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Best Online Casino In The World

Because of certain restrictions, it is difficult to find a casino that is ideal for everyone in the world. So, we’re going to explore the best casino choices for different countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, India, etc. This choice of territories is made due to the reason that the gambling industry highly regards these countries. But before we get to this, let us give you a list of the top 10 online casinos catering to the whole world!

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Let’s take a look at gambling sites catering to different parts of our world. Some countries allow gambling in any form, while others do not permit even pronouncing the word “gambling”. There are also countries that do not allow citizens to host casino sites in their jurisdiction. But, they do allow them to gamble at offshore sites.

Canadian Casinos

Canada allows citizens to play offshore. That is why many online casinos are targeting Canadian players. Legit online casinos in Canada have licenses from the best regulators such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), and Kahnawake Gambling Commission (KGC). In Canada, you can find a broad range of great licensed casinos offering great security, fun games, and generous bonuses.

Well, what are the best casinos for Canadians? The number one platform is JackpotCity. It offers a huge welcome deposit bonus of CA$1,600. Hundreds of players have left positive reviews on this casino site. Other reliable gambling operators are Yukon Gold, Betway, Spin casino, and so on. The casinos listed above are available in Canada and almost all parts of the Earth.

Casinos in the UK

The United Kingdom is the most established market in the gambling industry. This is a country where all innovations in the gambling industry take place. What’s more, one of the key regulators, the UK Gambling Commission, is headquartered there. In the United Kingdom, casinos are subject to strict standards and regulations. They offer thousands of online slots, live table games, and many video poker variations. Have a look at the most popular casinos for UK gamblers: Genesis Casino, Jackpot Village, and many more.

New Zealand Casinos

For the most part, New Zealand platforms are licensed either in Malta or in the UK. NZ online casinos provide plenty of payment methods, including PayPal, POLi, credit cards, and so on. Moreover, all legit casinos have outstanding customer support that works 24/7. Popular New Zealand casinos are Royal Vegas, Betway, JackpotCity.

Indian Casinos

There are many online casinos in India, but none of them is regulated in India. Every online gaming platform has the MGA or the UKGC license, just like Canada and NZ. Since most casino sites are international but regulated in Malta or the United Kingdom, they are all the same as those in Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. Online casinos such as Royal Panda and 7Bit are the best option for Indian players as they have exclusive deals for Indian residents.

What Online Casinos are Best in the World

If you choose an online casino catering to the whole world, the first question you need to ask yourself is “What do I want to play?”. Your preferences are what determines the choice of an online casino. If you like slots, then you should definitely choose an online casino with thousands of slot machines. If you prefer poker, then your gambling platform should give you access to the poker rooms. But if you want to bet on sports, you need a completely different type of gambling site — a sportsbook.

As soon as you determine the type of casino you need, you can start the selection of the site. There are certain criteria depending on which casino can be considered the best one. Here’s what you should bear in mind when choosing the best casino in the world.


Every respectable gambler should check the casino for safety. Only regulated and licensed online casinos must be at your disposal. That is why we at CasinoBest.ca recommend only regulated casino sites. The best regulatory bodies were already mentioned in this post. They are MGA and the UKGC. Many offshore casinos are based in Curacao thus are regulated by their gambling jurisdiction. These sites also have licenses. Therefore, you can trust them.

Variety of Games

The issue with your preferences matters a lot in this section. The criterion of a broad choice of games is very important for players. Whether you want to play slots, table games, live casino, progressive jackpots, or all at once, your casino should provide you with all of them. Make sure your casino is partnered with prominent software providers like Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution, or others. Only the best game developers can guaranty high-quality play.

Casino Bonuses

Real money online casinos will not miss out on the opportunity to treat their players with some incentives. Bonus money, free spins, cashback, and other promos will make your gambling experience ten times more exciting and fun. Many players around the world choose the casino by the welcome bonus and recurring offers. Of course, a huge sum of money is a good thing to start with, but you should forget about the details of the bonus promo. All of them come with specific terms and conditions that you should comply with. They include information about the wagering requirements, bonus expiry date, minimum and maximum stakes, and so on.

