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Roulette Advanced

A well-known software by NetEnt is used to create the Roulette Advanced game. This roulette is made in the European style and has RTP of 97.30%. The bet table and the roulette itself are before you on the screen, so place bets and enjoy.

How to play?

The roulette is played easily even by newbies. Here are the steps to follow for starting.

  1. Set the bets. In the bottom right corner you see the chips, select the preferable one, click it and place on the table. You can place multiple bets.
    1. The table. There are two tables – regular and track one above it. Regular allows to bet on single numbers and groups while track one can make simultaneous multiple bets.
    2. Special bets. This option must be switched on at the settings in the left corner. When it appears on the screen, you can select some special bets. Generally, they are provided by the game developers according to winning statistics.
  2. Click the buttons on the game panel. As you can see there are five of them.
    1. Double bet – multiplies all bets by 2.
    2. Rebet – repeats the previous bets.
    3. Quick spin – spins the ball quickly.
    4. Spin – click it when you are ready to see the winning result.
    5. Clear bet – clear up the whole table.

These are the main steps for the game. Each round clears the bets and you need to place them again. To see the paytable and general rules of the game, click the ? button below the game panel. The most winning bet combinations are made when you place multiple bets on several groups like odds, black, 1-18 and so on. However, you can follow your own strategies when playing Roulette Advanced.


The game is easy but it has some advanced settings to apply. They are mainly switched on additionally. For example, the special/favourite bets, neighbour bets selector, hot & cold numbers. The game panel here also includes more buttons than a regular roulette game: quick spin and rebet. In settings you can turn on auto play mode, sound options and fast bode of spinning.


5.0 rating
4.8 rating
4.8 rating
4.8 rating
4.8 rating
4.8 rating
4.8 rating
5.0 rating
4.8 rating

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