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How to Become a Career Gambler

For some of our readers, a full-time gambling career may seem a very arguable thing. You would say it isn’t practical since the earnings are not regular and literally depend on many circumstances. But if you dive a bit deeper into this question, you will discover that a good number of people have become successful gamblers. They see it as a hobby and a source of income. Just one day, they gave up their 9-5 jobs and directed their effort towards gambling.

Of course, some of the most successful career gamblers made their fortune thanks to the funds they already had. But they also had the losing streaks and bad-luck days. And if you are seriously thinking about taking up gambling professionally, you need to prepare for it properly. In this post, we will explain the safest way to do this.

But let’s start with the advantages and disadvantages of being a career gambler. Maybe you will realize that you don’t need it at all, or on the contrary, you will get excited even more and finally start your gambling career with a bigger fire in your heart!

Advantages of Being a Career Gambler

Gambling as a full-time job opens new opportunities for Canadian players. That is why so many people are trying to learn how to gamble better. They learn and practice different strategies and make their own conclusions. If you really succeed in gambling, you will have the following life-style.

  • Free time for your favorite activities and leisure. If you have a family and want to spend more time with them instead of seeing your partner and children only in the morning and in the evening, gambling career is for you. Or if you are strongly devoted to your other hobby, being a career gambler, you will have more free time for this.
  • Fame. Especially these days when the entire celebrity world is pictured on social media, you can easily become popular. Often, only one huge jackpot win makes a person famous. Later, if you wish, you can promote yourself on social net and become even more famous till you can stay among the A-list stars.
  • Mental resilience. The ability to adapt to the risky circumstances and unpredictable consequences will develop your mentality. This power will help you later in different spheres of life, especially if you will decide to start your own business.
  • New society and connections. Maybe you’ll be surprised but there are plenty of other casino players in the world. Being a professional gambler, you will probably attend some meetings and events, especially given that you belong to a VIP club of an online casino. All new people who will come to your life thanks to gambling can change your perspective and give you more ideas.
  • Travelling. A dream of nearly every person in the world is to have remote income and travel around the world. Your dream is in your hands if you are a career gambler. Aside from luxurious holidays in the most beautiful parts of our planet, you can participate in gambling competitions that take place around the globe. Making money while travelling — what can be better?
  • Financial independence. Maybe at the start of your gambling career, you will be spending your winnings on luxuries and entertainment. But one day you will realize that you need to provide yourself and those around you with financial security. Your family will live in wealth all their life thanks to your effort and contributions to their financial future.

Disadvantages of Being a Career Gambler

Gambling is fun and all, but it has some negative points too. Look through them very carefully and try to understand if any of these bad points can relate to you in the long term.

  • Development of bad habits. As a career gambler, you will feel like you can do and buy anything you want. This attitude to your money and life can result in an abundance of bad habits and poor discipline. If maintaining discipline and keeping your priorities isn’t your strong point, then gambling career can do you harm.
  • Moral outrage. In some social circles, people will not understand why you chose this career. So, you will have to prepare for a sort of social stigma when you become surrounded by narrow-minded people.
  • Failure. Just like in any business, gambling career is full of failures and losses. However, gambling has even more chances of failing that leads to total financial starving. There are many examples of online gamblers who started high but fell down low. Most of them either don’t want to take it up again or cannot due to their poverty.

The career of gamblers is about well-balanced risks and rewards. Only people with enough discipline, skills, and required abilities can survive on this path to the happy rich life. If the pros of being a career gambler haven’t scared you and you have a firm decision to become a career gambler, here are a few things you should know.

Believing in Your Strategy is Everything

Obviously, casino games are not based on luck only regardless of the popular belief. The key to success in gambling is strategy. Only strategic patterns can lead you to the desired wins. And all the best professional gamblers know it and employ it as an irrevocable rule. That is why when having a losing streak, they stay calm and confident. They stick to their betting strategy because they know this is the best way to get out of this hole.

However, any betting strategy will require using a lot of funds. So, career gamblers always have enough money on their balance that can provide them with permanent financial support. The only thing you need to understand is managing your bankroll according to your strategy. Although it can be difficult to predict the wagering amount, always try to have enough and to spare. It doesn’t mean you have to spend it all, but just to stay on the safe side. Controlling your gambling budget and compliance with your strategy are crucial.

Skill-Based Casino Games are Priority

Of course, you can play online slots or bingo games, but these games will never show that you are a professional gambler. Because of their simplicity, you cannot use your skills to the full. You can’t even apply any strategy because there is literally nothing you can do about the next move.

On the contrary, when you play card games like poker or blackjack, you can impact on the gameplay by your actions. You can predict the following steps of your opponents and the dealer.

Another gambling arena, on which many career gamblers focus, is sports betting. This type of gambling also requires certain skills and knowledge from bettors.

So, if you decided to do gambling as a full-time job, then you should pick those types of gambling, in which you can influence the result. Try to focus on card games, poker, and sports betting.

Smart Gambling Only

Starting off your a gambling career is not a simple task. You can’t wake up one day and decide to quit your job in favor of gambling. Before making this harsh decision, you need to be confident in your gambling skills. And a good level of skill requires much practice. Some gamblers spend years practicing before coming to the upper level.

As a career gambler, you need to consider everything from the right time to gamble to the perfect opponents by the table. You should know what to do to maximize your gains and minimize your losses. And on top of it all, you need to stay emotionally healthy. This requires many years of experience.

Daily Reminders for a Career Gambler

As you build your gambling career, you need to stay disciplined. To help you do so, keep reminding yourself of the following things until you drill them into your mind.

  1. Always gamble with a predetermined plan. Consider when you should give up, when you should take your money home and stop reinvesting. All steps must be in control and full clarity.
  2. Be able to give up and close the game. Never try to chase your losses because it usually ends in disaster.
  3. Stick to your paying games. If you learnt to play poker or figured out football betting, keep making a profit from these activities.
  4. Take up other games slowly. In case if you want to expand your skills and try other casino games, start practicing them for free or with low stakes. This is a whole new niche for you, so learn everything about it in the same manner as you did it with the previous area.
  5. Keep grounded after big wins. Huge sums of money can overwhelm you and make you less cautious about your current gameplay. Staying calm and cool will ensure making bigger profit, while overexcitement can quickly provoke losses.


Gambling career is challenging enough. To date, many Canadians are struggling to give up their jobs and devote themselves to online gambling to the fullest. The profits are insecure, but only until you take it seriously and play smart. Professional gambling career requires as much effort as a career in any other sphere. So, don’t get allured by the beauties of this life-style. Give a great deal of thought to this decision, and if you are ready, follow all principles of successful gaming.

To help start you off, choose a gambling site relying on our online casino Canada review page.

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If online gambling is just your hobby, but you want to take it to the next level, you should pick one or two types of games in which you will develop your skills. Don’t try to take up something that you don’t like. For example, if you don’t understand poker and prefer blackjack instead, develop your knowledge in blackjack games. In general, the best areas for professional gambling are card games and sports betting.

This is all individual for each player. You may have a very good memory of numbers which will help you learn different strategies for card games. Or instead of it, your greatest strength can be attention to small details which helps during live casino games. But perhaps in all these cases, you will need to practice at least for a year provided you gamble almost every day without days off.

First of all, you need to have discipline and put your main goal in priority. Always remind yourself why you started gambling professionally. Besides, use practical tips to avoid overexcitement from big wins and discouragement from big losses. Look for the relevant articles on our gambling blog. There, you’ll find a lot of useful information.

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