Customer Support

Even if you are playing at the casinos for a long time now and know every detail of online gambling, you can still have some difficulties now and then. When you have problems with your payout or verification, you can always contact the support team via 24/7 live chat. Online casinos that offer their services worldwide usually have an international support team. They speak many different languages from English to Japanese. Besides, if you think you have problem gambling issues, you can also contact the casino help center. Many gambling operators nowadays offer support for addicted players.

Mobile Gambling

The gambling industry is moving forward like the other industries in the world. Many casino operators have their mobile versions to give players access to play online from any place. Consequently, no matter where you are, if you have a stable internet connection, you can open your mobile casino and play to your pleasure. Most mobile casino websites and casino apps are available on iOS and Android devices. Make sure that your online casino is the best in the world for having a fully optimized mobile version.

Where Gambling is Legal

Thanks to the Internet, we all can have access to online casino games no matter where we are. However, our location still matters because some countries do not allow gambling in any form. If you get caught for gambling in these countries, you might need to pay fines.

But let’s talk about something pleasant — the countries where you can gamble offline and online. Gambling laws in other countries may differ from those in your country, but the major thing is in common — gambling is legal.

The industry of online gambling has a global market share, but this sphere is still new. Gambling online for real money can still be very dangerous because of the scams that try to steal your money. The reason why fake casinos exist is that there is a number of countries that do not have any restrictions and regulations for gambling institutions. While the gambling laws in Quebec, for example, allow any form of gambling for all Canadians of 18-years old, the laws in many countries of the Middle East region will forbid gambling at all.

You should keep in mind that gambling at offshore casinos holds a distinct status in terms of legal issues. So, check the gambling laws in your jurisdiction before playing games at international casinos.

Gambling on European Market

Certain casino games like baccarat and blackjack were born in Europe. That is why in many European countries, gambling is legalized. Besides, it has strict regulatory standards. Because of such a control, European casinos are not that popular worldwide as those venues in Las Vegas. However, the European gambling industry offers many options for players.

The biggest online gambling markets are Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The other European countries that have legalized both online and offline gambling are Austria, Albania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Finland, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Romania, and Sweden. The European market includes some of the most prominent software providers.

Other countries in the European continent are exceptions. For example, Iceland and France accept all forms of gambling including sports betting and bingo when played in land-based establishments, but they prohibit online casinos. Such countries as Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Russia, and Ukraine have banned playing at online casinos, but nobody will tell you anything if you gamble at offshore sites. This approach is very similar to online gambling in Canada.

Perhaps, the only country that has very strict regulations is Turkey. If you want to gamble from Turkey, you must be very careful even on international casino sites.

Gambling in North America

Almost everybody knows that the first casinos appear in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the North American continent is the history of casinos, the gambling laws regarding offshore casinos aren’t that easy. As for Canada and Mexico, these countries have legalized all forms of gambling — both online and offline. On Canadian territories, though, you need to be careful with the provincial regulations as each province has its own gambling legislation.

The USA market is a bit more complicated for an average online casino fan. In other words, the legislation has very tough restrictions that vary from state to state, even though international gambling games are popular among Americans. The US market has no clear provisions for licensing. This is why players from the US simply don’t have access to the best online casinos in the world. Such states as Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware have taken steps towards the legalization of online gambling. However, it is much easier to establish a new land-based casino in the USA. Unlike in Canada, it is legal to open casinos in the US.

Gambling in Asia

Countries across Asia have different gambling laws. If you are going to play online games staying in Asia, be aware of the full list of restrictions in the country you are visiting. For example, in Singapore, you could practice any form of gambling ten years ago, but today you will not even have access to lotteries.

On the contrary, in Japan a few years ago you would look for a legal loophole to be able to gamble. But now Japanese jurisdiction allows offline gambling in certain regions of the country. So, you can even find a land-based casino with slot machines and poker rooms.

