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Plans of Canadian Online Casinos for 2022

Thanks to innovative technology and developments, the casino industry has strengthened its position worldwide. One of the fastest-growing sectors of the gambling industry is online casino entertainment. Gambling websites in Canada make full use of the latest technology to evolve their casinos, software, and games. Many casinos have realized many ideas in 2021. But the new year is coming up, so they’ve got to have plans to surprise players. Check out the list of casinos that are looking ahead.

Canadian casinos that keep up with the times

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Some online casinos just exist and release a few games from time to time, while others are making their best to provide the top service. Indeed, online casino operators that allow players to pay in cryptocurrency, withdraw without verification, play on mobile apps in good quality, or offer various exciting bonuses are more advanced than those casinos that offer the same games over years.

Casinos that are looking to the future always have an advantage. So if you want to play at a modern casino with multiple opportunities, try out the platforms that we recommend above.

What are some of the most-waited trends and new things that we could be experiencing at Canadian online casinos? Next year, players can see a lot of changes, especially from the side of technological advancement.

Cryptocurrencies and their impact

Blockchain, virtual coins, and various crypto products seem to be the most talked-about things in the world at the moment. When it comes to online gambling, cryptocurrencies add a level of security that is way higher than that of traditional payment methods, especially if you use special keys for your crypto wallet.

Besides, due to anonymity, stock market online casino easy verification can offer easy withdrawal processes and fewer verification issues. For these reasons, many Canadian players are looking more towards playing with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and so on.

What is more, gaming developers also liked the idea of bitcoin gambling, and now they can create games that accept BTC and other coins.

The integration of crypto payment options into casino platforms has helped them to reach new markets. For example, in the countries where gambling is prohibited, players can use cryptocurrencies to play games and act within a law, since cryptocurrencies are not regulated by the governments.

All in all, it’s absolutely remaining a trend. In 2021, crypto gambling just picked up the pace. But in 2022, we’ll see them almost on every site.

VR and AR gambling

The integration of virtual and augmented reality is another thing people talk about these days. Especially when it comes to the metaverse that Mark Zukerberg has been promoting these days. Some players are looking forward to playing live casino games and seeing the dealer in front of them just like in a real casino. This technology will allow players to reach a whole new level, no matter what game you prefer, blackjack, poker, or slots.

For example, Evolution has already released a VR live slot game show. Players can use their VR headsets and play the live slot game featuring Gonzo. Read about Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt here.

The question is how soon VR gambling will be available for everyone. Nowadays, VR equipment and accessories are still expensive, although the price gets lower every year. Nevertheless, whether this happens in 2022 or later, the time will tell. For now, you can get prepared for the new level of casino experience by monitoring the prices and purchasing the accessories.

5G internet

You will certainly agree with us on one thing about online casinos — laggy games are frustrating. There are many casino games that allow players to “face” other players. For example, live games, slot tournaments, bingo, and slingo. The slow internet speed can affect all the fun you’re getting from multiplayer games. Bigger than that, the internet speeds and continuous lags affect your payout and can cost you money.

However, the high-speed internet and 5G will stop it. Thanks to the new technology, the games will load lightning fast, and you’ll see no lags nor bugs while playing live casino and other multiplayer games.

New types of games & casinos

With the new technology making its way to the gambling industry, new types of casino games will also be introduced by developers. As we already said, software providers integrate cryptocurrencies in games, make games compatible with VR equipment, and so on. So it’s almost obvious that games will be more advanced in 2022.

Probably, they will be more interactive, have new features and themes that can be unlocked with the VR capabilities, and so on. Software developers must have many ideas that are only left to get realized.

Today, players can use gambling platforms, but can you imagine a VR casino that is allocated right in your living room. You can walk around the tables and slot machines and pick your game without clicking the mouse. Virtual space becomes more and more popular simply because it’s something new. So there is a high chance that we will see the first VR casino very soon.

What about land-based casinos in Canada?

Well, 2022 is not the best time for land-based casinos much like the previous two years. The pandemic is still there, even though people learned to live with it. Many land-based venues went bankrupt, while others are still trying to maintain their business by applying safety measures in their public places.

Anyway, their glory will never be the same. The popularity of casino venues declines quickly. Besides, players have already got used to playing games at home. No need to dress up and drive to the local casino, you can just play games in the comfort of your home. Therefore, many players will not even think about going back to brick-and-mortar casinos.

Big and beautiful casino lobbies with shiny lights can serve the older generations. And they must be ready for the shift to online gambling in the future. So while it’s still possible, players can enjoy the casino clubs, but in a few decades, they won’t be demanded as every player would be using his mobile phone or laptop to play games.

Land-based casinos, in their turn, must be thinking about moving their businesses to the internet.

Meet the New Year!

2022 is coming, and we hope you are ready for the possible changes. Even though you might not understand all this technological stuff, it can be quite interesting to see and try. Stay with us in the next year to be the first to find out about gambling news.

Plans of Canadian Online Casinos for 2022
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Well, it depends on what games you like playing. Besides, make sure that the casino has a license and appropriate certificates. If you visit our casino reviews page, you will see hundreds of reliable casinos to play. You can pick any site you like, play games, and celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Yes, of course. We always update our casino reviews collection by adding up more reviews of new Canadian casinos. In 2022, we will add more reviews to our website. So stay here and check out our gambling blog every week!

It’s 100% sure. Bonuses and promotions are the best practices to attract players, so online casinos will not remove them. What is more, they can create new types of promotions; and maybe even new (better) conditions for bonus use.

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