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Best Online Casino Promotions

Enter any online casino and you will be immediately hit by the striking welcome bonuses inviting you to join the casino. The word ‘bonus’ itself captivates and makes you claim for it once you get the offer. So, what are these promotions? How many of them are out there? And what are the best ones?

The bonuses are an integral part of casinos at present times. Their purpose is to attract new players and keep the already registered customers by means of prizes. And players fall for it. Obviously, who would deny extra money? However, the promotions are not that simple. This is a moment to recall for wagering requirements. Every bonus has special terms of usage. The casinos must place information about them to make sure you understand what you are claiming for. So, do not be lazy and always read the bonus terms thoroughly and adequately.

Types of Promotions

As a common rule, every kind of bonus requires you to put money on your account, first. The promotions can be divided into two types: deposit bonuses and non-deposit ones. The latter means that you are welcome to register and play games for free. It may sound like magic, but here come the wagering requirements that you should follow in order to access the games and the bonus.

Most likely you are to face a deposit-required bonus as it is beneficial for casinos as well as for the players. Here is the list of the best promotions used by casinos in a descending order.

  1. Exclusive Bonuses. The offers are specially created for users of affiliate communities or websites.
  2. Loyalty Bonuses. Offered to the VIP customers only.
  3. Cashback Bonuses. You get rewarded for your losses.
  4. Birthday Bonuses. A birthday gift from casinos.
  5. Reload Bonuses. Return to the casino once again and get the bonus.
  6. High-Roller Bonuses. Specials for Max Bet lovers.
  7. Referral Bonuses. Involve a friend into the casino to get rewarded.
  8. Welcome Bonuses. Starting pleasures for newcomers only.
  9. Extra Spins. So-called Free Spins, but not actually given for free. You have to deposit.

There also exist different companies that offer the best promotions to the participant casino users. As an example, the Casino Rewards Group has 29 casino members by now and offers the most qualitative promotions. Registering at any of the 29 casinos, you immediately become a member of the CRG loyalty program that will reward you with the best and most trustworthy prizes out there.


To drop off a brief conclusion, you can claim for promotions and it is even advisable but, once again, read the bonus terms because if you do something in a non-appropriate way, you might lose your bonus or not receive it at all. Afterwards you will be wondering why it has happened and why the support team cannot help you. In order to fence yourself off such a negative experience, follow the rules.

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