up at any online casino, make sure to read the review and have an understanding of how it works.

Advantages of playing games for free

There are many positive reasons to play casino games for free. We’ve compiled a whole list of advantages for which you would play online casinos for free.

Loads of fun

If you wanna feel absolute fun and not a grain of regret or despair, free games are what you need. When you play for free, you don’t need to check up your balance every time you have a few consecutive losses. Besides, if you truly love playing online games for fun and entertainment, meaning you’re not really chasing big wins, you can play a few free games with the same excitement as you get from any game.


Whichever casino game you are playing for the first time needs to be practiced first. As a beginner, you don’t want to flush your money down the drain just because you don’t know how to play and click on all buttons. Of course, there is a phenomenon of beginner’s luck, but it works randomly.

Especially if you get started with video poker or table games such as blackjack and baccarat, you need to open the game in free mode and practice. Trust us, it will be your best decision. As soon as you put two and two together and understand which buttons you should click to adjust a bet size, to start a gaming session, and to turn on/off the sound, you can switch to the real money mode.

However, as they say, practice makes perfect. So it’s best to master the game and understand the rules while you are playing with free credits. And then you can confidently launch the real money version of the game and apply all your skill and winning strategy.

No sign-up — no personal details

A great advantage of free games is that you don’t need to register your account, provide personal information, share the details of your credit card, and pass the verification stage. All this is just not necessary when you are going to play free games. This means quick access to all your favorite games, which is actually another advantage of free play.

No risk of losing money

Perhaps, this is the major advantage for players who can’t control their budget. If you are constantly losing money on games because you can’t stop at the right time, or you don’t have enough savings to keep a long gaming session, you can play for free. Thus, you don’t risk losing your hard-earned money, which is good for your wallet. Instead, every single spin or hand is absolutely free.

Mistakes without repercussions

All of us know the feeling of regret when you make a well-thought move and lose the bet. Then, you realize that you have almost run out of money and there’s no room for error. But because in a demo game mode you are playing for unreal money, these mistakes won’t influence your budget.

This reason is slightly associated with the previously mentioned “practice” reason. When you practice games, you make mistakes. You need to remember these mistakes and try not to make them next time. Therefore, all these wrong moves allow you to perfect your strategy.

Your personal selection of games

When you play for free, you can try all games in the lobby multiple times. And every time that you pick a new game to try, you can classify it as “do play” or “don’t play”. So when you deposit money to play for real, you don’t have to spend hours on finding THAT game for big wins. As you already have a list of games that you liked and disliked, you can easily decide which game to play for real money.

Some games are pretty exciting, they have many special features, a good payback, and large winning potential. When you find the games of your taste, just mark them as favorite or make a note of their titles, so you can easily find them next time.

Besides, when you play many games and try to understand many different rules, you get a sort of skill of determining “the good game”. Once you open a game, you can immediately say what’s wrong about it and what’s good, how much it can potentially pay, and is it even worth playing for real money.

Disadvantages of Free Play

Of course, there are also reasons not to play free games. Check them out below.

No chance to win money

The biggest disadvantage of demo games is the inability to gain real winnings. You simply don’t deposit, don’t bet your own money, and you don’t even sign up. So there is no chance to win any money and celebrate your victory.

Besides, you won’t be getting the thrill and excitement from winnings because they are unreal. All winnings and losses are just fake results that you could be getting if you played for real. So no matter how fun the game is, it still does not give you that excitement when you see your balance grow in a matter of seconds.

No huge wins

The large progressive jackpots are not available in free games. Moreover, even though you manage to win some local fixed jackpot prize, you can’t cash it out from a free game. This is why if your goal is to hit a jackpot and become a millionaire overnight, free games are not your choice. You can practice free jackpot games, but in order to grab large cash prizes, you need to play for real.

Most promotions are not available

You know how many online casinos love to give bonuses and offer promotions to players. However, all these promotions are not available for unregistered players. Moreover, most bonuses are not available for even registered players if they haven’t made a deposit. When you sign up, you can only try to claim a no deposit sign-up bonus if there is any. In all other cases, you have to fund your casino account in order to get the huge welcome bonus or any other deposit match offer.

However, even though you claim your no deposit offer and play a game with free spins, for example, you won’t be able to cash out in case you win anything. The fact is that you need to wager that sign-up bonus a few times. If you manage to do so and keep your winnings without making a single deposit, it’s great. But often, players lose all this bonus money and cannot withdraw. All in all, it’s the purpose of free bonuses.

No live games

Unfortunately, most live casino games are not available for free. So you will not be able to check the game, try it, or practice it for free. If you want to learn to play that kind of game, you’re left to practice it in a similar RNG-based table game.

How to Play Free Games

There is nothing easier than playing free games without registration. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Pick a casino site that allows playing games without sign-up.
  2. Click on the lobby’s page.
  3. Find a games category of your interest.
  4. Select a game that attracted your attention and click on the “play for free” or “demo” button.
  5. Check the rules and start playing by selecting the bet size.

You can make the same steps if you sign up for a new account. After providing the required information and verifying your email, check the game’s lobby and find the games you want to play first.

Best Way to Combine Free and Real Money Games

Of course, we don’t tell you that you need to choose either free games or real money games. Best if you combine them to your favor, taking the perks from each mode of play. So here’s what you can do.

  • Play casino games for free when you learn a new game type. For example, if you always played slots and decided to take up blackjack, start with free blackjack.
  • Only when you are confident in your skills, switch to a real money game mode.
  • If you are not sure which game to play today, pick a game and play it for free. If you like the process, open it in real mode. But if you don’t, move on to the next free game until you find the one you want to play for real money.
  • Play jackpot games for real money only because every spin can be life-changing.

In Conclusion

Online casino games are fun and all until you lose money. To avoid it, make sure that you are playing the right game and that you are playing the game right. To get the best from online games, you should play both free games and real money games. The combination of these two will help you with a positive gambling experience.

Why Play Free Casino Games
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As long as you want. In fact, online casino games are eternal, meaning they have no time limit for both real money and free mode. Basically, you can play until you run out of credits. When your free credits are over, you can just refresh the page and enjoy the free game again.

Most of them. Usually, online slots, table games, bingo, slingo, scratch-card games, and many other types of online games based on the RNG engine are available for free. But live casino games are not on this list. They only accept real money bets.

First of all, credits are given not by casinos but by software providers who develop these games. All game developers have a different number of free credits. It can be 1,000 units, 2,000, or 100,000 units. No matter how many free credits you have, you can bet max and play for a very long time.

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