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It’s a Joker

Joker, a psychopath and horrendous character from the world famous Batman movie, strikes fear into the people’s hearts. However, a fear does not live inside him. He is self-confident and risky, just like a player starting to play this intimidating slot game. Click the MAX BET button from the very start and take the whole risk in your hands.

How to play?

As usual, select your bet, you can play on maximum – 7.05 in total and bet 30 per line. Click the big red button with the arrows on it and go spinning until you get your first win. You were born under a lucky star if the Joker appears on the reel, because it is him who gives you up to 5 free spins. See him in the middle of the reels? That is even better. It means the symbol is WILD and you got the bonus! Maximum pay you can win is your bet multiplied per 25. The highest symbols are the number 7, trunk box and the WILD symbol of Joker. They pay you from 30.00 up to 120.00. Keep your finger on the spin button and try to get them as many as possible. Surely, there is an autoplay button for you, click it and the game will play for you automatically.
A symbol should match a payline pattern starting from the left, therefore you get your wins. Click the paytable button to see all the possible winning lines. For some reason the number of paylines a player may consider little, only 5 paylines, but there are not many positions as well, 9 in total. So, I guess, it is fair enough.
Look carefully at the game screen, it is quite simple and convenient. In the lower part there are the necessary numbers like your bet, your win and credit. On the left side of the reels you see the number of free spins, which you can get almost with every sin. On the right side is the stake of the multiplier that you gain during the spin.
For sure there are some positive and negative points in the “It’s a Joker” slot game. Let’s sum them up below:


  • MAX BET button
  • Clear game screen
  • Free games almost every spin
  • Autoplay
  • Nice graphics


  • No Bonus game
  • No Scatter symbol
  • No gambling
  • No settings
  • 5 paylines only
  • Not very high bet

3.3 rating
3.5 rating
4.0 rating
3.8 rating
3.8 rating
4.5 rating

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