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Win €10,000 Cash at BitStarz’ Magic Castle Adventure

If your life is lacking a magic touch, join BitStarz casino to fill your everyday routine with fun and riches. The latest promotion of Canadian casino BitStarz will spice up your regular gameplay. Once you cross the castle’s threshold, you will immerse yourself in the Magic Castle Adventure full of bonuses totalling €50,000 and one big cash prize of €10,000!

The most encouraged players will go through all the castle’s floors facing magic creatures and mixing potions. But only one of them who will reach the last level faster than the rest will take home the treasures guarded by the furious dragon. Are you ready for the adventure? Then get all your courage together and fight for the main prize!

How to Participate

The magic doors will open to everyone who is ready to take the challenge. This promotion is a part of levelling up at BitStarz. Being a player at BitStarz means to have fun and increase your status by getting bigger prizes throughout the way.

The level up offer comprises 40 levels which you are going to reach by moving through the Magic Castle. However, the rules of participation are very simple. Here’s how you will level up at BitStarz.

  1. Join BitStarz casino.
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. Play any game that you like on BitStarz’ platform.
  4. Reach new levels.
  5. Get the prizes.

There will be many participants wishing to reach the 40th level and get the biggest prize. But you need to stay motivated to start the journey and move along the levels. Be faster, smarter, and stronger to reach the goal.

One of the perks of joining BitStarz is that you probably won’t need to verify your account. BitStarz is one of those online casinos that don’t require ID.

Details of Magic Castle Adventure

The promotion is temporary running from May 31 till July 16, 15:00 CEST. Though, if you think it’s too late to start at the moment of reading, don’t get disappointed. BitStarz arranges such level-up promotions regularly.

That is why you can still sign up at BitStarz and play all the offered games. Moreover, you can wait for the next level up adventure and enter it from the very first day of the promo to be one of the leaders who takes cash home.

Here are some details that you need to remember while participating in the level up adventure:

  • First of all, make sure you are placing bets from your real money account. If you place bonus money on games, they won’t count to the promo.
  • You can play all games offered by BitStarz to fulfil the task. However, if you play table games, don’t make minimum risk wagers as they won’t count. So, anything like betting on red and black will be considered a false practice and you’ll be banned from the promo.
  • We advise you to play slot games to reach the next levels faster.
  • The prizes that you will receive while levelling up are subject to 10x wagering requirements.
  • The €10,000 prize is cashable and given to only one player who takes it first.
  • On each level, you will have to fill the progress bar that becomes more difficult at the further level.
  • Once you’ve been awarded a prize, you see it on your balance.
  • And as usual, don’t try to abuse a bonus because it may cause blocking of your account or banning you from the level-up adventure.

How to Win €10,000 Cash

At the beginning, the path towards the main prize of the BitStarz level-up adventure seems easy. You just need to complete all the 40 levels. However, with the succession of the adventure events, it gets more difficult because the progress bar at the upper levels is growing. This is where players get stuck and might quit the game.

However, the secret to reaching anything is staying persistent. This rule applies to the promotion of Magic Castle Adventure too. Nevertheless, being persistent in online gambling is a bit complicated. One can get addicted to games or have less money that he can afford, especially when you need to be the first who completes the 40 levels.

Considering the negative consequences, we can give you some recommendations on how to win the main €10,000 cash prize.

Play Online Slots

Slots will contribute better towards the turnover of the promotion than table games or live games. Besides, if you get awarded the bonus money, it will be easier to complete the wagering requirements by playing slots, not table games.

Keep Spinning the Reels

You’ve got to keep playing BitStarz’ games for real money to level up. Of course, provided you have enough financial sources to gamble, you can play online slots and move through the levels faster than others. This way, you’ll get to the Level 40 and take the cash prize that will recompense your spendings during the adventure.

Know Your Limits

It may sound contradictory to the previous advice, but regardless of the money size at the finish, primarily you need to understand if you can afford to fight till the end. If you have enough money to pass all the levels, go for it. Besides, you will have the winnings from games and the bonus money on your way around the magic castle. If you have counted your potential expenses, and it’s ok for you, then go ahead.

However, some players can get overwhelmed by the idea of receiving €10,000 in cash that they don’t set any limits. High-stake players know what they do, but if we’re speaking about the low and medium-stake players, they should realize the possible consequences.

Therefore, we advise you to determine your limits of money that you can spend gambling every day. And if a game doesn’t go as planned and you have a losing track, don’t try to chase your losses. It’s better to take a break from gambling, calm down, and come back the next day.

Explore the Magic Castle Today!

BitStarz casino has an awesome promotional department. There are many bonuses and tournaments which a BitStarz player can take part in. And to spice it up, the players can take the challenge in the level-up adventure that takes place at BitStarz casino throughout the year. So, explore the Magic Castle today to get bonuses and €10,000 in cash, and participate in the upcoming level-up promotions to receive more casino rewards.

Win €10,000 Cash at BitStarz’ Magic Castle Adventure
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The prize pool for the bonus money prizes is worth €50,000. The pool will be smaller by the end of the promotion, on July 16, because players will have received multiple rewards. If there is anything left till the time when you join it, then, of course, you can receive bonuses. But it’s not a guarantee. The sooner you take part, the more bonus money you can have.

Several players can participate in the Magic Castle Adventure promotion. But only those who play till finish can be eligible for the major prize of €10,000 in cash. If more than one player completes levels almost at the same time, the one who was first will get the prize. In case the timing is absolutely identical up to seconds, customer support will deal with the issue.

BitStarz is a secure website with the SSL encryption all over the gambling platform. Besides, the casino holds a licence from Curacao which proves its reliability. Once you decide to withdraw money, you can do it easily using all available methods, including cryptocurrency. Moreover, BitStarz belongs to the group of no verification casinos.

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