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Bitcoin Keno Game at Online Casinos

Keno games inspired by lotteries and bingo have become some of the most popular games around the world, changing the life of players by matching the set of numbers with the right jackpot combination.

This sort of game is available at almost every bitcoin online casino in Canada. However, to play this game right and win, you need to know certain rules of a keno game, which we will describe later in this post. So, read on to learn more about this exciting game. But first of all, we will give you a list of bitcoin betting sites where you can play BTC keno and other casino games.

Bitcoin Keno Online Casinos

Bitcoin online casinos are very advantageous for casino players for many good reasons. Aside from the visible perks such as bonuses and games, crypto sites are casinos that don’t need verification. This means you can easily withdraw your keno winnings without sending documents for verification.

Playing bitcoin keno games, you will also get your money quickly. Online casinos that accept cryptocurrency are some of the fastest paying gambling sites. Due to the no verification withdrawals, transactions are processed in an instant.


$600/1BTC + 200 FS

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$300/1BTC + 15 FS

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1 BTC + 150 FS

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$400/1BTC + 180 FS

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1.5 BTC + 77 FS

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How to Play Bitcoin Keno

Bitcoin keno is considered a specialty game, and you often can find it in this category of online casino lobby. The game is simple to play. You will not find much trouble learning to play it. Just follow these three steps and enjoy your keno experience!

  1. Wager your bitcoins. Before the game begins, you should place a wager using your bitcoins. You can select the size of your bet by increasing and decreasing it to the lowest. If you want to win more, you can wager the maximum by clicking on the max bet button which is available at almost any keno game. However, if your bankroll is limited, make a lower bet.
  2. Mark your keno spots. To play the game and see the results of a draw, you need to pick the numbers. Your task is to select those spots that you think will hit. Usually, bitcoin keno games have 80 numbers on the board, and they will let you pick 15 or 20 numbers. You can pick all the 20 numbers or just a few to your choice. Mark them by clicking on the numbers.
  3. See the results. As soon as you are ready with your numbers, click on ‘Play’ and see the random number generator showing the numbers. As a rule, the game gives out more numbers than it allows you to pick. Thus, you have more chances to win. If the numbers and spots match, you hit and get paid accordingly.

Keno Game Terms

Keno games slightly differ in their rules and terms. The more you play keno, the more professional you become. Thus, after a few rounds in several bitcoin keno games, you can advance and play more complicated keno games.

To play keno, you should know a few terms and their meaning. So, here we are giving you a glossary of keno terminology. Here are 10 most commonly used terms of keno games you should know at the start.

  1. Spot is a number that you selected or where you placed your wager in keno.
  2. Draw is a round in a keno game. During one draw, the random number generator picks 20 random numbers.
  3. Hit is when you mark off a spot that came up in a draw.
  4. Push is when you win the same amount as you have lost.
  5. Multi-Race Cards are playing cards used in multiple draws.
  6. All or Nothing term is used for a keno ticket that pays out provided all the selected spots hit.
  7. Quick Pick is an auto-select feature that random;y picks the spots for you.
  8. Play 1 is an option where you can play your spots in one keno.
  9. Play 5 is a keno option with five games where you can play your spots.
  10. King is a single spot which you selected in the draw. Most bitcoin keno games allow you to pick 20 spots, but if you decide to go risky and pick one spot, it’s called a king.

We recommend that you learn these keno terms before you start playing to understand which button to click and what is what. For sure, there are more terms for the game, but to start off, you need to know at least these common words.

Increase Your Chances of Winning at Keno

Bitcoin keno games are based on luck, as they say. Keno providers implement random number generators to give a fair result of a draw. Although you can’t control the upcoming number, you can make the most out of your keno session. Here are a few tips to boost your chances.

Pick numbers without thinking

The best thing you can do for a game of chance is to play with it and not against it. Don’t think over the draw patterns analyzing which numbers will shoot out. Just pick the spots randomly and you’re good to go. This will not affect the outcome of the game, as no one actually knows what the results will be. Be spontaneous and just have fun.

Use different features

If you wish to see the results faster instead of picking the spots, just click on the auto-pick button and enjoy. The game will randomly mark the numbers and the draw will start. We also suggest that you opt for multi-race cards. This feature allows you to place wagers in multiple cards selecting the same set of numbers at different draws. This increases the probability of winning big, so don’t ignore these advanced options.

Closing Thoughts

Keno games are not only entertaining, they are profitable, especially when playing with bitcoins. Use your BTCs to wager on keno games and get your high wins. Remember the rules and tips when you start playing the game. Also, make sure to pick the right numbers and have a chance to win a jackpot prize. Use different betting strategies and keno features playing at the best Canadian bitcoin sites.

Bitcoin Keno Game at Online Casinos
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You can play online keno games in a demo mode. This option allows you to practice the game and master it before you play for real money. As soon as you feel confident with keno gameplay, you can make a deposit using bitcoin methods or fiat currency banking options. Then, pick a keno game you want and play it for real wins.

Most bitcoin online casinos have crypto exchange offices. They allow the exchange of CAD for bitcoins and other cryptocurrency on the spot. If this feature is unavailable, then you need to go to your bitcoin wallet app and buy bitcoins there. Only after this, you can make a deposit to a keno online casino and play games.

Reliable online casinos don’t falsify any game results. They use random number generators to provide fair results. Besides, the software developers that produce online keno games also employ RNG mechanisms in their games. So, make sure that you are playing keno by a reliable provider at a safe online casino.

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