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Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

Theme Park is an entertaining video slot game you do not want to miss out on. NetEnt has done a great job working on this slot. The game lets you play not only reels but also six additional games that are 100% guaranteed to give you coins. Although Theme Park has got the standard 5 reels and 3 rows, you will be itching for a chance to play a bonus game once again. This is the most entertaining and the most propitious part of this slot as it is highly rewarding, judging by an average of almost 97% of return to the player.

How to play Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune?

  • Select a playing bet according to the level and coin value. The game panel displays the bet counted in coins. The current bet according to your balance is shown below the panel. If you wish to go all out, click the Max Bet sign to raise your bet and winnings.
  • Spin the reels. Click the big arrow button or the autoplay button for automatic mode.

What is so special in the slot?

You may find it out with your very first spin. When you see a special symbol combination on the reels, this is when the real fun begins. Here is a brief explanation of all the special symbols in the Park!

  • WILD and STACKED symbol. The wild can appear only in the form of a 4-positioned symbol. As a rule, it substitutes regular symbols and cannot function with other special symbols.
  • CLAW. The symbol can appear suddenly on the 5th reel. It activates the feature when the claw goes beneath the reels and pulls out stuffed toys rewarding the player with extra points.
  • SCATTER symbol. The coveted Scatter symbol. Three scatters launch a bonus ticket game.
  • BONUS symbol. Appears only on the 5th reel and implies activation of the wheel game.

What are the bonus games?

As you already understand, you can win a chance to play bonus games with three scatters or bonus symbols. This might come as a surprise to you, but you don’t get to play the bonus game immediately. First, you will have to spin a wheel. There are two wheels according to the scatter and bonus symbols.

  • TICKET GAME triggered by scatters. The wheel contains various tickets that you have a chance of winning by clicking the stop sign. Initially, you have only 3 spins for the game, but you may win extra spins.
    When you inevitably run out of spins, you are invited to the amusement park where the six games are shown. It is up to you, to choose a game to play first. You shouldn’t forget that you can play several games, it depends on the number of tickets you have. Every game has got value in terms of tickets.
  • BONUS WHEEL is triggered by a bonus symbol. The wheels are filled with bonus games. At this step, you just win a game and start playing it without a visit to the park scene.

Bonus games at Theme Park

It gets quite interesting when you are to choose a bonus game to try out. Below are the included games.

  1. Punchbag. You have to punch a bag and win coins. The harder your punch, the bigger the reward.
  2. Can Tower. Knockdown the towers made of cans and again win coins.
  3. Sledgehammer. Similar to a punch bag but instead of punching we are hitting a hammer on a meter the higher the meter rises the more you win.
  4. Skeeball. Try to throw the balls right into holes to take your winnings.
  5. Fishing. Grab a fishing rod and reel in 5 fishes and get rewarded.
  6. Duck Shoot. Easier than ever. Shoot the yellow ducks to earn coins.

This is how the special features work at Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune. I’m guessing you cannot wait to try them and see for yourself. Apart from the special symbols and games, there are regular symbols, each has a value that multiplies the bet when at least one of the 50 winning lines is formed. Check the paytable to see all the symbols values and lines.

The whole game panel of the slot is easy and simplified even with the extra games. Only necessary buttons are on the panel so you can play comfortably. The overall settings include volume switch, quick mode, or enable the spacebar function.


Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune might be called one of the most successful games by NetEnt. It keeps the player’s interest by adding coins to the balance which cannot be disadvantageous. The features and bonus games are so entertaining that will please everyone who starts the game. Below are listed some of the pros and cons of this slot.


  • Attractive theme and animation
  • 6 bonus games
  • 2 extra wheel games
  • Special symbols
  • Easy game panel
  • Non-excessive settings
  • High RTP
  • Autospin
  • Max Bet button
  • 50 pay-lines


  • No gamble
  • No Jackpot

5.0 rating
5.0 rating
5.0 rating
5.0 rating
5.0 rating
4.0 rating
5.0 rating
5.0 rating
5.0 rating

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