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The most frequent question asked at casinos online is how to withdraw money and how long it takes. Perhaps it is the trickiest issue either. The point is that casinos have different methods for deposit and for withdrawal. Typically, the first (deposits) have much more banking options. In addition to that, casinos can set fees on withdrawal options, which is very uncomfortable. So, make sure to choose a right casino by checking the terms under which it is regulated and the payment methods acceptable for payout.

Withdrawal Options

As a rule, a player can select the payout method which is the most preferable for him or her. There are several banking options such as credit card, bank transfer, e-wallets, cheques. They can be divided into corresponding groups:

  • E-wallets. This is apparently the quickest banking option. Register your own electronic wallet like PayPal or Neteller, and then just select this e-wallet at casino payout options. Once you get your money, do whatever you want with them using the services of the e-wallet.
  • Bank transfer. It takes a bit longer and can ask for an additional fee for transfer.
  • Visa or Mastercard. Generally, the cards of credit or debit types are available for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Cheques. The longest method of all. Your winnings will come by mail. You can also order a faster delivery of the cheque with a courier, but it will cost you some fee.

These are the most common options for collecting money from casinos. Remember that each casino has its own banking options. Always check if they satisfy you or not.

Payout Facts

There are a few more things about online casino payouts you should mind as well.

  • Most casinos do not allow you to withdraw too much or too frequently. There are limits on how much and how often you can do it. Read the terms of a casino to learn more details.
  • Regarding extra money coming from promotions. You will hardly be able to receive the bonus money and request for withdrawal at once. Casinos set tough rules about bonus usage. You will probably need to play for some time or spend all your rewarded money before you can withdraw them. If you make any attempt to withdraw bonus money, a casino can ban you. All in all, read the terms of promotions before claiming.

Always keep in mind these simple rules on how to collect your winnings from online casinos. Choose your preferable payout method, check the terms of its usage, and you will not have problems with withdrawals.


To enter the world of online gambling with a strong confidence, you need to know how the casinos work. Who operates the casinos? Which is their main feature? Who provides the games? How is security provided? We will try to answer these questions very quickly.

First, all reliable casinos have a license, or even several licenses by Gambling Authorities. Getting the license is very difficult, that’s why the licensed casinos can be called reliable.

Second, good casinos are compatible with many devices. They are optimized for both desktops and smartphones. The features, such as bonuses, loyalty programs and games function on both platforms.

Third, it’s important to know how the casino protects your private data. Top casinos, in browser version, always use the SSL encryption to protect the private and banking data of all users.

To conclude, these points include the basic information that everybody who is about to join gambling industry must know.


The world of online gambling is much larger than you think. There are thousands of new casino sites developing every year. It’s quite a profitable industry, to be honest. How much do the casino owners make? Let’s figure it out. The casino market accumulates about $50 billion per year. The approximate number of online casinos worldwide is 4000. In order to calculate the average casino outcome, we should divide the amount of money by the amount of casinos. Thus, we concluded that one casino makes $1 million per month. This is average information. But in fact, 20% top casinos make 80% of all profit. Take into consideration that casinos have to pay game providers for games, prolong licenses, and make many other expenses.


We know that you have searched for an online casino at least once. Apparently, you were surprised by the number of search queries that appeared before you. You would suddenly wonder: how many online casinos are there at all?

Basically, almost every country in the world has casinos, including online ones. Countries allow casinos to exist only because they bring success to their entire economy. For example, there are such countries that do not even attract too many tourists, so they have to implement casino type income. Some countries prohibit casinos though, both land-based and online. However, the online environment is challenging and a player from any country can access a casino with just a VPN on.

We can’t say the total and exact number of online casinos in the world. If you searched for a precise number, we are sorry to disappoint you. But on average, online casinos amount exceeds 3000. Their number has probably increased since the pandemic started and everybody went online. The fact is that no one monitors the newly fledged casinos. The companies that develop one casino can create ten more similar casinos in order to get more profit from players.

The casino industry is growing fast and the new & fresh casinos online burst onto the worldwide market. Anyway, what you need to know is if the casinos are legal in your country and what the best of them are.


Starting to play at casinos online, you should understand how the financial part works in terms of transactions of deposit and withdrawal. Each casino has its own regulations and banking terms. In order to find it out in a particular casino, read the terms in the corresponding field. However, the general payout rules at all the casinos are as follows:

  1. Go to your account and find the withdrawal option next to the balance.
  2. Select a preferable payment method and click to proceed.
  3. Send all the required banking information so a casino could verify your identity.

After you have made all the necessary steps, you have to wait some time until they work through your request and send money to the chosen card or e-wallet. The receiving part also takes some time to check the transaction details. That is why the payout period takes so long, sometimes weeks. Only after everybody is satisfied, you get the money to your financial account.

Tips to Avoid Withdrawal Problems

We have prepared some tips for you to avoid troubles and lessen the pending period.

  • Check the terms ALWAYS. You have to find information about payout methods, including the fees and waiting time of your selected method.
  • Search for security information both on the casino site and your selected payment method account.
  • Make a separate payment method (card, e-wallet, e-check, etc.) for gambling only. Thus, you can save at least a part of your money in case the security system crashes. Or it can save you from spending too much on online games.

