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How to win slots with Reel Respin feature only

It is not a secret and not a single doubt that at least once in the lifetime you have searched for the ‘How to win slot machines online in Canada’ answers. You’ve played thousands of slots, you’ve lost millions of rounds, have you ever won? We suppose, yes. Slots can bring you profit, this is true. But they also can give you a couple of bad experiences after which you feel down.

Besides, you have probably tried the helping methods posted on the gambling related Canadian websites. To tell the truth, CasinoBest.ca has some recommendations on how to win slots too. Basically, all these methods are true and easy to accomplish. They just require you to be responsible and strictly follow the recommendations.

Specific terms

In this article, we are going to give you another practice. Try the described method to win slots. There are just one and a couple more things to consider.

  1. Select the slot with the Reel Respin feature.
  2. Mind that the feature should be specific. Basic rules of the feature:
    • Respin of one reel at a time.
    • It should allow you to respin the reel multiple times.
  3. Practice the game in the free play mode to feel sure about the feature.
  4. Deposit a sufficient sum for this game. Not too small, and not too big, of course.

Let us explain to you why the above mentioned rules are important. There are many games in Canadian online casinos, We’re sure you have played them. These are the slots where you can activate the Respin feature. But these games usually let you respin just once. It either can take extra cost for the spin, or take no charges at all. It all depends on the game’s idea and specific rules. This is yet another must: read the game rules before you play the slot.

Slots winning strategy

The idea of the actual strategy is to find a game with the Respin feature that spreads to only one random reel and lets you respin for an unlimited number of times. We should tell that like any other winning strategy, this one is not a guarantee of the big win. But you can try using it and see for yourself.

All these theoretic talks are nothing without the actual practical example. Thus, we will figure out the strategy in detail with the help of the real slot machine. The example slot is called Wild Orient, it is a real game from Microgaming software. You can read the full review of Wild Orient on our website. There you’ll find the description of the game features, its advantages and drawbacks.

Back to the example, as you already understand, the game has the Respin feature. Exactly the one we need: single reel respin for multiple times. The slot has also other special symbols which are helpful for our strategy. Further we are going to explain the strategy itself, so it’s advisable to launch the game in a free mode. This way you’ll practice it and see the results on your own.


Every game starts with the bet selecting, for sure. Wild Orient is not an exception. So, set your comfortable bet. Depending on your total gambling balance, you can place minimum or medium. Yet if you have enough coins in your bankroll, press Max Bet to win bigger. Mind that you can’t change the bet amount later. If you do it, the respin feature will desappear and you will have to repeat the strategy steps again.


Start the game with the first spin. This is quite necessary to spin until you have the Wild symbol on the reels. Whether it gives you a winning result or not, it doesn’t matter. As soon as you see the Wild one, stop spinning. Now it’s time for the Respin feature. You can respin random reels with one click on that exact reel. But don’t touch the reel with the Wild symbol. The following combinations will have winning results with the help of this Wild sign.

It’s important to mention that each reel raises the total bet every time you click to respin. The total reel bet amount is placed below each reel. Make sure to respin wisely and always look at the reel bet to avoid big losses.

Next level

By this time you can play only with the Respin feature changing the reels one by one and guessing the winning Wild combinations. As time goes by, you’ll see the Scatter symbol on the reels. Generally and according to the game rules, you can launch the Free Spins game with the collected three Scatters. We hope you’ve already caught the idea. Basically, you do the same action: respin the individual reels until you get the Scatter symbol. As soon as another reel shows the Scatter, leave this reel, don’t respin it. As a result, you need to respin the reels one by one until the gameplay shows you 3 Scatters.

Free Spins

The game rules state that after collecting the 3 Scatters you get 15 spins for free. During this Free Spins game you just sit and watch how the reels spin automatically and reward you with the bonus cash. This game also multiplies the bonus wins, so you’ll finish the extra game with a big smile on your face as you see the current balance sum.


After you’ve played the Bonus game, you can jump around because you’ve just won a couple of thousands. Now it’s very recommended to quit the game and request for withdrawal. You are the Wild Orient winner! However, if you feel the urge, you can try the above mentioned steps again and again. Nevertheless, remember that it’s your own decision. If something goes wrong, don’t blame us. Though we’re pretty sure that this strategy works well for everybody who is more or less responsible in gambling.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve got the idea and repeated these steps while reading the article. The strategy is based on the real experience. It’s easy to practice. You can do the same playing the other games with the similar features. Try out different games and make up your own strategies. Remember the golden rules of Canadian gamblers: practice game in a free mode, bet the smallest at the beginning, read the game rules and quit at the right time. Though you know all this without us reminding.

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