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What 5G online gambling will be like in Canada

Technologies are bringing new standards to the telecommunications world across the globe. The 5G is an innovation that is rapidly becoming popular among Internet users. That is why every developer of mobile devices works hard to be the first to integrate this new technology to their latest products. The data and streaming rates will go up very quickly in almost no time because the fast Internet connection of 5G is already the need of every alternative person.

Canadians have already experienced the first 5G networks and prepare to test the following versions in a few years. The new technology allows gamblers in Canada to have even better impressions on gaming. But will the 5G affect the online gambling industry and if so, how?

5G for Online Casinos: Pros and Cons

Although 5G seems to be a good thing for everybody, online casinos would rather consider it a big deal. The companies in gambling industry are very concerned about the new technology for two main reasons. They are security and data speed, though 5G promises to deal with the problems.

Speaking of the major concern, security of players’ accounts and all the data at online casinos must be protected on the high level. The customers need to feel safe when they use the casino platform to play slots, poker or any other game they want. The casino sites will have an enhanced technology. It will allow them to accept more users on their website at the same time. In other words, the loading will be not only faster, but also safer.

Speed of video loading

Another aspect that will benefit from the 5G is the speed of live games. It is not a big concern for now as there are not so many players who prefer live dealer games. Still, after the closure of land-based venues, people miss the live casino atmosphere and refer mostly to the live games where they can see the dealer, table, cards, and in addition, to chat with the other gamblers. So, the speed and quality of the live games will be much higher with the 5G network. Actually the slow streaming of live games can be the real reason why there aren’t a lot of live games players. This new technology will be very helpful in this crucial games area.

A possible issue for online casinos can be an inability to provide the same experience for all players that are on the site at the current moment. Players may suspect dishonesty if the video is delayed by a couple of seconds. The other player and a dealer can see the results before the delayed player. This causes serious doubts in fair gambling as this industry is already notorious for rigged games. All these thoughts can make a player quit gambling or try another casino with a better quality and speed of games.

The efficiency of online casino sites must be improved to ensure that they benefit from the new 5G network at the utmost. The innovation will lead to a totally new casino layout design. It can even make online casinos use the other innovative technologies like WebRTC for better transfer rates. The full complement should give players even more enjoyable experience than the one they have now.

When should we expect the 5G gambling in Canada?

The integration of 5G technology requires yet many steps to be taken. Only after it gambling sites can offer it to every player in every region across Canada. It includes costs to build the new kind of network in the whole territory of Canada. In addition, the developers need to find the highly competent people that have necessary skills to operate these technologies.

Hopefully, Canadians will use the 5G network for gambling already by the end of this decade. It sounds like a new goal to achieve in recent times.

In Canada, there are already several telecommunications companies that offer 5G services in some markets such as Rogers, Bell, and Telus. They are working with Samsung and Motorola, big smartphone carriers across the globe.

Rogers has 5G services in Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal. The two others, Bell and Telus, are online in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, and Montréal.

There are six more mobile service providers that are planning to implement 5G already next year. They are Virgin Mobile, Fido, Freedom Mobile, Videotron, Koodo Mobile, and SaskTel.

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