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Online Gambling Real Money in Canada

Gambling for real money is a kind of entertainment of everyone’s taste. Even if a person doesn’t gamble much, it’s still interesting to have fun with casino games now and then. However, if a player becomes involved in online gambling, he opens a world of rewarding chances. As a player, you meet with casino bonuses, real money winnings, and most importantly, diverse games with excellent graphics and sound effects.

Many Canadians play games to win real money and create an additional source of income. However, only a few players know how to gamble for real money. All the rest play and never see the ending of constant wins and losses, although in Canada, there are so many safe and secure real money online casinos.

Real Money Online Casinos

Here is a list of trusted online casinos in Canada where you can gamble for real money and be safe:

To help you earn real money every time you gamble, we at casinobest.ca have a great guide for real money gambling. In this article, we’ll explain how to start playing, why and how you need to choose safe Canadian casinos, and finally, how you can maximize your chances. Let’s get started!

How to Start Real Money Gambling

New players have a lot of questions in the beginning. However, there is no difficulty in the first gambling attempts. Though you need to make the right decisions to prevent yourself from unpleasant situations. That is why we are here to help you make these decisions and choices for the best real money gambling experience.

  1. Choose your casino. In the beginning, you will see that many online casinos offer their services to you. Some operators have great deposit bonuses, others — big choice of games, while still others feature both great games and nice bonuses. New players are confused with this plethora of online casino platforms. Yet, you must take the process of choosing a casino seriously. Determine what you really want to play and get from a casino. If you enjoy live games, opt for the casino that offers live game software and bonuses for live games. Maybe you prefer online games with progressive jackpots and constant tournaments — choose your casino! Or maybe you are going to play on the go, then you will need to sign up with the best mobile casino. Take your time to make a research and don’t forget to use our gambling blog notes and Canadian casino reviews to help you find a safe online casino.
  2. Sign up with a new account. As you’ve chosen a gambling site to your liking, you can sign up and create your account. However, if the site allows you to try out games for free before registration, we recommend doing so. Thus, you will experience gameplay of games which appeal to you, though without any real money bets. To play games for real, you need to register. The casino will ask you to fill in the registration form with your personal details like your full name, phone number, date of birth, email address, and house address. You will also have to tick the ‘I accept Terms and Conditions’ which we strongly advise you to read. After that, in most cases, you will have to activate your account via SMS or email link.
  3. Set up your payment methods. Before you place real money bets, you need to set up your payment method and deposit. We draw your attention to the banking process of your casino site. Make sure it allows you to deposit and withdraw money with your preferable methods. Some casinos will only let you use one banking option for both transactions. For example, if you deposit with a Visa debit card, you will have to withdraw on that bank account as well.
    If you choose to register a completely different payment method like AstroPay for deposits, then you will probably have to verify your AstroPay account with your documents. There are also casino payment options which do not require you to send documents when you withdraw.
  4. Select a game. Finally, you can start your online gambling for real money. Pick a game that you’d like to start with and place your bet. Choose from different game categories such as slots games, table games, video poker. Online slots feature the best in-game specials like free spins, wild symbols, mini games, gamble rounds, and so on. Mind that each game pays out differently. So, make sure that your game payout is more than 95%. In the game rules, find an RTP (return to player) percentage of your game.

Choosing Safe Online Casino

Choosing a casino platform can be a real problem, especially for new players. They need to think long and hard about the safety and reliability of each casino they meet because one never knows what it can turn out.

Security and privacy has been a huge concern with online gambling for many years. Surely, when you bet your real money, you want to know it’s secure as well as your card details. And although we, as experts, can tell you which casino is right and which is wrong, you need to know how to identify legit online casinos and scams by yourself. It is pretty easy, and here’s what exactly you need to look for at an online casino:

  • Employed security measures such as SSL encryption.
  • The owner information, license, and who is the casino’s regulatory body.
  • If the license is valid to date.
  • Payment protection measures.
  • Reputable partners of payment and game providers.
  • Round-the-clock customer service.

If you found all of these pointers on a casino site, then it’s safe to gamble for real money. If some information is hard to find on the site, then you should be concerned about the security issue. Trusted online casinos will provide all their security information just to make customers feel safe and relaxed when gambling.

