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Is It Possible to Beat Online Casino Slots?

Games of chance — this is how people call casino games. Although you never know whether you’ll win or lose in any casino game, slots are still the best representatives of games of chance. You don’t need to think a lot as you literally just click a button and watch the result. Many Canadian players think: “If every casino game doesn’t guarantee winning, then why do I need to try so hard?” But is it really impossible to predict a winning?

How RNG Works

Online slot machines are driven by random number generators (RNG). This computerized mechanism randomly determines a winner by passing results through a system. However, the RNG is not as good as you might think. This generator selects low-paying symbols more often than the high-paying ones. By doing so, games give an online casino a house edge. From time to time, the generator can select high-paying symbols or even special symbols and reward a player with a win. But these high-paying selections are not frequent at all since casinos need to earn money from games.

So, if all slot results depend on a random number generator, does it mean that a player has no chances to beat the game and take wins?

Luck or Math?

Luck means a lot in games of chance, but when games have a random number generator, they are not really games of chance anymore. That’s why you need to help your luck show its best. There are two ways you can do so. First is to monitor behavior of each spin, and second — control your money. It’s important to find out a hit frequency of winning combinations and bonus rounds, and also how often they are revoked. You can only get this information if you keep playing long enough.

As you get the understanding of how the game’s math is programmed, you can figure out when to bet maximum, and when to place minimum bets. Seeing how often spins hit a win will help you increase your winning potential.

The second way to help your luck by controlling your bankroll is actually about safe gambling. You’ve probably heard a lot about limiting your casino budget and so on. However, this time, the best recommendation would be to find no deposit bonus casino. The bonus can’t be easily found because not all casinos are interested in giving money to players without charge. Besides, no deposit online casinos should be reputable ones with gaming licenses, audited games, and real money payouts.

Although it’s difficult to find all-in-one casino site on one’s own, we’ve done deep research on Canadian casino sites with no deposit bonus for new players. Here’s a list of recommended no deposit bonus online casinos.

No Deposit Bonus Online Casinos

Type of Slot Matters

You can be playing a super classic slot and win every time whereas if you are on progressive jackpot slot, you can be waiting for the win for ages. So, you need to choose games wisely according to your preferences, and to the game outcome which you want to see. Here are various types of slots and how they can affect your odds.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Jackpot games can give players a lot of money, but they also require big bets. That’s why we recommend opening a jackpot slot only when you know your budget is sufficient for the maximum bets. You will win with a higher probability if you risk more money. Of course, there are exceptional cases when players won millions by placing only $10 bet, but it’s very rare.

You need to know the winning chances of your selected jackpot game. If you play Megabucks by IGT, for example, to be eligible for the million jackpot prize, you’ll need to bet over $500 per spin. And if you play Mega Moolah or Wheel of Fortune, you don’t need to bet so much. However, bigger bets boost bigger wins, anyway.

Bonus Featured Slots

The slots which you see on top of each casino portfolio are the most popular. These slots usually have special features and bonus rounds. The biggest advantage of this type is the minimum bets. You can bet as low as possible and win anytime. Still, if you bet more, you’ll win bigger.

Bonuses such as special symbols, free spins, and buy-feature also trigger bigger bonuses. You can be professional at a slot if you spend enough time playing it. All the same recommendations are applicable here too. You need to monitor the gameplay and control your bankroll. Try to be consistent and you’ll make a fortune.

Classic Slot Machines

By classic slots we mean 3-reels one pay-line slots with no bonus features. They might not be the best entertaining games, but they’ve been tested by time. Their game rules are the easiest. You can go to pay-table and see for yourself. Most classic games have a pay schedule where you can monitor your gameplay.

Besides, classic games feature one thing that can help calculating your results. One of each seven spins has super multipliers. The other six spins you either lose or win little, but one of them is always big and it’s worth waiting for.

By analyzing the pay schedule, you can decide whether to bet MAX or to hold a bit. Besides, each 7 spins, you have a chance to double your win. So, don’t forget to watch the movement of multipliers.


You can be a very lucky person, but little strategic actions will never hurt your gameplay. Besides, controlling your budget and taking advantage of no deposit bonus are only stimulating your healthy gaming towards less spending.

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Yes, of course. Almost all casinos that offer Play’n GO slots will let you try the games without making a deposit. Some casinos don’t even require players to sign up. Thus, anyone who visits their websites can play demo versions of the best Play’n GO slots. We also recommend trying slots for free just to see if you like this game or not.

Most Canadian online casinos allow you to play games for free. Casino sites such as LeoVegas, Rizk Casino, Playamo, Wildz, and many others will not ask you to register at their sites. You can simply open any RNG-based game and play it for free.

First of all, you should check with your no verification casino what payment methods it offers. Then, pick an e-wallet that you see on the site. Make sure its service suits your preferences (check out the fees, transaction limits, and so on). Aside from e-wallets, you can use a crypto-wallet as a payment method at a no verification casino. If you hold any cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, it won’t be a problem to find an online casino that accepts cryptos and easy withdrawals.

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