We hope now you understand the process better, so make sure your casino is legal, check the terms and security info. Do not be shy to send your private data to the casino, otherwise, they just will not pay you.


When you are in the middle of a blackjack game which isn’t very successful for you, you might get a feeling that ‘someone’ is cheating. But do not hurry to blame it on the casino. The fact is, cheating is not profitable for casinos. There are several reasons for that:

  1. Cheating activity will cost casinos millions. The casino owners are not that foolish to lose the whole business for small cheating.
  2. It will not be trusted anymore. The hard-gained reputation will rapidly fall down after the negative feedback spreads all over the internet.
  3. Simple but true: long-lasting regular earnings are better than a short period of big fortune.

Regarding blackjack card games, whether it is a video game or a live one, the reasons to refuse cheating are the same. Although it could be done easily just removing some cards from the shoe, the deal is not worth it. In fact, blackjack brings much profit to casinos. The average house edge of the casino brings a fine sum just from the blackjack game. In addition to that, most players keep playing until they lose the last cent of their balance, even in fair play.

Summing all up, there is no reason for casinos to cheat in blackjack as they make a profit by providing the games. Anyway, pay attention to what casino you choose to play at, whether you can trust it or not. Always read terms of the casino and rules of a certain game you have selected. These easy steps will prevent you from fake casinos out there. Make right decisions and play responsibly.


If you are wondering about a real payout, apparently, you have read a lot of comments of players saying that online casinos never pay you out and that online gambling is a complete lie. Or maybe you have tried to make a withdrawal and got refusal by the casino, and now you do not believe them at all? Anyway, the fact is that casinos do pay out.

A little remark here. The legal online casinos pay the winnings out. If you have played at a casino with a not transparent legality information or hidden company name, sorry, but you have faced a wrong casino and will never receive your money. In order to really get your winnings, always check the info about the selected casino.

Reasons online casinos don’t pay

There are several reasons why casinos do not pay out, actually. The first reason is they suspect you are a fraud trying to steal the identity. In this case, the security team usually asks for some documents to verify that the exact account holder is requesting money. To avoid such a tough and long procedure, we recommend that you send the authentic documents with your correct name.

Another reason for casinos to refuse sending money to you is terms and conditions which you have successfully broken, especially if it happened several times. The casinos strictly follow the regulations under which they are. If you behaved wrong, sorry, but you will not get your money, it is easy. We can’t help recommending you to read the T&Cs and return to them again in a while. These rules are obligatory for everyone using the casino.

These are the most frequent cases when you cannot receive winnings. All in all, make sure that a casino is trusted. Read regulations and always send the correct information to verify your account. These easy steps will help you get your winnings on your account on time. If you do everything right and still get refused, contact the support centre to find out what is the reason.


The gambling world has changed significantly for the past decade. Nowadays, gambling is completely legal in many countries. And online casinos provide safe and fair experience to their customers. Because of the popularity of gambling platforms, there are many available payment methods, and the new ones appear constantly. One of the most convenient banking method for many players is PayPal — a safe and easy way of making money transactions online. PayPal is a leading e-wallet solution in over 180 countries with many acceptable currencies. From the gambling point of view, PayPal works only with licensed casinos.

Most casinos that we recommend accept PayPal both for withdrawals and deposits. But there are small restrictions that can appear. For example, in some casinos you can only deposit with PayPal, while some casinos have limits for PayPal withdrawals. Before doing any payment transaction, make sure that your casino accepts PayPal users.


If you have ever been to Melbourne or Perth in Australia, you could visit the luxurious land-based casinos. They are a part of the Crown Resorts Group which offers five star services to its customers. As a visitor you can join a loyalty program called Crown Rewards, which gives points for purchasing products or services by Crown. The rewards card is also applicable during casino games. Playing at Crown, apparently, has been one of your best experiences in the casino world. Now you are wondering if it is possible to play at Crown online.

The fact is that Crown offers only real gaming experience at their famous hotels. Moreover, no online casino is allowed on the territory of Australia unless it is licensed by the Australian authorities. So, if you have found some Crown logo casino, most probably it is a scam casino.

There is a high probability that this branded casino will be the first licensed real money casino online in Australia and friendly nations. For the moment, there is no official information about online representation of Crown casino. Nevertheless, you still can go to Australia for holidays and return with a big sum in your pockets that you will have recently won at the Crown Casino.


Online casinos work for over 20 years on the market. Since then, you can gamble online from home and do it legally. Online platforms provide millions of games, as well as various game-genres. You can play everything you can imagine, from table games, slots, and roulette, to jackpot games. Everything that you can meet in a land-based casino, for example, poker table, is available online.

You can play all these games for free and for money. We recommend starting to gamble for free, and after a while, move to the real money mode of playing. However, when you make a real money deposit, make sure you choose the right casino. We will help you find a reliable casino. Just read the articles and the casino reviews on our site and analyze which one is suitable for you.