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Wild worlds

Now you can rest assured that the world will be safe as three super birds are here to rescue us all from the terrifying monsters. Three heroes of blue, yellow and pink plumage sit in a high-technological room in front of their computers and work hurriedly while a giant beast walks around their building. We give this NetEnt product a firm five for a well-thought-out plot and capturing gameplay.

Symbols and features

The low and medium win symbols are colourful gems with different signs and heroes’ portraits on them. There’s also High Win Symbol with a crown and Wild Symbol that bring up to 2000 coins each for five of them on the reels.

There are no fixed paylines in Wild Worlds. Instead you need to wait until three or more matching symbols land on a horizontal or vertical line to get a winning combination. Wins can cross one another or overlap on the same reels and rows.

You have to know your enemy before facing it so let’s break down the types of beasts that are presented in the game. There is the Boss and three Captains. Every captain has 15 health points and in case you successfully destroy them a Free Spins feature comes up. The Boss is harder to defeat and has 105 health points. A reward for his murder is a transition into another Free Spins world where you get 8 Free Spins and new Captains.

After destroying a Boss’ or a Captain’s weak spot several things happen.

  • Firstly, a Spreading Wild will fall onto the grid to complete a win and then let the new Spreading Wilds emerge next to the previous ones (Dark Forest).
  • Secondly, a stack of 2 Heavy Wilds will appear on the grid in a random manner. If there will be a win to complete it will stay on the grid until the next Avalanche (Ice Land).
  • Thirdly, 2, 3 or 4 random Wilds show up on the reels as well (Fire Lands).


With so many different plotlines playing this slot machine turns into a particular adventure. The RTP is 96.47% and the maximum payout available is x2500 times your bet. With all that said, we strongly recommend that you try Wild Worlds and win some money in a decent slot game.

5.0 rating
4.8 rating
4.8 rating
4.8 rating
4.8 rating
4.8 rating
4.8 rating
5.0 rating
4.8 rating

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