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Finding New Online Casino Slots to Play

Online casino lobbies are full of bright titles. On every Canadian site, we see so many images that we can’t even count. But it occurs very often that we see all the same online games. And we get tired of the old slot machines. Though online casinos release slots every month. And here’s how to find new games, and slots in particular.

No matter what game genre you prefer, you are guaranteed to play new online casino games with our little guide. However, finding new games isn’t all we have for you in this article. We also strive to give you hints on how to find real money games. In other words, these games should have high return to player (RTP) percentages, bonuses and special features, and just be nice to the eye, hence have high-quality graphics. So, let’s get started.

New Games Section

Most online casinos regularly update their libraries with the new game releases. As soon as the release has been made, casino sites notify about them in the section of the “New Games”. Very often you can find good titles there. Visit your favourite online casino in Canada and check the page dedicated to the catalogue of new games.

The best online casinos have advanced search options, which are very useful, especially for frequent players who are already familiar with the casino games and know what they want. You can use the options to search something of your taste like a particular software provider, bonuses, wild symbols, or even themes.

With this easy search navigation, you can identify your preferable type or theme of game, if you don’t have it yet. You can try games by NetEnt today, and games by Pragmatic Play another day. The same is with the themes. Choose Egypt-themed or movie-inspired games and decide on which you like better.

Online Casino Promotions

In Canada, online casinos tend to promote their latest game releases. Players need to get familiar with the games, so casinos usually make bonuses such as free spins for a specific new game. So, don’t forget to check up on the promotions page and online casino blog, where they also post articles about the new game releases and promotions.

We remind you to read the terms and conditions of the bonus. Usually, casinos don’t place high wagering requirements on the new games. However, it’s safer to make sure what the conditions are.

Slot Review Websites

On the Internet, there are hundreds of informative websites that dedicate their work to online casinos and everything related to them, including reviews of games. Why do you need to read the game reviews? The experts who write these reviews have spent years on exploring the world of online gambling. Perhaps they even know more than professional gamblers. They have studied all ins and outs of Canadian online casinos.

Since online games are one of their directions, they can identify what slots meet the requirements of the best casino game. That’s why many websites post rankings of the best slots. Although there are many reviews of average games that don’t burst out with bonuses, the websites try to focus more on the fascinating games. However, it doesn’t necessarily make these games the best ones for you.

So, it’s better to compare the game reviews from different sites. Thus, your impression on the game can depend on the views of several experts. By the way, most websites make reviews or news posts about the new game releases or those upcoming. That’s why we recommend checking up on the gambling blogs.

On our site, we also have the Slot Reviews section. We have collected the reviews of the most popular casino slots. Besides, you can play their demo version right on our website. If you like the game, you can continue playing it for real money by clicking the casino links below the game review. It’s very easy to navigate on CasinoBest.ca. Moreover, visit our gambling blog to read the latest news in the online gambling world.

Software Providers

The best way to find a new game by your favourite provider is to search for the provider’s website. Since the game developers are the ones who release games in the beginning, they are the first to publish any information about the games. Besides, the best providers always publish the release dates.

It often happens that you see a new game, you can play a demo and read about all its features. But you can’t play it for real money yet. For now, you can find the online casino that collaborates with this provider and will most probably have the exciting game very soon.

There is one little disadvantage of this method of searching for new game releases. You will have to spend time googling each provider and visiting each software website. However, you can make it easier by subscribing to their newsletters. So, whenever the developers have another game release, you will be the first to find it out by receiving an email.

Casino Streamers on YouTube and Twitch

Today, we have a lot of opportunities. We can even watch real-time gameplay on YouTube and Twitch. Many streamers specialize in broadcasting casino games. They show the gameplay, including the bonuses and other features of a specific game. Besides, YouTubers and Twitchers give their personal overview of the new games.

The best thing here is that the streamers can teach you something. Very often, they talk about their experiences in casino games. So, you can learn some strategies you didn’t know before. Besides, check the comments section below the video. Many subscribers also gamble online, so they have something to share with you.

Online Casino Players Forum

Almost the same as the comments section of the YouTube videos, on forums, you can meet many like-minded people. A casino players’ forum is a community of people who gamble in card games and slots. By joining them, you can discover that players are very friendly. They interact together and share their ideas about specific Canadian online casinos, games, providers, and of course, some practical tips on how to win games.

However, if you want to find out something about the new games, it will be rather difficult. The thing is that the most popular topics for discussion are casinos and game experiences. New games are yet unknown, so there is nothing to discuss much. But you can start a new discussion with the question about the game you want to play, somebody will certainly reply.

Get Started!

If you want something fresh in online casinos, we advise you to check the new games section and promotions page on your favourite gambling site. Don’t forget to check up on websites that review casino games. Alternatively, search for some YouTube or Twitch videos to watch the gameplay and learn useful tips.

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