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Caribbean Draw

If you consider yourself a professional hold’em poker player, you definitely know the rules, where you play against other real players, and have to use special techniques and skills in order to win even with a small hand. In online poker your wins depend only on a certain combination, because in this case you play against the computer. Let’s get deep in the description of this game and figure out what does “drew” means? It means you can eliminate up to two cards from the five to replace them with new cards from the pack. When you get all five cards, select the ones you don’t like (not more than two) and click to draw them, then two new cards will immediately appear on the missing spots. This feature will significantly increase your chance of winning. When a player and a dealer get all cards on hand, it’s time to check who is the winner. You simply need to compare two hands and see who has a better hand. If your combination is higher, then check the paytable to see the odds, and calculate a prize by multiplying a bet and the coefficient multiplier.

A paytable

A pair of eights or higher – not a lose
Two pairs – not a lose
Three of a kind – you will double the winnings
Straight – you will triple the winnings
Flush – in five times
Full House – in seven times
4 of a Kind – in twenty times
Straight Flush – in fifty times
Royal Flush – in a hundred times

A paytable for progressive jackpot wishers

2 Pairs – x4
Three of a Kind – x5
Straight – x15
Flush – x30
Full House – x50
4 of a Kind – x500
Straight Flush – x2100
Royal Flush – is a Progressive Jackpot Win!
In this case you are able to receive some money back even from a losing option. This happens because you play with a higher bet rate. Let me introduce to you the reason you came here. The Royal Flash is the most desirable combination, however it’s the most rare one. The payments differ from 20000$ – 50000$, it depends on the time the progressive jackpot has been accumulating.


This hold’em poker with an ability to win a jackpot will be a great option for gamblers who enjoy Texas poker and believe in a lucky combination that will change his life.

4.3 rating
4.5 rating
4.5 rating
4.0 rating
4.3 rating
4.3 rating
4.5 rating
4.0 rating
4.0 rating

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