Claim Welcome Bonus or Not

This is a difficult question, to tell the truth, Claiming a bonus depends on your gambling plan at a casino. Welcome bonuses tend to increase your winnings, but at the same time they feature wagering requirements which require you to wager your recent winnings. However, each case is different since online casinos have their own deposit bonuses, and their specific bonus terms. Here are the two outcomes when you do claim a bonus and when you refuse it:

Claiming a welcome bonus: 

When you claim a bonus, usually you have two money accounts: with your real money and bonus money. As a rule, when you start playing with the bonus, first you spend your deposited money, and then when you’ve run out of it, the bonus cash. For the period of wagering the bonus amount, you have to complete the requirements. Thus, you wager probably several hundreds of dollars, and only after that you can withdraw the real money you won with the bonus.

This path can be profitable but risky. If your style of gambling is risky, you can take the welcome bonus and play with the bonus money.

Not claiming a welcome bonus:

Without a bonus, you have less time and money to gamble, so apparently soon after the first deposit, you will need to make another deposit.

However, if you bet real money and win a sizeable amount of cash, you can withdraw it without troubles. Follow this path to play progressive jackpot games where you can hit a mega prize.

You can also combine these recommendations with the strategies of maximizing your chances, which we describe below.

Maximizing Your Chances of Winning

Gambling is based on luck, they say. However, the truth is whether your luck can win over the random number generator (RNG) or not. For decades, players have tried to cheat on RNG and take wins with each spin. However, these attempts didn’t lead them further than to the thoughts of maximizing chances of winning. To date, this is the only way to win casino games. You can do the following things to place the odds in your favor:

  • If you’ve won a lot, stop playing to take a break. Realize that it was a great game, but it’s enough for today. It will prevent you from falling into the losing hole and gambling addiction.
  • Large bets can be a poor decision in the beginning. It’s better to stick to small stakes if your budget doesn’t allow you to wager big every time.
  • If you’ve hit a losing streak, stop right away. Your fortunes will hardly change.
  • Low-risk bets with lower odds are safer than opposite — high-risk and higher odds bets.

With these tips, you are likely to increase your chances to win on real money gambling. Of course, depending on your budget, you can gamble with higher stakes. But in this case, you’ve got to be sure you have enough money both for casino games and for your comfortable living.

Low Stakes VS High Stakes

For real money gambling, players choose high stakes and higher risks. Such players are called high-rollers. They have their own high-roller approach to gambling. But what if you are a new player who wants to win big but has a limited casual budget?

We would recommend to you starting with what you have and practice online casino games. As you feel you can go higher, increase your bets and see what happens. Anyway, your decisions must be cold-headed and realistic.

Depending on your overall bankroll, you can choose two gambling paths: low risk or high risk. We can’t tell which one is best in your individual case, but we can describe each path and their benefits and drawbacks.

Low stakes with lower risks

In other words, you gain little but often. This method suits low volatility games. If you apply this method to your gambling, you will never lose much, but neither will you win big.


  • You will have a steady income
  • Losses are minimal
  • Almost each bet will be winning


  • To make a large profit you will have to gamble for long

High stakes with higher risks

Just the other way round, the aim of this method is to make a large profit with a single bet. By using the high stake method, you need to place large bets. You can win big, but at the same time your chances of losing big are also high. That’s why it’s a high-risk path.


  • You can earn high easily
  • Time-consuming earnings


  • If you lose, you lose big
  • Winning combinations are less frequent due to high volatility

Games to Play for Real Money

To apply these two approaches to your gambling, you need to choose games to play beforehand. There are certain types of games which will suit the low-risk method, and types for high-risk players.

Low-risk games pay out more. Their RTP percentage is usually over 95%. Besides, low-risk players usually choose table games or video poker because they are not fully powered by RNG. You can control the gameplay by selecting your next move. In addition to this, low-stake players almost never win jackpots due to their small bets.

On the other hand, high-risk games are mostly jackpots, games that pay out only 80-90%. But ironically, players with higher than minimum bets are more eligible for the jackpot prize.

High-risk players mostly choose progressive jackpot games and high-volatility slots because of the big real money winnings. Though, of course, their tactics will also suit the table games and live games.

Closing Thoughts

Canadian gambling market offers you many online platforms where you can play for real money. However, you need to choose your gambling platform wisely and skilfully. And once you sign up with the casino, you are facing the new dilemmas: whether to claim a bonus and which path to choose. It’s up to you to decide whether to go high or go safe. But in any case, take our advice to make right decisions.

Online Gambling Real Money in Canada
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