Thailand’s government has banned all sorts of gambling, but you can gamble online at offshore sites without drawing attention to yourself. Taiwan allows only sports betting both online and at physical bookmakers. Malaysian legislation allows gambling at land-based venues, but you would not like it as there are many unfair operators. If you visit Vietnam, you can enter brick-and-mortar casinos. But if you are a resident of Vietnam, you can’t do so.

Macau, a very familiar city for gamblers, is a place for many casinos, bookmakers, and poker establishments in China. However, in the other regions of the country, you won’t be able to gamble except for placing bets on sports at physical bookmakers.

Indian culture is based on games of chance, so you will find a lot of gambling venues in India. Recently, Indian states have taken steps towards legalizing online casinos. On the other hand, the Philippines allow online gambling at international casinos.

Gambling in the Middle East

The region of the Middle East is the strictest for gambling in any form. The Islam religion doesn’t allow them to gamble as well as to drink alcohol as this isn’t healthy at all. However, Muslims are ready to take part in competitions and challenges.

If there are any casino venues in the Middle East, like in Dubai, they only cater to foreign visitors. Though, in Israel and Egypt, you would likely find a land-based casino that welcomes everyone. In these countries, online gambling holds an unclear status, though it’s legal. This means that you can play at online casinos without problems.

Gambling in Australia, New Zealand and Oceania

A few years ago, Australians were known as the most playing nation in the world. They played everything from slot machines to poker and sports betting. However, after 2017 this has changed due to the Interactive Gambling Bill. This Bill banned almost all online casinos from the Australian territory. That is why it gets more difficult to find a reputable online casino site in Australia.

Speaking of New Zealand, things are easier here. However, kiwis have to comply with the local restrictions if they want to gamble. Online gambling on foreign sites is more accessible than on NZ sites as it is prohibited to open gambling platforms. This also means that the kiwi players should be careful when choosing a fair online casino.

Gambling in South America

Players from Latin America have a diverse gambling market. Such countries as Argentina, Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic are the best countries for casino enthusiasts. They allow online gambling and playing at land-based venues. Brazil and Chile do not allow gambling online, but you won’t be punished if you gamble at offshore websites.

Ecuador is an exception from these countries, It was okay with the casinos until 2010. President Rafael Correa banned gambling at online casinos and brick-and-mortar venues. Still, no one will say anything to you if you gamble at offshore casinos.

And the only country where we would not recommend betting is Cuba. It can be quite dangerous.


In this article, we briefly mentioned the countries where gambling is popular these days. What you should remember about gambling in many parts of our world is that gambling laws differ from country to country. Whilst in your country of living you can play games online and skip taxes on winnings, you won’t manage to do the same staying at a different country.

If you are a casino fan wishing to visit every casino in the world, we would recommend flying to Europe and make a Euro Tour across all gambling capitals. Also, you should visit the USA to play at the best casinos. Some Asian and Eastern countries also cater to foreign gamblers.

But if you want to stay in the comfort of your home, there is no better way to gamble than doing it online. Join the best online casino in the world and multiply your bankroll by several times. Remember that to find reliable international online casinos, we urge you to follow the simple steps of checking the casinos for trustworthiness.

Always look at the casino’s license, find out if the casino is following the regulations in your country. And if you don’t have time to search for the casinos, you can always use our help. We highly recommend reading our reviews of the listed casino sites above. It will help you evaluate the key aspects of the gambling site of your choice.

Best Online Casino In The World
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The best casino websites are, first of all, legal. Most international jurisdictions should accept this casino because it follows certain gambling standards. The best world casino should also offer the best service in terms of security measures, support, and rewarding system.

The accessibility of an online casino depends on the country’s legislation. Some countries allow online gambling and are fine with it. Thus you have a good chance to join the best online casino worldwide staying in that country. But some Eastern countries, for example, won’t allow you to gamble in any form.

More yes than no. Most online casinos no matter where they are situated offer welcome bonuses for new players. This is a tendency that so many players love. A lot of bonus money and free spins is always a good start for a player.

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