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Reactoonz is an amazing cascade slot game with unusual design and well animated graphics. Rainbow-coloured googly-eyed alien creatures fall on the 7×7 grid in order to form different combinations to let you win. Even though the rules are pretty simple, this video game immerses into another universe right away and holds your attention for a long time. To the accompaniment of nice music and funny sound effects the gaming process appears really pleasant.


The goal of the game is to get as many winning combinations as possible. Paid clusters consist of 5 or more symbols. Each of these cute little aliens should touch one another in a horizontal or vertical direction to form a connected chain. The larger these chains, the higher your prize. After creating a cluster the new symbols land on the reels instead of the old ones. The process continues until the next lucky combination shows up.

There are four types of quantum features:

  • Implosion: turns from 3 to 6 symbols into the wild ones and ruines the bordering figures.
  • Incision: cuts a wild figure into the middle and produces two lines that cross diagonally throughout the grid.
  • Demolition: explodes all of the one-eyed and matching aliens.
  • Alteration: picks randomly one of the one-eyed symbols and transforms all the matches into other types.

It is important to note that quantum features don’t impact wild symbols.

On the right side of the screen the Gargantoon sits enthroned. Once the quantum queue approaches him, the monster appears wild and replaces all the small aliens. The Gargantoon divides and moves along with every symbol dropping. Initially it turns into 2×2 sized wild symbols and after that into nine separate ones. New symbols fall down from heaven and fill up the grid before every monster’s move.

Next interesting feature of Reactoonz is the Quantum leap which is located above the Gargantoon and charges up every time a player wins. Once you reach the amount of 25 symbols the Leap adds a Quantum feature to the queue randomly. It is available to add a maximum of 4 Quantum features. Then, after charging all the 5 bars the Gargantoon feature appears.

The game round finishes once all the Quantum features in the queue are triggered and no winning combinations are possible anymore.

Giantoonz and fluctuation

Four matching adjacent symbols that form a square become Giantoonz. If there are any winning combinations in it they get doubled. There is also a randomly chosen one-eyed alien in every spin that has a mark of a fluctuating figure. If any of such figures form a winning combination, they put two wilds behind. Also, the wild ones work as a substitute for every symbol.

5.0 rating
5.0 rating
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5.0 rating
5.0 rating

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