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Is online casino popular in Canada during COVID-19?

The lockdown caused by COVID-19 has completely turned over the day-to-day life of Canadians across the whole country. A lot of companies operating in the different industries have experienced crisis or even a total crush. As a result, over two million people in Canada have lost their jobs. According to statistics, the unemployment rate has increased by 14% since the virus outbreak started.

The casino industry suffers from the same problem if we speak about land-based Canadian casinos. However, it is not the case for online gambling which has only experienced a sharp spike because of the pandemic. Due to the forced self-isolation and social distancing people just can’t visit public places. Instead they have to stay home for an uncertain period of time. Canadians search for solutions to their main problems: entertainment and money at a distance. The gambling sites combine the two spheres resulting in the best option for most people in Canada.

Survival of world gambling

Online casinos are in a much better position than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. All they have to serve is games and a safe online environment. The players are satisfied with this method of gambling as they are safe at home. They don’t endanger their lives as there is no need to touch the slot machines and tables after they have been used by other people.

Gambling sites are open 24 hours a day working without weekends which is another advantage in the nowadays situation. All the occurring events are made in favour of online casinos. Players would rather stay safe at home than go out and take risks for their health. This is the reason why online casinos are reaching peak of popularity among Canadian players.

Online gambling is one of the few industries that survive the economic crisis with a positive outcome. There is almost no damage to the financial part, except maybe for sportsbooks due to the comparatively less amount of sports events.

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How do we know that online casinos are popular in Canada?

Canadians are getting very interested in online casinos. The following facts just prove it more.

Players’ amount is bigger

The online gambling industry in Canada has noted a great rise of new users. Of course, it means that online casino games are popular this time. Analysts say the online gambling business increased their revenues for the last months. The reason for this spike can be the simple boredom that makes people join entertaining activities on their smartphones or home computers. The device must just have access to the world net. So people can come up only with the option to play online casino games. Some already experienced players had time to learn the new games in lobbies. Others are still using the free trial feature to avoid risks. Some players have crossed over to real money gambling in order to improve their budgets. Beside the regular online gamblers, new players come from the land-based venues who used to spend their evenings by the roulette tables or numerous slot machines.

UKGC reports

The UK Gambling Commission takes the leading position among the world regulatory authorities in gambling industry. Majority of online casinos made for players from Canada have licenses and follow regulations of the UKGC. Its statistics show that the percentage of individuals that play online has risen since the pandemic covered the whole world. The rate of online gamblers playing real money slots has increased by 25%. However, poker is still the most popular casino game with the increase of 38%. The mentioned figures were current for the first months of the coronavirus pandemic. Although the statistical data is based on the total gambling industry revenues including online and land-based casinos, the major income went to the gambling websites than their counterparts.

Shift towards gambling sites

Canadian gambling market saw a notable shift from brick-and-mortar casinos to gambling websites. The result of this move is a huge rise of the user base that has been noted at the popular online casino platforms available in Canada.

Although mobile apps remain to be the most comfortable method to use online casinos, desktop versions are not less popular during the lockdown. The pandemic situation still seems unclear for the further months, so online gambling will prosper. We don’t exclude the appearance of the new casino sites.

Moving to the Internet age

The year 2020 has shown that the Internet environment is the safest for people worldwide. By now Canadians and other nations have communications, purchasing, studies and work online. The whole world turns even more digital than it was before. It may be not so good for humans, but it certainly is for online casinos. The global adaptation to the Internet connected devices is a good sign for gambling sites. We are sure that even land-based casinos are already thinking about the business migration to the online ambience.

Long story short

The period from March 2020 up to the present days prompted people to discover the gambling sites and open new accounts. It results in the flourishing of the online casino industry in Canada even though the country is going through difficult times. Like other online based sectors, gambling is experiencing a rise in revenue and number of customers.

No matter when the pandemic ends and whether it will end at all, the gambling sites don’t expect the decline in their popularity. By that time people will have already been regular players who feel comfortable to play casino games at home.

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