The essence of this creation is to combine two the most popular casino genres, such as jackpot and poker. The online poker is played with 52 cards deck, in the style of Texas hold’em. The rules are following, the dealer puts five cards on the table, then, you have to pick the cards you want to remove to create the best possible combination. Unselected cards will be replaced by new fresh cards from the pack. After that, the computer analyzes the combinations and tells you the result, you will be paid according to the paytable coefficients and the hand you collected.

How to play?

This was the basic rules of, basically, all video poker games. But now, let’s consider the SuperJax gameplay variations. Firstly, there are actually 53 cards in the deck, thanks to the SuperJax card. This card is unique and very important, because it’s value is visible only when it comes to progressive jackpot. Secondly, there is a doubling game, so after each win, it doesn’t matter what combination you get, you are able to gamble the money and increase your winnings two times. In this case, you will have to successfully select one of four closed cards and guess the card with the higher order than the dealer’s card. In addition, the Royal Flush is not the highest combination in this poker, but if your hand consists of four jacks and one SuperJax card, this is a sign of a winning Jackpot. However, make sure your bet is not less than five coins.


The display and the main interface functions are in the Microgaming usual style. This provider is famous not only for game design of interface, but also for its convenience. The control functions are adopted for big screens of your computer, as well as for small screens of your smartphones. The setting options are similar to other video poker and include sounds change, bet size change and the ability to turn off the double game if you want to. Of course,
you are able to analyze the payouts in a specific table with payouts. It’s actually important to know how much you can win. The maximum win with one coin bet is 250 for a Royal Flush. With the five coins bet the maximum win increases to 3000.


This variation of poker based on Jacks or Better game style, perfectly combines two genres. The players will enjoy this entertaining poker variation of SuperJax. The feature like Double game can increase your winnings twice, but on the other hand you can lose everything. The choice is yours.

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