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5 Pitfalls of No Deposit Bonuses

Every person in Canada who registers at an online casino for the first time is vulnerable to the promotions. The ads invite everyone to try out bonuses. But what they have in the end is just the experience which they will never repeat again.

This is due to the minimal positive results. Firstly, bonuses from Canadian online casinos seem so huge and rewarding, but in fact they don’t even help. Secondly, the enticing offers impose many restrictions on your gameplay.

There are many types of bonuses, such as Deposit, Match Bonus, Exclusive, Holiday promos and so on. There is also another type called No Deposit Bonus. This is a sort of the cream of the crop, as some people think. Among the majority of promos that require you to make a deposit preliminary, the No Deposit one does not oblige you to do so. And who would resist the chance to play casino games without making any funds? No one!

However, slow down for a while. If you are planning to use that bonus at your favourite online casino in Canada, make sure you know the pitfalls that wait for you ahead. We’ve found five mistakes that you can make easily for just claiming the No Deposit Bonus.

No Deposit Bonus T&Cs are Crucial

The best way to avoid mistakes is simply reading the Bonus Terms and Conditions. Most gamblers never read the requirements and then they wonder why they can’t withdraw, and why the support team can’t help. The fact is online casino terms imply that you have read all the rules and follow them. If you haven’t, it’s your problem. You know the saying: forewarned is forearmed. This is about the Bonus Terms and the consequences.

Online casinos don’t hide the T&Cs from you. On the other hand, casinos want you to read them because they won’t really be happy dealing with your problems due to the missed information. On their side, they have done everything. You can even see the terms by various links on the site. The most common is the link at the bottom of the casino webpage. Besides, the bonus description also contains the Terms, so it isn’t hard to see them.

The mistake that you’ll probably make is skipping this step. You’d rather imagine and discuss the benefits of the No Deposit reward. The Terms are not encouraging, nor interesting to read. But they are crucial pieces of information that will make you take a reality check and even change your mind.

Terms include the information about the wagering requirements for this bonus. If you don’t recall their intention, we’ll remind you. They are simply the rules that you’ll have to meet before you can withdraw. Apart from these requirements, you’ll need to learn the time limit of the bonus. It means how much time you have before the bonus expires, and how soon you need to claim for it because it doesn’t last long. The No Deposit Bonuses usually accept only a couple of games, so this is also necessary to know. Finally, find out the MAX and MIN amounts of withdrawal. I hope you imagine the potential consequences if you miss the important details.

No Deposit Bonuses are Not “Free” Money

This is a completely mistaken belief of many casino players that they can withdraw the money given as a No Deposit reward. The money that you receive upon claiming the bonus is not free. Sad truth, but very often you can’t even use it for playing any game on the website.

Again the Terms and Conditions have such a clause meaning you’re unable to withdraw the money instantly. Canadian online casinos prevent this by applying the play requirement. Let’s take an example, you receive a $30 No Deposit bonus on sign-up. Then you need to play $25 in total, so you think that $5 is your “free” cash.

Far from it! The online casinos are smart enough to make the MIN withdrawal limits. Only this requirement will prevent you from withdrawing any amounts of money unless you have won them back on a game.

Of course, there are back-ways for earning money from the No Deposit bonuses, but you’ll have to work on it a lot. Back to the wagering requirements, if you don’t understand them properly, you can hardly achieve the sign-up reward.

Watch Out For the Games You Play Without Deposit

As I’ve already mentioned, when you claim for the reward, you cannot use it for every game in the lobby. It’s quite obvious that online casinos allow you to spend the bonus money on a limited selection of games only.

However, don’t think that these games are bad and not interesting at all. Alternatively, the casino sites want you to try out the “hot” games valued by most players. The variety of valid games is usually small. The casino may offer you slots, keno, or scratch cards.

Nevertheless, casinos often require you to play games with the low chance of winning. This is due to the high bet amounts placed by the other gamblers. Before you claim for the bonus, make sure to find out the RTP of the selected games. Their titles are mentioned in the Terms as well as on the ad’s fine print.

If you choose to skip these games, you are depriving yourself of a chance to get the further reward. Mind that after meeting the wagering requirement in the bonus valid game, you can play any casino game you like.

You can waste a lot of time and money on your favourite game, but in the end you’ll discover that you can’t request for your winnings. Just take the responsibility of playing through the correct game in order to get your bonus based winnings.

Withdrawal Limits are Inviolable

Remember that every online casino has a minimum amount of money for withdrawal. It’s just impossible to make the request for the amount below this limit. The online casinos inform you about the limits in two ways: in T&Cs and before the withdrawal transaction.

Generally, casino sites set a standard range between $10 and $25. The fixed amount is necessary to ensure the casinos don’t lose money while paying the transaction fee for processing a small sum.

The limits also prevent you from cashing out too early. You need to achieve the min sum of money before you withdraw, thus you will have to play more and more. At this moment it’s very advisable to avoid betting huge amounts, as the bonus disappears quickly.

As soon as you meet all the requirements including the withdrawal limits, you can cash out the winnings without problems. However, most gamblers consider the final amount quite small for the payout and decide to give it another try betting in the other games.

Casino reviews are obligatory to read

Let’s be honest, this is not a pitfall of the No Deposit Bonus but you should read the reviews on the casino sites anyway. One day you can stumble upon a casino website and might want to read its Terms and Bonus requirements. However, you discover no relevant information about the restrictions or the money amount necessary for a withdrawal.

If you notice that the site contains ambiguous T&Cs of the no deposit bonus and other promotions, it isn’t recommended to register. It’s probably not a trusted site. Besides, you can notice how the casino prevents you from withdrawing the winnings later. For example, they can verify your docs for the whole week, or ask for unnecessary data. It’s easy to avoid such casinos after reading some reviews, feedback and comments from real gamblers and appropriate sites.

To conclude

Hopefully you understand that it’s quite essential to read the Terms and Conditions very carefully. In case you can’t understand something, you can contact the support team with your question. The bonuses are undoubtedly attractive, but if you don’t know their rules, you can face bad circumstances. To tell the truth, many experienced gamblers don’t recommend using bonuses of any type. No Deposit Bonus is not advisable either. Promos tend to get your money, not give them to you.

5 Pitfalls of No Deposit Bonuses
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