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Why Sports Clubs Get Sponsorship From Online Casinos

While watching a football match, you could probably notice the billboards with the online sportsbook names on it. Or your favourite players would wear kits branded with the names of online casinos. Have you ever wondered why this happens so?

The first thing on your mind should be a marketing campaign through the sporting clubs. Or you may believe that casino companies as any other organization are giving back to the community. However, there’s more to this. Let’s discuss it below.

Is it expensive to manage sports clubs?

Do you know how much money the sporting clubs spend to provide the full kits for players? Besides, the sports clothes aren’t the only expenses of sports teams. The cost is ridiculously huge. So, admit that Canadian online casinos deserve more than just gratitude words for their sponsorship. This is a trend of online casinos today to promote and sponsor the sports events and individual clubs.

Why online casinos sponsor sports events

One may think that sports clubs are doing fine without any sponsorships. The teams are popular enough to ensure a good income from the events. But online casinos in Canada still consider it essential to get into sponsorship deals because they benefit from them. So do the sports clubs.

It’s a common fact that sports are a large segment of entertainment. Therefore, the first and major benefit is a commercial relationship. Thanks to these deals, both casinos and sporting clubs grow in their popularity. The audience of sports lovers is enough for successful commercial deals.

In Canada, most gambling sites with typical casino games are also big sportsbooks. Every year they pour millions into the sports industry to sponsor clubs and events. For this, of course, casinos expect clubs to market their sites. Also, being Gold sponsors, online casinos have a chance to display commercials on the playing field, and on the TV screens during the game. The fact that casinos and reliable sporting clubs are partners makes people trust the casino company.

The clubs also benefit from these deals. It makes sense as they get money to their funds. Football clubs, for example, require enormous sums of money. So with the casino funds, football teams will enhance their operations.

Major Online Sportsbooks in Canada

In Canada, betting on sports is widely spread. Despite all discourses about legalization of single-event sports betting, Canadians still want to bet on sports, and probably will never stop it. That is why online casinos come in handy when there is no possibility to go to public sportsbooks. Here are some major online casinos in Canada that will let you make wagers on sports events:

  • Betway is an online sportsbook where you can place bets on various sports including football, hockey, basketball and others. Betway mobile app for sports betting is one of the most popular.
  • Bodog is a licensed online casino with many opportunities and loyalty programs for sports bettors. The prevalent payment option is bitcoin.
  • LeoVegas is an online casino and sportsbook with a choice of sports events such as football, boxing, hockey, chess, etc.
  • Spin Sports is a section of the Spin online casino that is dedicated to sports betting only. Spin bettors can wager on many sports from football to esports.

Advanced gaming standards

Every club in every league wants to be the best. So, they all are striving to improve their gaming. Players are training hard and experiencing new playing tactics. The clubs buy equipment to train players and consequently advance standards of training.

Online casinos come to help this happen. Those gambling companies that sponsor sporting clubs enhance their reputation in terms of priority over the other casinos that do not sponsor sports.

Public morals are shifted

A few years ago, sports sponsors were companies leading in the industry of alcohol and tobacco. However, now sports commissions and audiences realized that casino companies (that are also good sportsbooks) are a better choice. First, their industries are both connected with gaming and sports. Second, their contribution is enormous.

What sports online casinos sponsor most

There are sports that have the biggest piece of casino sponsorship. That is obviously a football. Canadian casinos sponsor football teams and events because of the popularity, wide audience, and the love of the football fans.

The reason gambling sponsorship dominates in football is the platform for marketing. Football audience is, perhaps, the biggest and most involved of all. The sponsorship can contribute massively to the growth of both industries. Football teams get more fans, and the online casinos attract more people to bet on sports online.

Are there other sports sponsors?

If online casinos sponsor the sports events, does it mean that other industries shouldn’t do the same? Obviously, no. It’s even logical from the financial point of view. Sporting clubs can have multiple sources of income. It’s pretty bad to depend only on the casino funds.

There are other sponsors such as airline companies, sportswear companies and alike. It isn’t difficult for sports clubs to get sponsors. It’s rather hard for online casinos, as they are partially legal and not every company is allowed to advertise online gambling.

To conclude

It makes sense now why online casinos contribute too much to sports. They apply for the highest paying sponsor position to get the big advertising and attract fans of sports. Important to mention that their willingness to make sponsor deals has improved the sports welfare.

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