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Best Time to Go Away From Slot Machines

Online slots entice and addict players because they have no finish. One keeps playing till he runs out of money. And even then, a player will come back and play again till he’s blue in the face. This is a common story with slot fans that cannot stop playing at the right time. If this sounds familiar to you, read this article till the end and find out when you can safely give up on a slot machine and go do your things. Below, check out the best online casinos in Canada that have a big collection of slots:


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Most Canadian online casinos offer thousands of slot machines. All of them can be played with bonus money and free spins that make your gaming session longer. But even with bonus money, be careful and know when to stop. Below, we’re giving you practical tips.

After you hit multiple losses

When you play a slot game and you see you’re having several losses in a row, this is a surefire sign you should leave, at least this specific slot. How to determine the number of losses at which you can go away? In fact, no one can tell you that. It depends on your budget. So it’s totally up to you to determine how many losses are enough.

In this case, close the game and try another slot machine. Chances are you will succeed better at the next game. So walk away and don’t look back. If you really like that slot (the way it looks, its theme, and its features), leave it for another day. Maybe next time, Lady Luck will be looking your way.

When you feel like you’re going broke

When you’re playing slots, you may both win and lose. And if it results in three wins followed by one loss, it’s okay, you can stay and keep spinning. But when you notice there are more losses than wins, and the wins are not that prosperous, you’d better leave that game.

Especially when you’re betting at the edge of reaching your limit, it’s a sign to go away from a slot, and all slots in general since you don’t have enough funds to continue playing.

Constantly monitor your winnings and losses. And when you start getting close to your limit, you should tap the close button and focus on a different thing. Do not try depositing more money when your balance is null. This is a red flag that you should not avoid.

When you get tired of playing

We’re all human beings and we get tired every day, even if all we were doing was gambling online. Casino games are endless and they can be played without track of time. But your body and mind will eventually get weary. You will start feeling hungry or sleepy. Do not ignore these body signs because this is the perfect moment to leave a casino site.

If your desire to play is enormous but your body and brain tell you to stop, listen to them. Because if you keep playing, your brain will not listen to you and you will lose focus. And, as we know, loose focus leads to overspending, inefficient play, and other negative effects.

After you hit a big win

If all the above-mentioned reasons seem not suitable for you because you are the biggest slots fan, here’s another one. Stop playing a slot machine when you hit a big win or even a jackpot. This is the best time to leave a casino with pockets full of money.

As you hit ten or a hundred times your initial balance, it’s a surefire sign to go cash it out immediately. Especially if your goal is to make a huge payout, do not try to make it even bigger by wagering more.

In most cases, a big win is followed by multiple losses, so it makes sense to stop playing right at the moment you get a huge payout and your balance grows.

However, if you gamble for fun and you don’t care for how big your wins are, you can gamble away your large payout. Though, money is never amiss.

Try gaming online casino easy verification to cash out big wins in almost no time.

Tips to help you avoid overgambling

If you cannot stop at the right time and casino slots attract you very much, you can use some tips to help you:

  • Set an alarm that will ring after you’ve played for 2-3 hours. This way, you will know when you should stop.
  • Have other plans for the day. When you have a date at 7 pm or a family dinner at a certain time, you will have to stop gambling before the time comes.
  • Set time limits. Licensed online casinos will help you predict gambling addiction with responsible gambling tools such as time limit, loss limit, deposit limit, etc.
  • Manage your bankroll. If you control your budget, losses, and wins, you will know when to stop without harming your funds.

These tips may help you if you can’t help playing online slots. Besides, do not underestimate the help of your friends and family members. Kindly ask them to remind you of how long you’ve been playing and that it’s high time to stop.

In conclusion

As we said, you can lose track of time when playing slots. It may take hours to play games and care for nothing else. But the more you gamble, the bigger your chances to lose the money that you have won. And even though you haven’t won or lost much, stop playing and turn your attention to some other activity. But when you notice certain signs we described above, it’s the best time to go away from slot machines.

Best Time to Go Away From Slot Machines
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Yes, it is. However, the odds are very high against you. So it will probably take time to hit a progressive or local jackpot. When you’re playing a jackpot slot, always track time and your bankroll because jackpot slots are fast-paced games that have a high house edge.

Of course, it does. When you drink alcohol and play casino games at the same time, you start playing in a risky and aggressive style. You don’t make rational decisions, and in most cases, you ignore the signs that tell you to stop.

A losing streak is a number of consecutive losses in a game. Many slot players hit a losing streak and lose a lot of money by continuing a game. This is why when you have multiple losses in a row, we recommend leaving a slot machine.

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