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Can I take part in Advent calendars in mobile casinos?

If your chosen online casino supports mobile gambling, then yes, you can take part in promos and claim any bonuses. Advent calendars 2022 are also available on mobile devices. Just log in to your casino via mobile app or browser and play!

No. This campaign is totally wager-free. The prizes on Slot Hunter’s birthday are physical. They include a trip to the UAE, an iPhone 13 Pro, vouchers, subscriptions, and more. But even if you refuse a physical prize, you can agree on an equivalent money prize. For example, if you win the UAE trip worth 3,000 EUR and refuse it, you can take it in the form of money — 3,000 EUR. It’s also free of wagering requirements. And, you are free to use it as you wish.

Your online casino will inform you about that, don’t worry. First of all, most casino lottery prizes such as cash and free spins will automatically be credited to your account. Though if you win a physical prize,  a casino support manager will contact you. You will need to tell him your postal address so that they can send you the prize.

The fact that you can really win playing casino games online is real. But can you withdraw your cash, and how much time does it take? Some really good and licensed casinos give you winnings with no problem. Sometimes it can take longer to process a money transaction. Especially, it takes place when your winning is really big or even Jackpot! It can seem an eternity to withdraw it.

There is one circumstance under which an online casino can ban your account, and thus the winning. It happens when you self-exclude yourself (for half a year) but after a while you register at a sister casino of your previous casino. Someday, probably when you send a withdrawal request, they can realize that you are self-excluded, and ban your account. However, your winnings remain banned on your casino account too.

Some casinos, unfortunately, can ban your account if your winning exceeds a certain number. They are scams. If you start complaining and sending messages to the support team, it will hardly help, as they will probably ignore you. Such cases exist due to which players hate a particular casino and never recommend it to anyone. In order to avoid such situations, it is better to choose a reliable and licenced casino and, in addition, to withdraw medium sums from time to time. Then your balance and cash will be safer.

It depends on the casino company. Some reputable online casinos that have their own live casino studio pay more than an average income. A yearly salary may grow up to $100,000 or even more if you work well. But the size of a salary is very individual. If you want to work as a live dealer, you’d better consult a gaming company itself or search for the position and its conditions on different job sites.

To keep control of your gambling behavior, you need to make it a habit. For example, if you use one of our self-control tips and try to do it every day for 3 or 4 weeks, it will become habitual. It can be a deposit limit, for instance. Enable a deposit limit option every day during a month, and you will be able to do it all the time in the future.

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