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What cashback does 21Bit casino give?

The amount of daily cashback depends on your loyalty rank. It starts from 15% on level 5 and increases to 21% on level 8. The maximum amount of cashback also grows with your status. For example, on the final level, you can get up to $2,500 as cashback.

It is not recommended to earn money on casino games and consider it as the only source of income. That is because gambling is addictive. Thus, if you cannot stop at the right time, you will lose not only your money, but probably your car, apartment, and even relationships. But if you don’t easily fall into addiction, then you can gamble professionally. And this is also a long path with a lot of mistakes and effort. Besides, being a professional gambler in Canada, you will have to pay tax on your ‘work’ as you make a living only through casino games. Read a full article about gambling taxes in Canada on our site.

Yes, it is. But it’s pretty difficult because the odds of winning a jackpot game are pretty low. However, the odds of winning a lottery are even lower. So you need to decide what to play before wagering real money.

The choice of payment method depends on your casino and your preferences. Most players choose debit cards Visa and MasterCard for deposits and withdrawals because they are safe and quite fast. But if you don’t want to risk your bank account details, you can use an e-wallet or bank transfer. However, make sure that this payment service allows transferring money to and from the casino site.

Yes, you can. To place crypto bets, you need to sign up at the sportsbook that accepts bitcoin. Fortunately, nowadays there are many betting sites with crypto payment methods. So, choose the one you prefer, register, and make a deposit using your bitcoin wallet. Then, place wagers on the Olympic sports events that you prefer.

It is possible to win at slots. However, you can never know when you win. You can win at the first spin, or at the tenth, or at the sequence of ten spins. The games are totally luck-based. That is why you need to stay patient and spin as long as you can afford. That is also why online slots cause gambling addiction. So, be responsible while playing online casino slots.

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